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There is something we need to discuss

In the past 48 hours, I have had the opportunity to see our company express our values in very clear, very real, very human terms – and it has made me proud.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to testify before the U.S. Senate in support of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would extend protections in hiring, promotion, and advancement to members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender (GLBT) community.

Would any of us be fully engaged, productive and effective if we feared losing our job, being denied a promotion, being harassed or even bullied on the job?

Many qualified, hardworking Americans lack these basic protections under the law – simply because they are GLBT. That’s not right.

ENDA legislation would:

• Help businesses attract and retain talent;

• Help provide a safe, comfortable, productive work environment, free from discrimination or harassment, enabling employees to bring their full selves to work as engaged, productive employees; and,

• Help create a culture that fosters the creativity and innovation vital to business success.

I was honored to represent General Mills in testimony to support passage of such important legislation.

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, along with 400 Twin Cities GLBT professionals and friends, I had the opportunity to hear our CEO, Ken Powell, address “something we needed to discuss.”

As readers of this may or may not know, Minnesota voters will be asked to decide on a proposed constitutional amendment in November. If passed, this amendment would define marriage in our home state’s constitution as being between one man and one woman, effectively banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota. If defeated, Minnesota voters would send a strong message about our state’s view of the importance of inclusiveness and diversity.

Ken spoke only a few minutes – but his words spoke volumes.

He voiced our company’s opposition to the proposed marriage amendment, an initiative that makes our state less inclusive and reduces our company’s ability to attract and retain talent.

While, General Mills doesn’t normally take positions on ballot measures, this is a business issue that impacts our employees.

I am proud to see our company join the ranks of local and national employers speaking out for inclusion. We do not believe the proposed constitutional amendment is in the best interests of our employees or our state economy – and as a Minnesota-based company we oppose it.

We value diversity. We value inclusion. We always have … and we always will.

We’re proud of our workplace, and we’re proud to be a leader for diversity and inclusion in our community. For decades, General Mills has worked to create an inclusive culture that welcomes and values the contributions of all.

We believe a diverse, inclusive culture produces a stronger, more engaged workforce – and strengthens innovation. Inclusive communities are more successful economically as well. We believe it is important for Minnesota to be viewed as inclusive and welcoming as well.

Obviously, there are strongly held views on both sides. We acknowledge those views, including those on religious grounds. We respect and defend the right of others to disagree. But we truly value diversity and inclusion – and that makes our choice clear.

General Mills’ mission is Nourishing Lives. Not just some. But all.

Living that mission is part of who we are.

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  • Randi Reitan

    Thank you.  We have a beloved gay son.  We live in Minnesota.  The amendment that would forever deny marriage for my son in this state weighs heavy on my heart.  Our marriage is very dear to us and we only want for our children what we cherish.  Love and family …  someone to grow old with …. sharing life along the way.

    Your words touched me deeply. 

    I had Cheerios for breakfast and I toasted General Mills with my orange juice. 

    When Minnesota defeats this shameful amendment in November, I will remember how General Mills led the way for corporations to speak out against this shameful amendment.

  • Elisha Huse

    This bold step moves GMI to the frontlines as a leader in GLBT equality and I can’t stress how much it’s appreciated by the GLBT community and certainly by me.  As co-chair of Betty’s Family, the General Mills GLBT Employee Resource Group, it was a moment of intense pride for me, particularly because my partner (hopefully one day “wife”) and several friends were there with me.  I stand behind the company, that stands behind me.

  • Xavier Lopez-Ayala

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Jeff

    Bravo General Mills.  I always did like your cereals, now I respect your company culture as well.

  • Brad Wellman

    Excellent post. It’s great to see companies taking a stand against issues like this that truly do impact the lives of many of their employees, as well as the community in which the company is a big part of.

  • Maggie 4NoH8

    I just want to say “thank you” to you, and General Mills.  

    I know you’ve received a letter from National Organization for Marriage (NOM) asking that GM remain “neutral” on the marriage amendment, so I think it is important you also hear from those who support fairness, inclusiveness and equality as well.

    It is one thing for LGBT (and any other minority group person) to have the support of family and friends, but quite another for a company such as General Mills as well.  Truly,  all of the GM family should be proud and thankful for this…

    Ventura, CA

    • Father of 4

      Why don’t we just include pedophiles by your definitions they are a minority group?

      • Intrigued

        This is actually a very interesting comment and I’m glad you made it. I think it highlights a concern that you have as a heterosexual person that some might not understand if they do not have a similar understanding of the situation.

        Do you view homosexuality as something that is forced upon a person? That is, in a homosexual relationship, do you believe that one (or both?) of the people involved is involved against their will? In a pedophilic relationship the adult is the only consenting party as minors are, by definition, unable to consent to sexual relationships with adults.

        Do you view homosexual relationships in the same way?

        • Anonymous

          That’s not the point! The point is that re-defining marriage – in any way – is harmful to society. We should be strengthening marriages, because that’s what’s best for kids.

          • Jocey Neveaux

            Could you tell me why you feel it would be harmful to society?  If you have any links to statistics that back up that assertion, I would be interested in seeing those, too.  All of the data I have personally come across indicates that, statistically speaking, children do best in a home with two actively involved parents, but I haven’t read or heard anything indicating that the gender of the parents involved matters at all.

          • ChuckGG

            I see you have no responses.  Not surprising.  There are no valid reasons against SSM.  Every time I ask for a reason against SSM that does not involve religion, all I hear is silence.

            SSM will have no negative impact of straight marriages.  If it does, please explain how.  That’s another question that goes without an answer.

            I praise General Mills for their stance.  I certainly will make an effort to buy more of their products.

          • Rolf Anderson


            This is one of the many websites offering secular arguments for marriage. This entry was hosted at “The Tech” at MIT.

          • Blair Moses

             Marriage was redefined 45 years ago. When folks of color were allowed to finally marry whites.

          • Buckroberts77

            Yes SpokaneCatholic Lets push to out law divorce!!  That will really strengthen the sactity of marriage!! You start it off !!

          • Stillwater Homemaker

            Exactly.  You hit the nail on the head.  1) It would be so much better for the children of gay couples if their parents could be married.  Imagine how sad for children of gay couples to see their parents systematically discriminated against.  Imagine the message that sends them about society and how we treat our fellow human beings.  You are so right that we need to do what is best for children.  2) We don’t want to get any more specific about defining marriage — less would be even better.  So absolutely, don’t re-define in this way!  Bravo!  Strengthen both the humanity and respectfulness of our society.

      • Buckroberts

        As a father myself, I was sad to see a narrow mind man as yourself could call himself a father or a man.  

      • Amy

        Surely you are joking, sir.  Because they are criminals.  

  • Jennie Cauwels

    A giant corporation coming out to support equality is a huge deal. I applaud you for doing this, and for not backing down when threatened with backlash. I normally don’t buy your products. But I will start supporting you with some of my dollars and will continue to do so if you continue to maintain this position.

  • bxknits

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so good to see your company stand up for fairness and freedom for all citizens.

  • Todd Allen Peterson

    AWESOME !!  I Had no idea your company had these views.  It will definitely be good for your business. Me and a lot of other people that support your views will now funnel our business to you and not the competitors. Good Job General Mills !!

  • DavidChalfant

    Thank you! True leadership in response to what others would have divide us.

    • said she

      What? Taking such a stand on a such a contentious issue is clearly divisive. Remaining silent – still upholding all non-discriminatory hiring/workplace laws as usual – would be far less divisive. General Mills’ decision to wade into this issue was totally unnecessary.

  • Doggygirl76

    You. guys. are. AWESOME!!!! I wish I lived in Minn for a day so I could vote, but having a large company stand up for rights is even better! Great job and keep up the good work.

  • Guest

    Thank you General Mills for having the courage to be the first large MN company to come out against the amendment.  Your position will be good for business, and will create a loyal customer and employee base.  It also makes me feel hopeful that other MN companies will find the courage to face the reality that this amendment is bad for business and bad for Minnesota, and come out against the amendment publicly.  As an employee of another large MN company, I can only hope that my company will now follow you.  THANK YOU!

  • Randy Stern

    As a out gay journalist/writer (contributing to Lavender Magazine, as well as my own automotive web site), I applaud the efforts General Mills is doing to ensure its place as a corporate citizen by taking these bold stands. Your’s and CEO Powell’s words resonate with me fully.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight in Golden Valley for the entire nation – and world!

  • Loritolonen

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful news. This is a fantastic piece of corporate leadership and extremely important to me. I wish for not one one child to grow up in shame and ridicule because he or she is gay.

  • Lynnda

    Thank you! I am so proud to have you in Minnesota. I have no connection to General Mills except to respect your stand and love your products.  

  • Cathy Doucette

    So happy I don’t have to take General Mills off my shopping list.  Kudos!!

    • Cftsurvey

       I now can take General mills off my list for contributing to the ultimate down fall of this nation

      • Tim

         The downfall of society is people like you getting all bent out of shape over people being in relationships that will most likely never have an effect on your life.  Straight couples get divorced more that 50% of the time.  Who really cares who gets married, no one is telling straight people they have to be gay to get married.

  • Meredith Tutterow

    This makes me even more proud to be a part of General Mills.

  • Liz Shatek

    Thank you, General Mills! It makes me so happy to see companies “walk the walk” when it comes to caring about their employees and communities. Way to be bold and stand up for what you think is right! My hope is that more companies will follow your lead. 
    And you can bet our house will be buying a few extra boxes of Cheerios to show our support! 

  • Annie

    Thank you General Mills! Thank you for standing up for equality, and against hatred and discrimination.

  • Sandy Farnam

    Thank you so much for taking a stand against the amendment and for recognizing how important ALL people and families are to our great state!  

  • CKZ

    Thank You to General Mills and your leadership team for taking a bold step in this time of polarized voices.  Speaking out against discrimination takes real courage and character and that is what General Mills has exhibited today. Bravo! I, for one, will be taking another look at your products with an interest in including them in our daily lives.

  • Eric S.

    My confidence in humanity received a boost by reading this.  Thank you for taking a stand for ethics and fairness.

