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The history of our monsters

Remember the excitement of autumn back in your childhood years?

Fall brought pumpkins, falling leaves, and a fun holiday when you could morph into anything you desired. With a mental image of the character selected, you devised a brilliant Halloween costume idea. There were parties, caramel apples, and chewy peanut butter kisses, and breakfast – Monster breakfasts.

As a super cool, intelligent kid, you asked your parents for Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. They would help jump start your brain to eagerly learn in the classroom.

And, you had to try all three flavors, right? How else would you know your favorite?

The nostalgia brought on by the autumn season sparked my curiosity, and I did some checking into the history of our monster cereals.

Count Chocula and Franken Berry were both introduced in March 1971. These two flavors were the only chocolate and strawberry flavored cereals on the market. Pre-sweetened blends of oats and corn, they provided eight essential vitamins plus iron.

The first blueberry flavored cereal, Boo Berry, was launched in December 1972.

According to Terry Kirihara, director of research and development for Big G, the monster cereals were initially the same cereal shape but with their different colors and flavors (along with color-matched marshmallow bits).

All shapes were small cylinders shaped like a circle with a cross in the middle (the monster cereals are now character-shaped).

They were created following the success of Lucky Charms, which also had marshmallow bits and were a consumer favorite.

Early commercials, like this one, helped the monster cereals gain traction in the marketplace. And, who could forget the commercial with the “Boo Hooter” prize?

I also found a record titled “Monster Adventures in Outer Space.”

You can hear part of it in this clip we found on YouTube.

Other monster cereal line extensions were eventually launched (such as Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy), but were discontinued.

Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry were available year round for about 35 years. Today, the cereals make an appearance just in time for Halloween.

What are your memories of our monster cereals?

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  • quisp69

    Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, Franken Berry and Boo Berry were my all-time favorite cereals! My brother and I could take down a box in one sitting! I even remember the commercials on TV. Unfortunately, at some point the formula of the cereal was changed to a consistency similar to styrofoam. For those that remember, the cereal consistency was very much like the cereal in Lucky Charms. Too bad because I’d buy cases of the stuff if it were like I remembered. I still like the characters though.

    • Amy

      I agree the formula has changed, the oat and corn pieces were better when they where just a chocolate version of the Lucky Charms pieces.

    • Phillip Sucalouski

      I saw the retro boxes at Target and decided to get a Count Chocula and Boo Berry. They taste nothing like they used to. CC doesn’t even taste chocolaty anymore. Total bummer!

      • Emily Marko

        I thought the same thing. I just stocked up on a few boxes of cc and it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Used to be more chocolately. Also hate that it only comes around once a year.

    • Bill Goodwin

      YES, thank you!! I always knew they were different back in the day!! They were much better back then, totally styrofoam now!! I tried to look up the formula change online, no articles. Is GM trying to cover the change up??

    • Newshound24

      Hear, hear! The mostly-corn pieces are more porous, less robust, and tear the inside of your mouth to shreds. It’s like chewing on pieces of firebrick. The mostly-oat pieces were MUCH better, and let more of the flavoring come through. As it is now, I’m so distracted by the rough texture, and the shredding of the roof of my mouth, that I can barely taste the cereal itself.

      G. Mills – if our pleas move you at all – we BEG you to switch back to oats for the monster cereals! You’re still using oats with Cheerios. Still using them with Lucky Charms. So they’re obviously still economical. There’s no reason to have changed the formula. We’re just asking you to change it BACK.

  • Deuce

    Was Al Franken really the model for Franken Berry monster?

  • user219

    this cereal is crap. loaded with chemicals that are bad for humans and are poisoning our kids and altering DNA and produce changes in behavior and if you don’t believe me than do your homework on the listed ingredients

    • Myndo

      That’s easy to see…just look what it did to the kids on the front of the box!

    • Emily Marko

      Then don’t buy it. That’s your choice completely. I’ve been eating this cereal since I was a kid and I am perfectly normal. Keep your opinions to yourself.