  • bikegirl

    Thank you, General Mills, for standing up for what’s right instead of doing the easy thing and saying nothing. This is how social change happens!

  • Evan Peterson

    While I usually oppose corporations making political statements, you have made a very real ,practical , and well thought out statement as to why it is best not only for the State of Minnesota but the business climate as well. Thank you for making this bold decision.

  • Sara Lee Dunlap

    Hurrray for General Mills!!  I have a GLBT granddaughter and she and her partner are such fine, well-educated young women.  I am so proud of both of them.  I love your cereals but now I will have a very special reason for always buying General Mills!!!  Thank you so much for taking a stand! 

  • Mdonahue9

    As of today, I am no longer a customer of General Mills products.

    Marriage is the union of one man & one woman.
    It has been that way since the beginning of time.

    We do not have the power to change what we did not create.

    • Jeanne Wiestling

      Truly, I pity you.

      • One man and One woman

        Jeanne…you are the one to be pitied. Well said Mdonahue9!!!

    • Tangletowndesign

      Another mind slammed shut and wasted!

      • Anonymous

        There are sound, logical – and even non-religious! – reasons to be extremely concerned about the redefinition of the very foundation of our society.

        But when you throw out an ad hominem attack claiming that the poster’s mind is closed, you demonstrate quite clearly the state of yours being locked tight.

        It’s funny, because the title of the original post is “There is something we need to discuss”, yet your “wasted” post does nothing but shut down discussion.

        Here – pease read these articles. They demonstrate clear thinking and include a new scientific study – and shed light on this hot-button issue that is important for all of us:

        • ChuckGG

          What, no references to reputable studies by the CDC, the AMA, the APA, etc?  I’m all for the facts.  So, start researching actual facts and reputable studies and weigh those against the religion-backed and based organizations.

          If you delve into the facts and studies you will find the facts show no valid reason against SSM.

          I commend General Mills for taking a stance against an Amendment that rings like a Jim Crow law.  I thought by now we would be past all that.

          BTW, the Portland, Maine, Catholic Diocese has backed out of actively ($$$$) opposing the SSM law on the November ballot.  They know a losing battle when they see one.  Good money after bad, and all that.

          • Rolf Anderson

             All studies show appreciable differences between children raised by single-gender couples and dual-gender couples.

      • Mark Meuer

        It’s not too late!  You can open your mind and stop wasting it!  Support natural marriage between a man and woman.  Do not try to redefine it.

    • you got it wrong

      according to the bible polygamy was the way marriage went for a long long time

      • Anonymous

        But even in Old Testament times – and in other cultures – marriage was always about uniting the biological parents for the sake of the children: ensuring their well-being, starting from knowing their parents (which, among other things, clearly identified their inheritance, but also addresses their emotional needs), and providing for their upbringing: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. Healthy kids are healthy for society, and so marriages are in the interests of the common good.

        Even if it’s only a “recent” invention (since “only” 2000 years ago), Traditional marriage is still the building block of our society. Re-defining it to include same-sex couples would be a huge experiment, and there are good, sound, logical (non-religious) reasons to strengthen marriage, not undermine it with such a re-definition.

        This is especially true when you consider what a tiny fraction of the population actually takes advantage of “gay marriage” where it has been made available: less than 1/2 of 1 percent. Honestly ask yourself: should such a tiny group be allowed to re-define the foundational relationship of our society?

        I have sincere compassion for those who find that they don’t fit into the society norm (even if they don’t believe my compassion is authentic). But that doesn’t mean our laws should be changed to accomodate them. Same-sex attracted people are already equal under the law in all 50 states, thanks to the many non-discrimination laws now in place, and so are able to “love who they want”. I am not advocating any changes to those laws, nor am I trying to push my morals on to others. No one is! But many of us are very concerned about the social experiment of changing the definition of marriage, and we have every right to be concerned.

        Our laws are supposed to advance the common good: what is best for the larger community. Strong marriages lead to healthy families, healthy kids, and healthy societies. Re-defining marriage undermines all of this, because it changes the purpose of marriage from its traditional meaning as the starting of a family for the purpose of raising the next generation to one that only addresses the desires of the two adults. As a society, we’ll see things to go from bad to worse if we stop trying to do what’s best for children and families and, instead, give priority to what adults feel and want at the expense of the next generation. Heaven help us is we neglect our kids just to satisfy our passions! Selfishness, enacted by law. Heaven help us!

        • Temp3

          Given that it’ such a tiny minority, by such vehement and often emotional opposition seems to me you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

          And if you “know” (because of what you read in the bible, your take on history,or whatever) that they are in your or God’s eyes not truly married why should you care if they or I are misguided (in your opinion) to think they are — or if General Mills thinks it is either wise business or the decent thing to give the same benefits to these “not REALLY married” couples?

          if that is actually going to reduce anyone’s respect for my or your more common traditional man/woman marriages, boy do our marriages have problems!

        • Rolf Anderson

           SpokaneCatholic, very well said and very even-keeled. Well done!

    • Chemchick

      Marriage has only recently been defined as a the union of one man and one woman. S small study of history will show you that. I appreciate that some people have religious doctrine against gay marriage and I respect that we can agree to disagree. However, don’t come to the debate with false information that you’re parroting back from other sources. Your arguments are the result of a childish attitude and will not be entertained until you can be a mature adult who comes to the table with well researched facts.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Actually marriage was originally one man and multiple women.

    • Rolf Anderson

      Truly, I support you and marriage.

  • Jack

    I think it sad to see an issue highjacked by such terms as “diversity” and “inclusion” when that is not at all the issue. General Mills has a wonderfully diverse, vibrant work force. It is a great place to work and does much good in the community. The real issue here is what is best for our society to thrive? The breakdown of the family by re-definition is a bad thing for our country, our state and our cities, our people. The strongest and most beneficial family unit is one that has a mother, a father and children.  When this design for marriage crumbles children and the culture at large are negatively affected. General Mills should continue to recruit and employ a diverse workforce to the benefit of all and they should support traditional marriage because that to is a benefit to all.

    • Sandy Farnam

      The “strongest and most beneficial family unit” is one that has members who are totally committed to one another and are there for each other-who help one another be the best that they can be.  My commitment to another person, regardless of my sexual orientation, has absolutely no impact on you whatsoever.  Couples, gay or straight, who are committed to each other, are a “benefit to all.”

      • Cftsurvey

         Sorry you are being misled Sandy Farnum. Studies like The Sustainable Demographic Dividend clearly show the wealth of nations,and the performance of large sectors of the modern economy is tied to the fortunes of the traditional family.

        • Bible Lover

           Yes, like the numerous families of unwed Mother’s raising children alone, of the 50% divorce rate between “a man and a woman”. Matthew verse 19:9  I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” So does that mean ALL of the men who remarry are now perpetual sinners? So if you are going to flaunt the Bible, make sure you remember ALL the verses, and not just the ones that are convenient to your opinion.

          • JaneStrange

            The 50% divorce rate is a myth perpetrated by the liberal progressives, 79% of couples wed in America are STILL married to their spouse. Source: Census Bureau

      • Mmartin4

        Kids have a right to a mom and a dad.

        • Victoria Dennis

          Kids have a right to grow up with two parents who love them and will do everything in their power to give them everything they want and need regardless of gender.

      • Anonymous

        Jack is talking about what is best for the community, not about individual situations. Individual adults are already free to live/couple as they please, and same-sex couples can already commit to each other. But laws are for the common good: for the benefit of society as a whole. And so the law does, indeed, have impact on everyone. If it didn’t, why would people be pushing for it? There’s something they want from all of society: re-defining marriage to be just about “two people who love each other”, instead of what is best for our society to thrive: strong families.

        • Victoria Dennis

          Who are you to say that a same-sex couple could not be a strong family? And you’re insane to think that if a married couple is one man and one woman they will be a stong family because of that fact alone. You don’t know what goes on in these peoples relationships and you obviously don’t know anything about why some families are strong while others are not.

      • A Romulus

        That is a crock of you know what. And anyone who believes such hogwash is NOT an adult because adults understand that there are standards. That there is right and there is wrong and never the twain shall meet. Especially when the fantasy of what you’re saying stands in hard contrast against the reality.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Traditional marriage? Are you talking about polygamy? Or
      arranged marriages? Or a father trading his daughter into marriage for
      livestock? Or marriage only being allowed between people of the same race?
      Marriage has already been re-defined and society is better because of it, just
      like it will if we do it again to allow same-sex marriage.

  • Bill DeRoche

    Bill DeRoche
                Thank you, I`am a 73 year old man that spent most of his life hiding form who I`am. Now I`am able to celebrate my being gay and sharing my love for all who I meet.
                This has come about because General Mills and other big companies like yours have committed to being open and affiring.
                True love no no restraint. Thank you, Bill DeRoche

  • D. Hejhal

    Bravo to General Mills!!    Thank for you doing the right thing – and being
    on the right side of history.   May Cheerios live forever…

  • Polly Foss

    Thank you!   I have printed out a list of all General Mills brands and I will make sure to purchase them whenever possible.   It is an incredible statement of who you are as a company, and I hope that your courage in “going first” will encourage our other Minnesota based companies to also go public with their support.

    • R. Moore

      I don’t need to print out a list. When I shop I’ll check the package and if it says general mills, I’ll be sure to put it back on the shelf.

      • S. Putnam

         Read how many positive post compared to negative.  You putting it back on the shelf will not matter and our children will just grow up buying more and more.

  • Elaine Frankowski

    General Mills’s stand against an amendment that would limit marriage equality is the kind of stand I expect from a Minnesota company.  We Minnesotans, individuals and corporations, value all our fellow Minnesotans.  GM has just proved it.  Thank you — and I’ll eat more cereal this week.

    • One man and One woman

      “We Minnesotans”…you’re truly misguided. We’ll see when the constitutional ammendment is passed this November.

  • David Score

    I am proud to say I agree with you.

  • Terry Jaffoni

    This means a lot to a great many people in MN who are good citizens and neighbors, pay their taxes, mind their own business,  work hard, raise families and are in loving, long term same sex relationships. There are a lot of us!  This amendment is a shameful and transparent attempt to forever deny the simple pleasure and the legal protections of civil marriage to an entire group of people. Thank you for stepping up and being a leader among Minnesota corporations.  There’s a reason why General Mills is one of the best companies to work for in Minnesota!

  • Laura

    Yeah yeah yeah!!!!  I’m so proud of General Mills for taking this stand.  As an attorney and former HR VP I understand how complex the issues are that surround making this type of decision as an organization.  Bravo.  I’ll be posting this on my own blog and encouraging everyone to take extra care to choose General Mills products! Thankyou.

  • James Nastoff

    Thank you so much. I have always held General Mills in high esteem since you were my client, when I worked for a health plan a couple of decades ago. You were very good people to do business with. Therefore, I am always certain to look for the BIG G in the cereal aisle, for Yoplait Yogurt and for Gold Medal Flour. I am now very enthused that your company is stepping to the plate, along with Carlson Companies, RBC Dain and others.

  • Terry_jaffoni

    Way to go General Mills!  Thank you for taking a stand against such a shameful amendment.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I for one will be favoring General Mills cereals more often as I peruse that aisle.

    • JMJilu

       If you for one are going to make up for my  friend Harold , his wife, and their 11 children ,who like myself are now going to boycott General Mills, you’s better do more than peruse those aisles; you’s better be choking down Cherrios 24/7 365.
      General Mills can be inclusive and accepting all they want with their employees without endorsing immorality!
      The demise of any great nation is always preceded  by it’s moral decline. We started down that slippery slope about 40 years ago and now we are practically at neckbreak speed. If our Lord doesn’t come soon, He will own a ponzi to Sodom and Gomorah!

      • ChuckGG

        By looking at the pro vs. con posting on this forum, I would say you and Harold and his wife and 11 children, by far, are in the minority.  As far as the 11 children go, it is a shame to speak for them.  Who knows who they will grow up to be?  Perhaps, someone very hurt by this foolish Amendment.

  • pam

    This is the most AmaZing news…as individuals “shift” their consciousness and “WAKE UP” to the lies and deceptions of BIG business, General Mills pushed to the front of the line in integrity to honor ALL families as we “THRIVE” into a new level of Loving openingly…Thank YouS for paving the way…I AM most grateful…

  • Jgart54963

    I’m proud to buy General Mills’ products

  • Sharon Anderson

    I read this, and tears form in my eyes.  I get chills.  Thanks for standing up for PEOPLE.

    • said she

      Some people, but not most people. In taking a stand on this issue, General Mills has chosen to offend a lot of people. Is that a good thing?

      • ChuckGG

        Do a count of the pro & con comments on this forum.  I hardly think “most” is the appropriate word.  The pros far, far outnumber the cons.

      • Rolf Anderson

         said she, you’re right. It is not a good thing. A loving and compassionate society never purposefully creates motherless and fatherless families, yet this is what General Mills is promoting.

        Such a bad public policy is highly offensive…

  • Andeinmn

    Thank you, General Mills.  Thank you very kindly

  • Clayton Robbins

    Thank you so much for recognizing and respecting all of your customers. Well done! 

    • said she

      Respecting some and offending others. Not sure that was well done.

  • Pillow Pants

    Welcome to the right side of history.

    – a Minneapolis resident who watches too much Glee.

  • Mary Jean

    I am proud that my son works for General Mills and that General Mills will not be bullied by those who believe that this issue is something which should not be discussed by corporations in Minnesota. Thank you General Mills for your leadership in recognizing that all Minnesotans should have the right to enter into loving and recognized relationships with one another. Thank you for recognizing that an amendment whose clear intenttion is to deny rights is not what Minnesota needs now or ever.

  • MountainBear Botanical

    Thank you….

  • Erika D.

    Thank you, General Mills. As a Minnesotan, I’m proud that you call this great state your home. It’s through companies like yours that this hateful amendment will be defeated.

  • Dmp8791

    Are ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ truly present when folks who defend marriage are dismissed as bigots?

    I too will no longer purchase Geeral Mills and will include my extended family and friends to do likewise. Marriage cannot be redefined by fiat anymore than can the concept of triangularity.

    • R. Moore

      I agree, Wal-Mart makes pretty good cereals.

    • Godcries

      As a former Minnesotan and a ‘former’ GM customer I am taking a stand.  GMs business is food.  Food should be a non-gender, non-controversial item in our society. 

      Sadly, the company has been ‘hijacked’ by the LGBT community.  Just as Target and Penney’s have been ‘hijacked’ for the LGBT community.  Be it clothes, food, or other items of purchase, these companies are falling in line with a bullying tactic for the ‘almighty’ dollar.  So, LGBT community, is that the kind of respect you are desiring.  It would appear that if you shop these areas they will then lend their voice to you.  How sad.  It isn’t as if the same products are not available to you from the same businesses even if they don’t ‘come out’ with statements such as GM et al have done.  You the LGBT commmunity are sadder and poorer for this type of meaningless support.  Talk about alienation.  This does it for me.

      We are being ‘bullied’ into believing that the only way to respect the LGBT community is to endorse homosexual marriage.  This is such a misappropriation of peoples rights and truth.  We are not ‘excluding’ anyone just because we believe in one man and one woman as the only true marriage contract .  Fruitfulness is not adoption, fruitfulness is not about in vitro fertilization, and fruitfulness is not about surrogate motherhood.  Fruitfulness can only happen in the ‘sacred’ union of man and woman.  Only then are the ‘tools’ of creation properly ordered to fruitfulness. Marriage connotes family, and family connotes children in case it is not apparent why I refer to procreation.   All else is of man and man’s ego. 

      No one is contesting the ‘commitment’ of two people to one another.  But to hijack the term ‘marriage’ is part of today’s way of relativism and cunning that obstructs and so misconstrues language as to make language the tower of Babel.  Rightly, if we can not communicate in common understanding of our terminology then we ought to be silent, for only chaos remains.  We are there now, when all our political and personal ideologies are embroiled in egotistic one-upmanship.  There is reason for tradition, there is reason to look at history and there is reason to base decision making on hard evidence. 

      The slippery slope of the homosexual agenda encourages further erosion of our moral base. Look at the many ways the ‘power’ of the LGBT community continues to support the most pro-abortion President in our history, Look at how the homosexual community desires every service to be coerced into being there pawn (the recent episode of the photographer who was brought to court for ‘trying to work her business as she chooses’.  Note the many ‘inroads’ the LGBT community countinues to demand ‘business accomodations’ that do offend the greater population (check out how many LGBTs are actually needing to  use public bathrooms and yet the issue has become an epic contest of wills regarding special privilege) 

       I am not unsympathetic to homosexuals, neither am I unsympathetic to the poor, the imprisoned, or the sick and dying.  I attempt to be appropriate in my dealings with each group, but making ‘exceptions’ is what becomes really exclusive.  How about the homosexual population looking to the real meaning of inclusiveness, which would seem to mean the ability to not generate more divisiveness in any given area.  If you are homosexual and desire to be ‘actively sexual in your choice’ then fine but do not make it a personal confrontation on my values.  NO  one is telling you you can not ‘exercise’ your homosexual tendencies.  But when you defy the law of the land, when you ignore biblical precepts and when you rudely demand services from someone who takes a strong stance for their own rights, the same services being available from someone who has no objections to your own ideology then it becomes an affront, the same kind of affront you say is being made against you.  That, means bullying, and Yes, we all have the right to stand free of such tactics.

      • Victoria Dennis

        The LGBT community does not “hijack” companies. No one is bullying you. You are not being denied marriage because you are not gay yet you will not allow a gay couple to marry unless they decide to enter into a heterosexual relationship. That is being a bully.

  • Becca

    Thank you.  :)

  • Jonathan Greene

    I think it would be a good thing to state you’d move your company to a more friendly state should it pass.

  • Guest

    As a lifelong MN resident I’d consider moving to a more welcoming state if this terrible ammendment passes. Thank you, General Mills, for taking this stand for equality and fairness!

  • Kaari

    Thank you for doing the right thing and standing up for equality!

  • George Robertson

    I am going to the store right now, and I will buy General Mills Cereals, not just because they are good, but because  I know that the people who make them are good people. they are people who deserve my business as a thank you for their good citizenship.  America is what we all make it.  General Mills is making America better.  Thank you all, from the boardroom to the loading dock.

  • Michael Mosher

    I cannon begin to type enough thank you’s.. So I’ll start with one.
    Thank You..
     now hold a mirror to both sides of it.. look in one side.  That’s how much what  you’re doing means to me.

  • Djc55803

    Thank you!  We want Minnesota to be a welcoming culture and this certainly helps.

  • Jonnelle Brown

    I have always enjoyed General Mills products and I am an ardent supporter of the company when you all came out with your gluten free line of foods, I sing your praises from the roof tops. Now I have even more to be happy about. Thank you for standing up for what is right. 

    Tonight I shall go restock my gluten free pantry with more General Mills products. 

  • Christineoliv68

    I applaud your leadership!  Thank you for standing up for equality for all.

  • Louie Heras

    Thank you!!!

  • mhc

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I hear you are getting harrassed by the “religous” right wing nuts on this – please stand your ground!  You are in the right and they are dinosaurs in their death throes.

    • Go Ammendment!!!

      See…this type of bigotry from the GLBT is unacceptable…you attack and insult religious people. You cry if spoken out against but spew hate from your own mouth…the GLBT community is nothing but hypocritical. You say love but spread hate and intolerance toward people with Biblical morals.

      • ChuckGG

        I think the difference is this – we are denying you nothing.  You are entitled to your opinion and you may state it.  You are not entitle to rule of the civil rights of a minority.  Are you harmed if SSM comes to MN?  If so, how? 

        If we see it as bigotry that you wish to deny civil rights to another group of people based solely on the views of your particular religion which is not the view of all religions, exactly how is this not bigotry?

    • A Romulus

      “death throes”???? Is that why 30 other states have marriage amendments???  And only 7 have approved gay “marriage” with at least two of those being contested. Get your facts straight and your life too.