    • ErikRP

      User219 speaks the truth. After a year or two eating cereal, my youngest son turned into a leprechaun, my daughter turned into a talking rabbit, and my oldest son has just recently joined the Navy to go in search of crunchberries.

      I called my senator to see about having these foods more tightly regulated but he just kept shouting something about being “coo-coo for cocoa puffs” and hung up on me.

    • Me

      Whatever. Loon.

  • Chuck McKendry

    I wish these cereals were available all year round. Also would like to see Fruit Brute or Fruity Yummy Mummy “reresurrected” (pun intended) for Halloween sometime in the future.

    • LuigiOshawott

      They are this year at target!!

  • A091883

    Make them a blend of oat and corn again, they are 100% corn now and not nearly as good. When/why did General Mills change the recipe?

    • Randy

      I have to agree on this. The original recipe was much better. They changed so long ago I don;t even remember how good it used to be but I do remember being disappointed the first time I bought a box and noticed the difference in taste, texture, color, everything… Wish they can bring back that original recipe so we can enjoy them the way they were originally made.

      • Slātlantican

        Not to be mean, but you are part of the problem. Quit buying this cruddy corn crap.

    • Newshound24

      Agreed. The mostly-oat texture they used until the end of the 80s was vastly superior, and should be brought back at once. G. Mills still uses oats for Cheerios, Lucky Charms and a number of other cereals. So oats are obviously still viable, economically. There’s no reason NOT to go back to oats.

      Why did they do it? Usually, it’s money. Maybe corn was cheaper. We’d have to get G. Mills to own up to this if that’s the case….

  • Oliver

    Would be great to see them back all year. They were and still are the only cereal I care for.

  • mnboon

    i love the boo berry is my fav. i like all of them and then some.

  • tmom

    boo-berry has always been my favorite!!! but i love them all, as do my kids :-)

    • Christopher Galea

      Where do you buy them?

      • Kevin Hunt

        Thanks for reading the post, Christopher. The Monster cereals are seasonal, look for them again in September!

        Kevin Hunt
        General Mills

        • Glenn Schaich


          Are you listenimg to the legion of fans out here who are wanting the old recipe back? This 100% corn is making the cereal too light and airy. Bring back the goodness of old!!! Please! You’ll have fans buying boxes of them–not just one.
          Thank you.

          • ErikRP

            Nope… apparently they’ll respond to the 3 compliments and not the dozens of people who want the original formula. Some response from the company would be nice.

  • Tom Anderson

    I’ve been a fan of the Monster Cereals ever since their release in 1972+. My mom & dad bought Cheerios & Wheaties so the it was a rare occasion that I could talk them into a box for me. By the time I was old enough to earn money mowing lawns etc, I indulged and had “Frank” “Boo” and “The Count” over on many occasions. But here’s a painful reality check.. I just turned 48 and my daughter bought all three boxes for me as part of a birthday surprise. I was anticipating a nice trip down memory lane, what I got instead was more like a train wreck. All of the cereals were horrible. The first spoonful I could tell this wasn’t the same cereal. I checked the ingredients as I knew I wasn’t tasting Oats, like Luck Charms, and sure enough General Mills opted to go for changing the recipe to Corn, or most likely GMO Corn because I’m sure it’s cheaper than Oats right? COuld that be the reason to ruin a Classic great kids cereal… C’mon General Mills, pull your heads out of the sand and do the original recipe and marshmallows or don’t even release them, because the current cereal isn’t what kids in the 70’s and 80’s loved. This new stuff is terrible. And, keep the original animated features of Frank, Boo and Count, the new CG characters also look weak.

    • Tim

      You are 100% correct, they need to go back to oat. This new version is horrible.

  • Michael Earle

    Being as I eat food year round and not just at Halloween it would be nice to see Monsters cereals in stores more often.

  • Kacey

    Wish these cereals were available year round?