      • ChuckGG

        Based upon church attendance in the very traditional, dogmatic churches, along with dwindling admissions to seminaries, “death throes” is perhaps a kind phrase.  The “32 of 32” states comments we hear needs a “do over.”  That is, we should create a chart that shows the poll numbers, by State, for each state, just before they voted against SSM.

        Then, we take those same polls and ask the same question, again, today, per state.  You would be surprised at the answers.  With the exception of the bible-belt state of NC, most of those votes were taken years ago.  A great deal has changed in just the past 3 years.

        I am all for looking at facts.  Pull actual facts from reliable sources, and then we can see where we stand.  You will find the support for SSM is an ever climbing percentage trend while opposition to it is an ever descending trend on the chart.  With young people ever more in support of SSM and older people dying off, just where do you predict the trend lines to go?

        Those are just the facts.

  • david fischer

    Awesome work Mr Charles. Thank you so very much on behalf of not only myself but many, many of my friends and acquaintances.  david fischer Moorhead, MN

  • Korisiri

    I normally buy off brand Cheerios but will be happily buying gm products from now on with a smile on my face.

  • Ancrady

    Thank you, Ken!!! I will continue eating my daily Cheerios with renewed pleasure. There is no substitute for doing the right thing – and you are.

  • Karenlinner_shop

    Thank you for your company’s courageous, public stance.  I’ll be heading to the grocery store in my Minnesota neighborhood and will make sure to add an extra box of Cheerios in the cart. You made our state look great. Freedom to Marry…it’s time!

  • Philsaccounts

    Thank you Ken Powell, Ken Charles, and all of General Mills. As a former GMI employee, as a stock holder, and as a parent, I have always been proud of being associated with the company. Keep doing the right thing.

  • Nictation

    I pulled up this list and when I go grocery shopping this weekend, my choice will be the General Mills products:

  • Doug

    It’s a Honey of an O!  Thank you General Mills for affirming I’ve been making the right choice for cereals for over 50 years! 

  • Catherine Menick

    Every box of Cheerios I buy will be in thanks to General Mills. I am so very pleased that the company vocalized it’s opposition to the marriage amendment. I hope your bold step encourages other companies to join you.

  • Sally Larson

    I am very proud to be a Minnesotan right now.  This is what Minnesota is about–thank you–I will continue to buy General Mills and encourage my friends to do so.  P.S.  I am a straight married woman who wants her friends to have what I have after 35 years of marriage.

  • Josh

    Ridiculous…You might as well support pedophiles too! This is not about diversity…this is about a sinful lifestyle that destroys the moral fabric of this country.

    Go constitutional amendment!!!!

    GM…you just lost a lot of customers for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!

    • Victoria Dennis

      And you are destroying this country by sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong… other peoples bedrooms. You are so ignorant to say that supporting gay marriage is equal to supporting pedophiles. You obviously know nothing about anything. Pedophilia is when a grown person has a sexual attraction to a child. Homosexuality is when a person has a sexual attraction to someone of the same gender. Completely different. Are you married? Even if you are not I assume you had a mother growing up. And for you to have been born she had to have had a menstraul period. She was then living a sinful lifestyle. And if you had any form of contact with her during the week of her period you were then sinning as well. Have you ever eaten pork? Or seafood? Or worked on a Sunday? If you condem others based on the Bible you can’t pick and choose what to follow and what not to follow. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Married

    I support the marriage amendment because I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.  The amendment has nothing to do with being against diversity or leaving somebody out.  I am disappointed to hear of General Mills viewpoint and as an investor and big fan of your products – I will not be purchasing any further product. 

    • Victoria Dennis

      How does this admendment not have anything to do with leaving out a group of people? Or being against diversity? That is exactly what it is doing.

  • Krenslow

    I have always loved General Mills products and I know they
    are an outstanding company; however I believe they should not polarize their
    customers by taking sides in such a lively debate.  Corporations should never take political sides
    and should always remain neutral if possible. This is an amendment on the
    definition of marriage, it is not anti-gay or discrimination based as many have
    claimed. This amendment has already passed in 30 other states, which shows that
    Americas moral compass is still intact.

    • Godcries

      Too true.  Thank you

    • Victoria Dennis

      Really? It’s moral compass? Who are you to say what is moral and what is immoral?

  • Flattail

    Way to go General Mills! You make me proud to say I was born and raised in Minnesota. I hope more large Minnesota companies come out and do the right thing. Thank you!

  • Mike Sullivan

    Makes me wish you had a branch in Kansas City.  I’d sure like to work for such a company!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Charles, I would like to thank you and Mr. Powell for you, and your company’s support of LGBT citizens. While I am not a resident of Minnesota, Gay Rights is an issue I follow very closely. I am a long-time member of PFFLAG and wish to see my dear nieces have actual *legal* marriages with people of their choices.

    Thank you so much for for brave and touching words. And I will, of course, remember them at the store!

  • Marguerite Vanden-Eynden

    I am encouraging all my family and friends to but products from manufactures support equal rights for ALL people.

  • Susan

    Thank you ……you have brought tears to my eyes (of course those tears are falling into my bowl of Cheerioes)

    • Father of 4

      Wow Susan you actually spelled Cheerios wrong lol

  • roxanne

    I am a straight mom and I knew there was a reaso I like your cereals They Come in All Varieties.Now I will go buy some tday even though I don’t need them.Good job it worked

  • Ann

    My mom worked for General Mills way back in 1949.  I can’t wait to tell her what General Mills just did.  She’s always been proud to have worked for General Mills, I know that now she has one more reason.  As she told me recently,  your Dad and I talked, and we decided we would still be married over 60 years if gay people were allowed to marry too.

    • Godcries

      Of course, for those not seeing this article or posting to it, you could add the list of people who have worked for GM in the past , and now would be regretful that their dearly beloved company has sold it’s moral standiing for the PR of what, getting 400 Minnesota LGBT communities to buy their products.  I for one and I believe many, many more will stop buying those products.  Let the 400 realize this is NOT the platform for finding acceptance.  Tolerance is not about using the business world’s name to foster their private agenda.  This is not homophobia, this is about being able to have personal believes and not be confronted by people with guilt about their way of life, trying to normalize themselves to reduce that guilt and thus impute the rest of society by association.  If that sounds intolerant, then why not establish that every rapist and pedophile can also lobby for their freedom to do  what they want, where they want , and when they want. As the agenda of the LGBT goes forward it is not about equality but about true exception.   Soft waves will erode a sand beach castle just as surely as a mighty wave.  Be careful what you wish for, this is about morality and what is ordered in the natural law. 

  • Bdanderson29

    Marriage is between a man and a woman period. So what can I do about it. Nothing,except to buy fewer General Mills products. This was a bad pr move along with being a stupid one.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Yeah if it were for PR but maybe, just maybe, some people give a damn about people still and are willing to do what is right regardless of how unpopular it may be.

  • Rvvjr

    I do not usually care about the brand of cereal I purchase for our family.  After hearing about General Mill’s courageous position, I will modify our spending habits and choose General Mills products when there is a choice.

  • Kris Palmer

    Religious views should be distinguished from the proposed amendment, and not be a basis for supporting it. No person’s religion and no person’s marriage is threatened by someone else’s right to marry. And let’s dismiss the specious argument that allowing gay and lesbian marriage opens the door to group marriage. Having multiple spouses is unlawful in every state in the US; allowing same-sex marriage has no effect on those laws, which have historically been challenged by the heterosexual and not the GLBT community. Cheers to you General Mills.

  • Dianne Greenwood

    I have friends and family members that are members of the gay and lesbian communities. The message I hear from all of them is that this is who they are not a choice they made. In fact many of them married and tried to be “straight”. It was not who they were and made it difficult to find happiness. I hear about the secrecy that many of them have felt they needed to live under at work because of the fear they may lose there job if people found out! Our sexuality is only a small part of who we are. I’m glad to see General Mills understands that and has chosen to support ALL their employees. Thank you

  • Kathy

    Thank you.

  • Lynne Hvidsten

    Kudos to General Mills!

    “…and that makes our choice clear” is powerful, affirming, and simply touching.

    This gives me hope that we can defeat this amendment and acknowledge the freedom, dignity, and respect of all people

    look forward to other Minnesota companies having courage to follow
    General Mills’ lead and publicly express the internal values by which they have
    been living for years.

    Thank you, Mr. Charles and General Mills.

  • Aurora

    Children have a fundamental human right to be cared for and raised by their married mothers and fathers. Why are the “rights” of some adults more important than the rights of children? Who is standing up for the rights of children? The marriage amendment needs to be passed in November to make sure that the only institution that unites mothers and fathers with each other and their children is not extinct. If General Mills insists on promoting public policy, they should ask Minnesota legislators to promote marriage because it benefits society when children are cared and provided for by their married mothers and fathers.

  • Darren

    Is it in the best interest for a: company, country or individual to FORCE a desire upon others? NO! – The same sex marriage act is NOT an issue about diversity – it’s about a very small minority FORCING it’s opinion and demand to change something it never: created or setup. If you were to push through a desire to change the word for the color “Blue” to be called “Car”, it doesn’t make it these two words the same – the color blue still remains blue and a car still remains a car. Marriage was defined and established long before any of these people were ever born, but in their OWN wisdom, they now FEEL they have the duty, responsibility and the authority to change what the meaning of the word “marriage” should be – I for one and in agreement when most people FIRMLY disagree with desire to change this word.

  • Seebs

    Thank you. I have a number of friends who would be harmed by the proposed amendment (including a straight couple who have a legal relationship which is not a “marriage”, and as North Carolina has shown, the wording here would unrecognize that). But mostly, I just think it sounds like a horrible and mean-spirited thing to put in our constitution.  The Constitution of the state of Minnesota should be granting and recognizing rights, not removing them.

  • Done

    So, as an inclusive company, what about spiritual holidays?  Do you allow your employees to wish “Merry Christmas” and put up Christian items?  Do you allow your Jews the ability to wish “Happy Hanukkah” without persecution?  Do you allow your Muslims to pray when necessary?  How about heterosexual couples who are not married but in a committed relationship – do you allow them the same benefits as homosexual partners?  What about individuals who have more than one partner?  Just curious as to how far the “inclusive culture” actually goes?

    • Mc

      yes to all of the above, done. 

  • Pat

    I will not be buying ANY General Mills products from now own and I will make sure ALL my family members know that General Mills does not support traditional marraige.

  • Pat

     Marriage is between one man and one woman-you fools have bought the lie!

  • Dad-man

    Thank you General Mills, and thank you for being one of the corporations that is willing to stand up for ethical and fair treatment. Your product line just went up a notch in my view, and while I’ve not been buying a lot of your products, you can bet that I’m going to do what I can to add some of those products to my shopping basket. (It would be easier if your products did’nt have a high Glycemic index,) but support you I shall.
    -Straight but not Narrow Parent….

  • Francisco J. Barriopedro

    As the brother and brother in-law and friend to gay men and women, I thank you for the actions needed to end prejudice and bigotry. May many companies the world over follow your example and speak as decisively and honestly as you have done.

  • Larry Pearson

    As a former General Mills employee for 25 years, now retired, I couldn’t be more proud of the company I worked for.  Thank you for the courage and the forward thinking of your annoucement.

  • Jason

    Me and my family will not purchase a single product from GM any longer. 

  • Jaime Ong

    Bye General Mills!  Hello Kelloggs!

    • Erik

       LOL…you might want to check into Kelloggs’ official corporate policy on LGBT issues….because it’s exactly the same as General Mills’…the only difference is they aren’t headquartered in Minnesota and, thus, have “no horse in the race” for this particular amendment—-they ARE, however, on record as supporting progressive policy and politics AND in supporting and affirming their LGBT employees

      • ChuckGG

        As are an ever growing number of companies in the USA, both large and small.  Companies my partner, our daughter, and I certainly will be supporting.

  • Greta

    I’m sorry to hear this. I believe this is a case of mistaken compassion. Here is a wonderful article advocating the truly loving position. God bless you all!

  • Richard Fisher

    I do not live in Minnesota but I am in support of the mariage amendment. I am sorry to hear of General Mills strong support against it. I have bought my last product from General Mills. I will vote with my dollars. I am an x-customer in Indiana

  • p47hero

     No more GM products for me.  Sorry I don’t support political action groups.

  • Luvmygrndhg

    You just lost my business and that of all my friends who support marriage is between one man and one woman.

  • Gwheitman

    n Tuesday, I had the opportunity to testify before the U.S. Senate in support of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would extend protections in hiring, promotion, and advancement to members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender (GLBT) communityThese protections are granted to all citizens by the Bill of Rights. We do not need special laws for “special”  classes of [people. They are no important than any other citizen just because of whom the wish to have sex.
    Although it’s called the Non- Discrimination Act., this policy discriminates against all citizens who oppose homosexuality based on religious beliefs, beliefs which are supposed to be protecrted by the US Constitution. I will choose to NOT buy products from General Mills and Target. There are many other choices available. 

  • Gwheitman

    Whether or not the Amendmnet passes has really nothing to do with business. But you just made it so. I will not continue to support a company that disregards my beliefs. As CEO you have the power to set your company policies and working environment.
    What is preventing you from following these business practices regardless of the passage of the Marriage Amendment?
    Help businesses attract and retain talent; You can do this already.• Help provide a safe, comfortable, productive work environment, free from discrimination or harassment, enabling employees to bring their full selves to work as engaged, productive employees; Except those employees who are afraid for their jobs if they disagree with your stance on the Marriage Amendment.and,• Help create a culture that fosters the creativity and innovation vital to business success.You can already do this.

  • G Mills Errors

    Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Always has been, always will be no matter what the law says.  Why would a consumer products company wade into the war on marriage?  Learn from Wal-Mart’s experience with this.  There will be no more General Mills products in our house.

  • Becky

    So, so very proud.  Thank you both for your powerful words this week. 

  • Paula

    This is discus ting. It may be difficult for gay people to find the right kind of friends. But I will do my best to void General Mills products for supporting this.

  • Mikey1

    Thank you Ken Charles and General Mills. I’m proud to be one of your many customers.

  • Bkt0105

    It doesn’t matter if gay individuals are immoral, just so it is good for business. It doesn’t matter if the gay lifestyle is a sin and goes against all God says, just so it is good for business. It doesn’t matter if your eternity will be spent in Hell as long as it is good for business. To be gay is to be living in sin and there is a high price for sin, you will pay a wage. We need to love the individual but pray them out of the ugly life they are living and show them a better way in Christ Jesus our Lord! Wake up General Mills, it’s not about profit and good business to encourage sin!!

  • Jacob

    Bravo and well done!  I applaud General Mills’ leadership on this issue.  General Mills and Minnesota have a rich history of progressive civic leadership.  These actions speak well to that history and will be duly recognized by future generations, for history is most often on the side of those who champion the continued expansion of human rights.

  • Fiona

    Thank you!!! I am so proud that General Mills has taken a clear stand rather than remain neutral, and that you so clearly support inclusion and see your mission as to nourish all lives. Your blog post here is so beautifully written. I plan to excerpt it on my Facebook page and include a link so all my FB friends around the world can read it. Thank you for standing up as a leader. I’m proud that you are from my home state! And I hope more corporations follow your lead so we can beat this amendment.

  • M. Folk

    Mr. Charles and General Mills…

    As a husband and father of four children ages 2 to 7… I hope you understand the “lifetime value of a customer” concept. If General Mills continues down this path, I will cease buying Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and ALL other General Mills products. You see in America, we can still make conscious “free will” decisions regarding behavior both personal and for purchasing products, including food; Therefore, my decision will be to no longer purchase ANY General Mills products until the company stays out of the political and personal arena.

    With Low Regard for General Mills,

    M. Folk 

  • Firsty

    Your clear stance against traditional marriage as God formed marriage to be between one man and one woman will cause your company major losses.  If you don’t believe me, check out the blogs at

  • TellsTheTruth

    Fine.  Value your aberrant employees.  My family will no longer purchase items made by General Mills.  

  • Anst1

    Sorry, Charlie!!  I believe that same sex marriage is morally wrong!!  You’ve just lost my business!

  • Fedup

    This is just one tactic in the NWO’s strategic plan, and almost all large corporations are on board in it. Their bankers make them do this. We get several million Americans to sign petitions and boycott companies doing this, and we’ll run homosexuality out of the political and cultural arena inside of 6 months. Public companies that sell consumer products and services cannot withstand 5 million (probably only take 2 million) American’s actively boycotting their products. It is an impossibility. The profit margins of large corporations like this are simply too thin to suffer any significant drop in revenues. It won’t take 6 months to get General Mills to start donating to pro-family causes and totally reject homosexuality. If only we can band together to effect that end.

  • Robert Florin

    I am not opposed to gay people living out their life as they see fit but I am not in favor of gay marriage and I will no longer buy General Mills products, I believe companies need to stay neutral on political issues.  

  • Dsmasal

    I disagree totally with the decision by General Mills to reduce marriage to something other than what our Creator established in the beginning, as a union between one man and one woman.  Nothing this modern world does or says will change what God has established from the beginning, that a man should cleave unto his wife and the two shall be one.  This is the ideal.

    The gay lifestyle is not Gods plan for mankind and has brought society a number of ills such as HIV/AIDS, depression, confusion, suicide and more.   There is no possibility of having children, as in a normal family setting, and the effects of such a lifestyle on children are not healthy. Why would any of this be celebrated or encouraged.

    Homosexuality is one form of rebellion against God, which is sin, but God did send someone to rescue us from this sin (as well as my sin too).   Jesus came that we may have life and have it to the fullest.  Nothing less than accepting him into our lives will give what we crave.  Peace with God.

  • Bgranado8055

    God’s law comes first, marriage is only between one man and one woman.. I agree at the workplace all employees should be treated as equal. But General Mills has no business redefining God’s law.. I will no longer buy my baby Cheerios as a snack..thank you.

  • MarkSmart

    We will no longer buy your General Mills products.

  • David Campbell

    Thank you, General Mills, for taking a stand and doing the right thing. 
    Cheerios are still my favorite cereal.  I promise to eat more.

  • Amrtnz

    THANK YOU!!!  :)

  • Nsmith1946

    I cannot see how a company can not have family values.  Not supporting the Marriage Amendment  to the MN Constitution makes you one of the worst companies in the US.  I    hope that no one buys your products any more.  
    Yes, we need to love everyone, but Marriage is between Man and Woman.

  • Chrisandkerry

    Since you, General Mills Corporation, oppose Marriage as an institution between one man and one woman, then you oppose God, you oppose natural law, you oppose the basic cell of society, the family.  Since you oppose so much by your actions, you need now to publicly apologize for your public actions.  We will no longer purchase any General Mills products until you publicly apologize.  This is your fault.  I pray for the management of General Mills that you will come to your senses and see the damage you have done by this scandalous action and come forth with a new public statement in support of the true meaning of marriage that has been around for thousands and thousands of years.  May God have mercy on you.

  • Former GM Customer

    What a shame there’s another MN company I have to cross off my shopping list.  Why can’t you just sell products to customers and make your own company policies without making political statements?  Public opinion is seldom right, but God’s word is always right.  I fear you’re listening to the wrong drummer, and you’ll have to answer for that some day.

  • Pat

    Well, my kids were not fans of Cheerios anyway.  But GM does have other products we will no longer buy.  Marriage is meant for man an woman.  That is what GOD commanded.  Anything else is less, is a mockery and unsanctified.

  • Susan Dantino

    Well said- with courage and eloquence. It’s about time a corporation stood up for people not just profits.

    • Anonymous

      Which people? This corporation stood up for some people, and is standing decidedly against others. And it was so unnecessary! It would be different if sexual orientation were critical to their purpose, such as when a pastor takes a stand to refuse to bless same-sex couples’ commitment ceremonies. Obviously, a pastor must take a yeah/nay stand on the subject. But corporate America has no obligation to take a stand. Simply saying that you have non-discriminatory hiring practices is sufficient. Supporint and celebrating same-sex marriage – when it is clearly not necessary – is very divisive. Is that what you call standing up for people??