  • Mike Hemphill

    I would really like to see an attempt to make Limited Edition boxes of Fruit Brute (Fruit flavored with lime marshmallows) and Cinna Mummy (Cinnamon flavored with Vanilla marshmallows)…

  • holly

    I wish i could find Count Chocula, i dont even see it around halloween :( i miss it so much!

    • Phillip Sucalouski

      Don’t bother if you ate it as a kid in the 1970’s. It is nothing like it used to be.

  • The Homicidal Homemaker

    I have made a ‘shooter’ recipe inspired by Frankenberry:

    I also have Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and a YummyMummy/Fruit Brute inspired drinks coming soon, on my blog. These cereals were a huge part of my childhood, and still are to this day! I would love to start some sort of fan-site/community for the beloved Monster Cereals, as I am a web/graphic designer. Until then, I will continue to develop recipes inspired by the best cereals ever!

    – Kaci,

    • Kevin Hunt

      So glad you’re a big fan of our Monster Cereals, Kaci! And, that they are inspiring your recipes! Thanks for reading our blog!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Tim

        Will General Mills ever go back to the oat based recipe for the Monster Cereal? They were so much better when they consisted of oat like Luck Charms. Also, they need to do a retro box from the 70’s for Haloween 2013.

        • jeremy daniels

          Good thing they did!

        • ErikRP

          Too bad General Mills didn’t feel the need or interest to respond to the dozens of people who want a change back to the original recipe.

  • Owen Chenault

    I am glad to see Fruity Yummy Mummy back this Halloween return them year round as they were before.

  • Owen Chenault

    And as always Booberry is THE AWESOME ONE!!!!!!!

    • Owen Chenault

      and bring them back year round

  • Monstermaniac

    I have been eating this cereal ever since I grew teeth. My twin brother and I would greedily dig into a bowl of monster goodness with glee. I collected the box art, the mail in offers, the premium toy prizes, the mail away tee shirts, the bobble heads, etc. then the unthinkable happened, they switched to peanut flour (I am allergic.) I bought the boxes anyway and poured the cereal into the trash while crying huge sobs. An angry letter or two was sent by me and I then began to dislike the box art which has become too stylish and frequently is used several years in a row (come on really? I will draw them for you if you can’t find someone!) Thankfully they switched ingredients again and I could actually eat the stuff, but instead of a nostalgic sugary mouthful I got a bland tasting soggy milk soaker. Gone was the original shape, gone was the sugary coating, gone was the satisfying oat crunch. I like the marshmallows but the rest of the cereal is a poor imitation of the originals. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy back this year, but I still implore you to bring back the original recipes too. I have been a loyal fan of monster cereals for 36 years, thanks for the great memories.

  • Randy

    Unless they bring back the original recipe I keep my limit to 1 box.
    Bring back the original recipe and I may just buy the entire shelf…

  • Heather Whipple

    I loved the count Chocula Cereal it was my absolute favorite. I still have a taste for it.
    but can only find it during Halloween time. I wish it was on store shelves everyday
    Year around.

  • Chelle

    I used to love this cereal and was so glad it was coming back! I bought 2 boxes of Count Chocula yesterday, figuring they would be gone in 1 day. It was absolutely disgusting! I couldn’t even finish my bowl. My husband thought the same thing, didn’t finish his either. Why on earth would you change it when people liked it the way it was? I thought this was the best cereal ever made. I’m SO disappointed. I’m taking it back to the store for a refund. I’ve read the previous comments, so obviously I’m not alone. Bring back the original recipe.

  • Jimmy Pribble

    Thank you, General Mills for recognizing and responding to the fans of your Monster Cereals. A few years ago, I could barely find any information on these cereals at all and now you have this very nice page, which is one year old today! I also want to tell you how thrilled I was to see the new retro artwork boxes! Such a gift! But, I must also say that I share the sentiments of many on here and feel that the cereal itself is just a shadow of its former self. If these cereals were continuing to compete daily in the highly-competitive cereal market, I could understand GM reformulating the recipe and doing whatever else it had to do to survive. But, this is a limited, seasonal release with a built-in fan base of middle-aged, nostalgic people like me. If it is just cost, I for one, would be happy to spend an extra $.50 or so per box to have the original recipe back.