    • ms

      Some people, but not all people. Supporting the amendment is standing up for the majority of people. Corporations should stay out of social experiments like “gay marriage”. General Mills: please stick to making cereal.

  • Naurine Lennox

    I am one proud General Mills stockholder. Thank you for bearing the standard for Minnesotans. 

  • Valerie Arganbright

    Thank you, Ken and Ken for taking a stand publicly about this.  This shows real leadership and understanding that goes beyond the net profit of a company.  Bravo!!

  • Holley Carr McCree

    Great way to step forward General Mills!  I will toast you this morning with Cheerios!

  • Pleshuk

    Thank you!  You just restored my faith in the corporate.  General Mills is a star!  What a great example to other corporation.  

    • mouse

      “Faith in the corporate.” ??

      May God have mercy on your soul, and lead you to a more worthy Faith.

  • The Duke

    Hey – I thought you guys made cereal.  Sorry, but I don’t need your politics at my breakfast table.  Consider me an ex-customer.  I know your HR guy needs something to do all day, but that is no excuse for making me part of your politics at breakfast. 

  • David LaRochelle

    Thank you so much. Your company’s bold statement gives me hope that someday everyone in our state will  have the right to marry the person they love.

  • Bob

    I must be in the minority, marriage is between two people, male and female, God did not make Bill and Jerry!  I will not be buying your brand anymore!

  • cindy

    Thank you for posting this

  • ms

    I’ll be buying your competitors products now.

    Marriage pre-dates and transcends the state, so the state cannot redefine it. Marriage is the fundamental building block of society, and we’ve already seen the destruction caused the last time we meddled with it: no-fault divorce has left us with more and more broken homes and less interest in marriage (more co-habiting couples), all of which deprives kids of their fundamental rights, and contributes to the increate in poverty, high school drop-outs, drug use, crime, and suicides.

    Marriage isn’t about two people who love each other. It’s about starting a family: it’s about the kids. The amendment is a step in the right direction: to re-educate people on just what a marriage is, and that’s what’s best for children. And women, too, because they bear the brunt of the problems caused when marriages fall apart or never happen in the first place, when kids are involved.

    What two consenting adults want to do in private is private. The state has no interest and no business getting involved. But marriage is another matter: the state has an interest in the health of the kids. That’s why all states have consanguinity language in their marriage laws. Because marriage is about healthy kids, which are neceesary for a healthy society.

    Marriage provides two parents for the kids, which means the kids get a good shot at succeeding in life. Same-sex parents cannot adequately model what a real family is supposed to be, with proper role models for both sexes. A recent study proved what common sense already told us: kids suffer when they are raise by same-sex parents.

    Re-defining marriage to include same-sex couples weakens marrigaes, because it undermines the understanding of what marriage is. It’s bad for everyone.

    I cannot understand why General Mills decided to take sides on this issue. For such a small percentage of the population – and an even smaller number that have/want kids, who are the primary consumers of your products – you’ve alienated a lot of people.

    Every time same-sex marriage is put before the people, they vote “no”. That’s happened 32 times already. So, it would seem that you’re on the wrong side of your consumer base. What were you thinking???


  • Hit1deep

    I will never buy another GM product again. Liberalism is destroying this country and you are now a part of it. 

  • Ruben Catchme Obregon

    I can appreciate inclusiveness, but attracting talent does not depend on gay “marriage” which in itself not possible (ever look up the definition of that word?).  Additionally, professionals should really leave their sex lives at home, and General Mills shouldn’t promote anyone’s sexual choices..

    • said she

      Excellent points! Professionals should not be discussing their sex life at work. And General Mills should stay out of this political issue entirely

  • Joseph

    You and your company should be ashamed to oppose marraige as it was intended.  This will cost you in the marketplace.  BOYCOTT!

  • mouse

    Please: just make cereal. Stay out of politics that have nothing to do with your products. This is not your core competency!

    Until you recant, I’m not spending another dime on General Mills products.

  • Don Pedersen

    General Mills and corporations in general, needs to stay out of
    politics and let the people decide what they want for themselves, when a corporation
    gets involves it uses resources that is NOT theirs to use; these resources are
    the shareholder’s and a corporation has a fiduciary responsibility to use these
    resources prudently to expand and/or improve products and services, NOT to influence
    or coerce social issues.  There is no opinion
    that can be expressed politically that can or will represent the views of all
    share holders or customers so just do what we pay you to do.  Finally I do not buy in to the protection of
    employee argument.  Come on General Mills
    sets its own policies on how it treats its employees, from your statement;
    unless this issue is struck down you would discriminate against those who
    believe differently that you?  Come on
    get real!  What is the real reason
    General Mills is taking this position?


     So for me it is good bye to my
    stock (not a great performer anyway) and as a customer good bye to your
    products.  Note: I have not taken a side
    in this issue…But I am always mistrusting.

  • Piggybrock

    Unfortunately, your chance to express diversity and tolerance, and acceptance, has failed.  In trying to include a very small group of individuals, you have excluded the majority of your customers.  Ken Powell’s statement that, “traditional marriage hurts our business”, is a slap in the face to all of the people who are heterosexual.  Did you all look at your products?  You sell children’s cereal, snacks, soups, etc.  This is what families eat!  When you say that we hurt your business, and that the gay lifestyle is the benchmark of your company’s future, how?  Since when does the gay union procreate?  It is only in an heterosexual union that life may be  given.  Are you looking for your future customers in a gay union?  There cannot be one.  Instead of staying neutral on the topic, and just continuing to sell good products, you have lost a majority of your customers.  I have 8 children, and our pantry is full of GM products.  But as of today, we will discontinue any patronage to GM and its brands.  I am teaching my children to boycott companies who choose bad business practices.  GM is at the helm of this, since it thinks that its future lies in the gay community; a sterile community; instead of looking at the business future that lies in families who would continue to buy your products, if you would only see the value in them.  You made a big mistake by saying that traditional marriage hurts your business.  It should BE your business. 

    • said she

      So true! Traditional marriage actually can produce children – the primary consumers of General Mills’ products. So it makes absolutely no sense to offend those who back the amendment.

  • Jforj38

    What is shameful is your thumbing your nose at God’s law in the Bible.  I am now leading a boycott of all General Mills products for companies who think they can bully those who support the amendment.  I am a businesss manager andhave done research on this subject.  FACT;  Laws like the amensment in states that have passed it have had NO BUSINESS IMPACT ON COMPANIES IN THOSE STATES!  You need to get your facts straight before causing fear.  Title VII was created to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.  I see you don’t know your laws nor the Constitution of the United States.

  • Former customer

    My kids will be SO SAD to learn that we are now boycotting the maker of Cheerios, but thankfully there are lots of other cereals out there, many of which are made by companies that don’t undermine the family!  We enjoyed your products, but we can’t possibly give your company another dime until you stop supporting gay “marriage,” and will be encouraging our friends to boycott your products as well.   

  • Carlos Martillo

    As a parent of young children, I will never buy General Mills products again; this pandering to mentally ill activists is an attack on our families. Thankfully we have a wider variety of brands available to us than ever before, and can pick and choose from companies that are of a similar mindset. I’ve never understood what a company gains by kowtowing to a group that doesn’t reproduce a next generation of loyal customers.

    Viva Cristo Rey! 

  • W2ghz

    If General Mills supports gays, I will no longer supoport General Mills.  All of their products go out!

  • Jay Mora

    The “G” now stands for “garbage” in my family.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Gee, aren’t you clever… or not.

  • Father-Business Owner-Consumer

    I’ve never given a thought to General Mills until this came to my attention. From now on, I will choose General Mills products whenever I have the option, regardless of price.  “General Mills’ mission is Nourishing Lives. Not just some. But all.” That says it all. 

  • Jim_capazzi

    Why does your company, or any company, have to get involved in divisive issues, and bring the controversy to my breakfast table as I eat my cereal? 

  • Haleythomas

    Goodbye,General Mills. 

  • said she

    ¡Que Viva!

    And: excellent points. The studies show that less than one percent of the population will take advantage of “gay marriage”, if it is available. Showing support to that tiny percentage on such a hot-button issue – at the expense of the majority – is mind-boggling.

  • Rochester Mom

    Wow!  I guess I just bought my last box of Cheerios!
    Why would General Mills think that they have any business taking a stand on this or any
    non-food related issue?  

  • Zach19

    Pretty soon the anti-gay crowd will have few if any places to shop. Bravo, General Mills!

    • A Romulus

      No, companies that don’t throw their weight into political firefights will make money while those like General Mills will go the way of the dinosaur.

  • Wmdurnan

    I live in Washington state, so I will not be voting on this issue.  However, I am cognizant now of General Mill’s position, so I can go on record as a consumer of their products.  From this date forward, I will make every effort to avoid purchasing and consuming their products.  This amendment, like similar ones across the country, is an attempt to do the right thing-be a moral people.  Bill D   

  • Lisa Burke

    Refreshing to see a Fortune 500 corporation/CEO step into the ring, per se, and with conviction/clarity demonstrate public commitment to your global diversity policys.  Whilst no longer a resident of MN so will not be casting a vote, I shall funnel my consumer purchasing power to the General Mills brand out of respect.  I hope that Ken’s integrity, boldness, and recognition of the business impacts of such exclusivity, provokes similar thoughtful business impact assessment amoungst his peers, and in boardrooms across the country.

  • guest/mother

    What a shame.  There is other legislation that can come out with out destroying the family; moral values & the proven structure of society.  Every wonder why there is so much violence, loss of respect & hatred, etc…could it be our crumbling family structure?
    First it was no fault divorce…that got us no where except an easy out or the government telling us how to educate our children…or that we  have no  parental rights…or the fact that teachers had no right to discipline.   What happened to accountability?  I’m dissapointed in you General Mills,  I have no problem putting MY family first & I teach my children that you can’t always “Have it your way”  You have to put the benefit of all or  moral values first!   Thanks but not thanks!  Time to look for a more family valued brand….and time to vote for a family valued president. 

    • Victoria Dennis

      Who are you to decide what is moral or best for all? I hope your children grow up to be more open minded than you. And just so we are clear, what happens when one of your children comes to you one day and tells you that they are gay? Then what? Are you going to support them or tell them that they “can’t always have it their way”?

  • Sueg_84

    Today marks the last time I ever buy another General Mills product.

  • carl thompson

    GREAT MOVE. CORPORATIONS ( if they want  to be “people” ) have to do more
    for ALL people!!!

  • Padre

    very sad to hear of this company entering into this fray and opposing what is so clearly in the best interests of the public (and the family unit that GM supposedly promotes)- one man and one woman, married for life. No more Cheerios for me.

  • Me

    Congratulations on ostracizing half your customers.  How about focusing on making decent food and less on involving yourselves in divisive politics?

    My family will never eat your food again.  Luckily, most of it’s not very healthy anyway. 

  • Tbj0007

    Yuk… you have spoiled the taste of your company- products to my palate. Diversity in the work place is a different issue from the definition of marriage. You sully the culture by trying to justify what is objectively disordered. No more GM products for me….   

  • Missy Covington

    Thanks for taking a stand against bigotry in MN. Great job, GM!

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to see a comany actually be honest about their possition.
    I, for one, will not buy ANYTHING that has the “big g” symbol until General Mills reverses it’s stand.
    This is not being “anti-guy”. This is PRO-normal.

  • Anonymous

    SpokanCatholic: There you go, using logic! My sister is a lesbian/wiccan, so, I have first hand history of trying to get “them” to be logical. It ain’t gonna happen. They want what they want, period!

    • Victoria Dennis

      Are you listening to yourself? They want what they want, period? That’s easy for you to say when your rights aren’t being threatened. And logical? There is absolutely no logic to the thinking on the side of those who support this admendment. None. “Supporting this admendment means supporting marriage and families”. No, it’s supporting your kind of marriage and families and to hell with anyone who is different. And where is the logic in that?

  • Anonymous

    No, you are wrong, again! Polygamy was ALLOWED!

  • Wilson88

    You guys rock!!! Stay strong. 

  • Alice Williams

    Thank you so much.  I, too, value diversity and believe in inclusion, not exclusion.  I have been a long-time buyer of General Mills products but I didn’t know anything about your stand on social issues.  I’m so happy to know that my money is going to a company like yours.

  • Tl172

    Returned my purchased cereal boxes. Its Post from here on. You and Kellogg are in the penalty box as far as my family id concerned and that includes ALL your brands.

  • Jocey Neveaux

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking a stand for what’s right.  As a business, I’m sure it’s tough to come out in support of something that’s unpopular with potential customers, and I think it’s awesome and admirable that you’ve chosen to speak out despite the possible backlash.

    You can count on me (and the many, many others who support equality) to keep buying Cheerios and other delicious General Mills products.  :)

  • Buffy

    Thank you for supporting diversity and equal rights.  You are on the right side of history.  My family will definitely be buying more General Mills products!

  • Anonymous

    Not only will we stop purchasing any G Mills products in the future our family of 11 children and 10 adults are returning all the GM products now in our homes.

  • A Romulus

    The arrogance of these statements is just too much. Proud of “diversity and inclusion”?? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Those are empty vapid words that mean NOTHING when you alienate the majority of your customer base. These are the kinds of words used by people who don’t actually do anything but talk garbage. What you need to do is shut up and sell cereal and nutrition bars and that’s it. But since you’ve decided to throw your weight around. You’re going to be losing ALOT of that weight in the next few weeks to months as people start going elsewhere for their cereals and other foods.

    • Victoria Dennis

      The arrogance of you is too much. They did not do this to personally offend you or people like you. Why is it always one side or the other with the people who support this admendment? There is no reason that they should not be able to support gay marriage and sell you cereal. You’re the one taking it personally.

  • Brett Slocum

    Thank you for being an outstanding corporate role model. I hope your support for ENDA and your opposition to the MN Marriage Amendment help bring a new era of acceptance of all people.

  • Bristlethighedcurlew

    Give to every other human being any right that you claim for yourself.  That is my doctrine.   -Thomas Paine

  • Kyle B

    Thank you General Mills.

  • Carol in Minneapolis

    Thank you for your public stance on this vital issue.  Corporations are not empty shells that employ people but organic members of the community.  Their products should be associated with real values. I am grateful that General Mills recognizes its civic responsibility and is willing to use it’s voice create a climate of respect, dignity and equality in Minnesota.   We need more corporations like you in this country!

  • Mdaranger8

    Well done!

  • Temp3

    contrary to some, I have never believed the myth at the _only_ thing those running large corporations care about is profit.

    Yet it is both unusual and encouraging to see a representative loaf a large corporation to take such a clear (and at least in my opinion, desirable and humanitarian) public stance on a controversial social issue.

  • Scott Rose

    Thank you so much, General Mills.  I shall make a point of seeking out your products.

  • Rick Loesser

    Well done GM.  I’ll be looking for your logo at my local grocers.

  • David_in_Houston

    This is awesome to read. Thank you for your support. (I just bought two mammoth boxes of Cheerios at Costco. So I feel good about that.)

    I hope you’re prepared to counter the lies that are already being published by the (so called) National Organization for Marriage. Apparently, if you don’t support discrimination aimed at gay Americans that makes you anti-marriage. Because for some reason, you can’t support gay people and straight people at the same time. You’ll have to ask Brian Brown of NOM to explain his bigoted convoluted logic. Their solution to the “culture wars” is to pretend that gay people don’t exist, and that companies have no right to support civil rights or marriage equality against their personal wishes. That sounds un-American to me.I hope more corporations promote equality in the workplace. There is strength in numbers. At some point hate groups like NOM won’t be able to boycott every corporation in the entire country, and they’ll have to slink off into oblivion like the racist organizations from our past. I look forward to that day.

  • Nicholas Guy

    No religion has the right to legislate love or to determine who can marry whom. Love and commitment existed long before the existence of religions. The proponents of the marriage amendment constantly drag Jesus into its fanatical right agenda. Yet JESUS was about love and commitment and respect for all life. Nowhere in the bible did Jesus align himself with any political agenda, yet the far right constantly tries to convince us otherwise. To deny anyone to love and make a lifetime commitment with their chosen partner, based solely on pseodo religious reasons is simply wrong. THAT reasoning trully is an afront to the word of GOD.

  • Brittanyryan

    thank you!!!

  • Margo

    Just writing to add my thanks for the public position you’ve taken. Hopefully, your leadership will inspire other major businesses to “come out.” General Mills is a company that I’m proud to support.

  • Ken Huber

    I applaud your stand!!  I’ve always liked General Mills.  Now I love them!!

  • Rstarnes1965

    Thank you for your words and your integrity!  I applaud you!  I have a warmer feeling every morning now when I eat my Cherrios!

  • maureen

    thank you so much.  i’m nearly 60 and straight, have no family members (that i know of) that are gay,  and i fully support lgbt rights(as does my 85yr old mother).  i hope it won’t be long before all forms of discrimination are wiped out but i fear it will still be a while.  thank you for taking a giant step forward for the whole community.  i’m so proud that you are a mn company. and i’m going to start eating more cereal 😉
    maureen 55404

  • Amy

    Thank you, General Mills.  As a Minnesotan who thinks of our state as a great place for all, I feel proud of your stand and will continue to buy your products, but now with an even better feel about them and the people who make them!

  • Sodonnell203

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this brave stand for equality.  I’m not a resident of Minnesota, but am so happy to see companies with your reputation taking a stand.  As you say, it’s the right thing to do.  What happens in Minnesota will affect many of us whether we live there or not.  Thanks again for taking a stand.  I will be a proud consumer of your products for many years to come!

  • Debra

    Thank you for being this courageous at a time when companies are bending to the winds. This is an issue about true family values, the value of each human fulfilling their potential and this inclusion will help do just that. 

  • Victoria Dennis

    First- I have one statement… Separation of church and state.
    It is illegal in this great country to make the word of the Bible law. It was
    what this country was founded on. But since so many people want to go there
    lets. Thou shalt not judge. So how can you say homosexuality is immoral if you
    are not judging your fellow man? It’s simple, you can’t. Passing judgment unto
    others is a sin. If homosexuality is also a sin, as you see it, then I must
    inform you that two wrongs don’t make a right. Leviticus 18:22 does state that
    homosexuality is wrong. You are correct there. Yet Leviticus 25:44 states that
    you may own slaves, male and female, provided they are purchased from a
    neighboring nation. Exodus 21:7 states that you may sell your daughter into
    slavery. Exodus 35:2 states that the penalty for working on a Sunday is death.
    We don’t do these things because they are wrong and immoral. Not everything the
    Bible says should be followed obviously.

    Second- You state the purpose of marriage is to have
    children and since same-sex couples are not able to have children they don’t
    have any need to marry. That would almost make sense if 1. You could explain
    why you think that to be true and 2. Why is it not required to test for
    fertility before getting married? And in the case of an infertile couple they
    should then be denied the right to marry. If they cannot produce children
    either. Only makes sense right? Some also state that children do best in a
    family with a married mother and father and we need to support this amendment
    “for the children”. So what about people who have children out of wedlock?
    Should we take away their children and give them to a married man and woman? Is
    that what you are saying is best for the children? Could the parents have a
    small time frame to get married in order to keep their child? What about the
    children of a same-sex couple? Why should they not be afforded the same rights,
    privileges, and protections that children of straight couples get just because
    of their parents sexual orientation.

    Third- Why do you boycott General Mills for stating their
    opinions and beliefs just as you do? How many people went down to Golden Valley
    today and will continue to do so throughout this week? You’re only stating
    you’re opinions and beliefs on this amendment; why is it wrong for them to do
    the same? And really, it obviously is not a PR move as they knew that there
    would be people who would boycott their product as straight people are the
    majority of the population. It was done because it is what they felt is right.
    Just as you are doing what you feel is right. You say they are “bulling” you
    into their beliefs, yet you are all demanding a public apology and recant
    before you will purchase their product because their beliefs on the issue are
    not the same as your own.

    Fourth- You worry about the integrity of marriage and how it
    will be threatened by same-sex marriage yet why are you not trying to outlaw
    divorce? People like Kim Kardashian can get married because she is straight
    even though it only lasts for a total of 3 seconds. Or television shows like
    Joe Millionaire where women fight over the chance to marry someone because they
    believe him to be a millionaire. That is what is immoral and threatening the
    sanctity of marriage. Not two people who just happen to be the same gender who
    want to commit their lives to each other.

    Fifth- “All men are created equal”. That means we all
    deserve the same rights and freedoms as our neighbors. Not some or most men are
    created equal. We are all entitled to certain unalienable rights. So what makes
    you think that this should be allowed in our country, the land of the free?

    Sixth- What is all of this talk about not redefining
    marriage? There was a time that marriage was between one man and multiple
    women. No longer the case. There was a time that you could force your children
    into an arranged marriage. Again, no longer allowed. There was a time that you
    could sell your daughter into marriage for livestock. Also not allowed anymore.
    It wasn’t all that long ago that two people of two different races weren’t
    allowed to get married. That is something that we now embrace. Marriage is constantly
    being redefined for the better. This is one more redefinition that desperately
    needs to be done.

    General Mills- I usually buy off brands or whatever is on
    sale but I will be purchasing your products from now on just because you are
    willing to do what you feel is right regardless of the consequences.

  • TJ

    I would like to address the Bible readers out there. Please remember that the Bible also admonishes all kinds of behavior that we find “normal today.  Matthew 19, Jesus says-“I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” Does that mean all remarried couples are living in perpetual sin? How about the rules in Leviticus that demand stoning for adultery? Or prohibit tattoos? Let’s not forget ALL the instances and laws surrounding slavery, polygamy and incest. After all, Abraham slept with his daughters. Civilizations and cultural events helped shape the events in the Bible. Any Bible scholar will tell you that. How about equal rights for individuals? The one man/one woman marriage is just fine, heterosexual marriage won’t be “less than” in the eyes of God if Gay people can get married and finally get equal rights. What do Gay people want? They don’t want Christian acceptance, they want equality under the law. Equal taxation, visitation rights in hospitals, etc. I don’t believe any of these rights were an issue or even mentioned in the Bible. So far, I haven’t seen the one man/one woman married couples being destroyed in Massachusetts, they live the same way they did before Gay marriage was legal. Some happy, some cheating and many divorcing. Bravo to GM for standing up to Christian bullies and I plan to make sure your cereal and products are served in my house, to my family, regardless of their sexual preference.

  • Leex3337

    THANKS for your support general mills!

  • Kjh876

    “Thank you” is honestly the most genuine response I can give to you, GM. With all my heart. Thank you.

  • Daniel Kasnitz

    You folks ROCK! Thank you very much!

  • Mark

    As a former campaign aide to President Ronald Reagan, and as a Minnesotan for over 43 years, I applaud and thank you for your decision to support no on the divisive and ill thought out amendment to ban marriage for all legally consenting adults in our great state.  I have been buying even more General Mills Products now.

  • Mike

    good job general mills

  • adios

    Passed on your cereals in the breakfast aisle. No more Green Giant. Got a local organic brand of yoghurt. Changed my soup and ice cream brand. In short you and your products are no longer welcome in my home. Looks like you will be lowering your sales estimates once again. Good luck on Wall St. Adios.

  • Rolf Anderson

     Thirty-one states have overwhelmingly voted for constitutional
    amendments to protect marriage as only between one-man, one-woman, and
    your company does business in all of these states. This is why I
    cannot understand why your corporation would purposely choose to
    support creating motherless and fatherless families and deny a child a
    mother or a father by choosing to not support marriage equality and
    stability. I urge you to reconsider this decision and refrain from supporting same-sex marriage. Otherwise, we will sadly have to choose to make our purchases from your competitors.

  • RB Showman

    Thank you for supporting inclusiveness and for understanding that straight people aren’t the only ones with families.

  • Diane A Mullin

    Thank you and congratulations on your clear and unwavering support of diversity and inclusion.  We, like you, believe these to be essential Minnesota values for all.  I and my family thank you and will remember your gesture.

  • Pyfwd09

    Choosing a breakfast cereal should not be a moral issue, but that is what you have made it by publicly taking a side in a controversial political issue.  Corporations should stay neutral politically, because taking a side alienates and drives away customers who do not share that view.

    • Victoria Dennis

      It shouldn’t drive anyone away. These people are choosing not to buy these products anymore just because this is the opinion they have on the issue. They don’t have a sign saying “If you don’t support gay marriage buy another product”. Everyone is entitled to an opinion just as you are and one that you are sharing by putting up that post.

  • Gateofgracecommunitychurch

    It saddens me that “Social Diversity” means that your values have to be shoved down my throat.  As a Pastor I don’t force people to believe or accept my values, they are mine and that’s just it.  It’s fine for you to voice your opinion but YOU will not force your values upon us.  You’re no better than the people you despise.  You should have left this hot button issue alone.   If your company goes through downsizing and financial hardship, your employees can thank your leadership.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Where in any of that did you get that they are pushing their opinions down your throat? It was them stating their opinion on this. Period. End of it. But I’d like to know if you preform same-sex “marriages” at your church. Because if not that is you forcing the gay people of your church into your beliefs.

  • Brett Scriver

    Thank you, General Mills,
    for showing the world what Minnesota is made of: freedom,
    inclusiveness, the Golden Rule, and moral courage. I am so proud
    to be from the state that gave the world Cheerios.

  • Mthugo

    As a stockholder, I would like to say “good job, GMI”

  • Zanne46

    thanks for doing the Right thing . This is Not always easy . You certainly have my support for your products.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your commitment to diversity and inclusion!

  • Jan

    I totally disagree with General Mills’ position. Marriage has been and always will be between a woman and a man. Marriage is more than just a definition open to whoever wants to redefine it. It is by its very nature a union between a man and a woman. It is the only union in which children can come into this world and have the potential  for a stable opportunity in life. No other union or relationship can provide this in the same manner. None. It should be protected and held in high esteem.  Anyone of age in our country can marry. It is a right given to all, without discrimination. Marriage is the fundamental building block of our society. Mess with this and you mess with our nation’s future.  From this institution comes the next generation, and the future of our society. A mother brings something to the table that a man cannot, and a father brings something to the marriage that a woman cannot provide. Two Toms do not make a mother, neither do two Janes make a father.  You may have whatever relationship you want in this country, and that is your business, but two of the same sex union will never be marriage. You might as well call a cat a dog, and be serious about it.   By the way there is no hate in this statement, just a firm understanding that this is dead wrong, and will lead to further demise of our country.  Thank you General Mills for making your position clear. I will be buying something other than General Mills products, and will be encouraging others to do likewise.

    • Victoria Dennis

      Your comment about two Toms and two Janes is ignorant. Everyone here understands what gay marriage is. Gay people understand that they are of the same sex, that is why they are gay. It shouldn’t be up to you or the government who we are allowed to marry. That is what will lead to the demise of our country. Yes personally, I will marry a man but why can’t my best friend and his boyfriend get married? Or my other friend who is a lesbian. When she finds the one there is no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to commit to each other in marriage. You worry about what is best for you and stop trying to make it so everyone has to believe it’s best for them too.

  • Mnchef

    How absolutely stupid to polarize public opinion about your “for profit” business!  You don’t need to make political statements. The amendment would have zero effect on your employees and even less on your consumers.  With your mantra of “inclusion”, you have alienated a good portion of your customers who would have continued to buy your product, blissfully aware of your narrow opinion.  What kind of bogus job title has diversity and inclusion in it’s description?

    Do you include pedophiles, felons and head-hunters in your welcoming, open arms?  “Diversity” is not manufactured, it happens among normal, thinking human beings.  People who think they are “creating” diversity, simply think to highly of themselves.

  • Jon, F

    I wonder how most of the gay haters on this forum would feel if this solution was used: let the church control marriage, no federal benefits, no state benefits, and no divorce. So instead of it being a federal problem it would not be a problem, then churches can regulate marriage any way they like. Although with this solution by the state you would not be recognized as a couple, but you still get to say you are “married”. Meanwhile the states can use civil unions to bond both straight and GLBT couples with the old laws that made them married, thus equalizing marriage with a new name and leaving the “marriage” name to the church where they can do as they please because of a little something called separation of church and state. So couples can keep the religious term “marriage”and leave the legally bonding civil union (not like a modern civil union) to the state.

  • Hoorayforanonymous

    Just want to voice my support and appreciation for you guys taking a stand on this issue. While it doesn’t personally affect me, it does affect friends. I want to say thank you, on their behalf.

  • Rtgsc

    No more General Mills products in my home!

  • CA-GW

    Thank you, General Mills. We will continue to buy Cherios and Honey O’s  for our kids. Because we believe in diversity too. Thanks for sticking up for the constitutional rights of our friends and family members. 

  • Cat

    It’s so nice to see a company realize not only that this is about basic human rights, but it is also just a smart business decision to not shrink your talent pool. By passing that law, a clear message would be sent that an entire community is unwelcome in that state. More companies would be smart to follow your lead. As a straight Christian woman who thinks we are ALL God’s children, I will make a point to seek out General Mills products. God bless your company and your smart, kind, and well-informed business decisions.

  • mom of seven

    So sorry to see GM taking this stand. Not here to argue, just won’t be buying you’re products anymore. As a family of 7 we used to buy quite a few.

  • Bob

    I can only wish that General Mills and the rest of the Fortune 500 spent equal time and money on religious tolerance and diversity as they do on sexual tolerance and diversity.

  • Michael F. Bonham

    A few weeks ago I tossed 2 bags of different Starbucks coffees. I just looked in my cupboards & realized I had a box of a General Mills cereal. It is now in the trash. No more General Mills cereals for me!

  • Jay McHue

    You just don’t respect the diversity and inclusion of Christians who don’t want the values of 2-3% of the population shoved down our throats.

  • JudeThree

    can’t fix stupid.