    I am strictly a Franken Berry man and have blogged about FB twice, once just today (I talk about the new releases and such) and another back in 2009, when I first discovered that Franken Berry hadn’t disappeared, like I thought. There is some criticism, but there is also a lot of love. Thank you for keeping these cereals alive. Happy Halloween, everyone!

    The much longer, in-depth article:

    • ErikRP

      I’d pay two or three times the price if they’d make it according to the old formula. I wonder which drove the change – profit or government regulations.


    I LOVE COUNT CHOCULA n quite p’od that my all time fav cereal is NO LONGER avail in Canada. Wishing it would come back n STAY!

  • Sandra Motes

    The Monster cereals are my favorite and I stock up every year. I wish they were produced all year long.

  • Vash

    I agree I have eaten this every year recently since I could get it. I grew up with it as a kid as well. This new formula is horrible. Who would approve this. Sorry I loved this stuff. Very sad.


    I dig the “original” boxes lately. But why aren’t they the original shapes? They didn’t used to be ghost, bats, etc. They were like little sugary wagon wheels with barrel shaped marshmallows.

  • Elaina Kite

    Bring them back all year round!

  • Britney Deville

    All growing up I could get these cereals year round. I only found out this year that they are now only seasonal. So disappointing. BRING THEM BACK YEAR ROUND. I hard such a hard time even finding one box of count chocula this season, even if it doesn’t taste the same anymore, it be great to have it year round again. :(

    • ErikRP

      If you loved them as a kid you’ll be heart-broken as an adult. They’re nothing like they used to be. I have vague memories of pushing the colored cylindrical-shaped marshmallow bits through the center of the oat circles. That, and the milk turning color to match the cereal. Now it’s just the name that’s the same. Even the graphic leaves me cold I’m sorry to say.

      Just leaves me missing the good old days a little bit more!

  • Matt Krieger

    We have very fond memories of these characters, our group illustrated the first images (early 90’s) and the (retro) second images on this page. We have been working with General Mills and partners of General Mills for many of the years these ghoulish characters have been on the shelves. You can buy all the new boxes at our other favorite client “Target”. Cheers to General Mills!

    Spectrum Studio, MN

  • candace meyer

    The only cereal i eat is count chocula. I LOVE IT. I did not realise it until today that it is seasonal when I asked at the market where it was. If I wanted to buy a case from the company ( general mills ) is that even possable.?

  • Bill Baith

    I was at Wal-Mart tonight and saw boxes of Frankenberry I haven’t tried this cereal since the 80’s. I bought 6 boxes and opened one as soon as I got home. I poured a bowel for me and my son, eagerly awaiting the moment of sharing something I remember so fondly from my childhood. The first thing I noticed was the lack of smell when I opened the bag. Second was the different shape of the cereal. The third and most disappointing realization was the taste. This cereal is completely different from what I had as a kid. What a bummer…

  • Andrew Stromberg

    My wife found Franken Berry and Boo Berry where she works, she bought 3 boxes of Franken Berry and 1 Box of Boo Berry. I couldn’t believe how it tasted. No real flavor, it didn’t even turn the milk a pinkish or bluish color. I am very disappointed.

  • Megan Seekings

    I don’t know what grain y’all are using now, but the cereals just don’t taste the same. They were much better with the recipe similar to Lucky Charms (oats, etc) Please bring it back.

  • wonderbrat

    If the people who make this cereal now could have a bowl of the current version, and a bowl of the awesome way they made it in the ’70s, they would change the recipe back in a heartbeat. Part of me wonders if they changed the formula because of the gov’t cracking down on sugar content and such, but Lucky Charms is still an oat-based cereal. They could do it if they wanted to. And putting the current version in retro boxes is just adding to the cruelty – it LOOKS like the Monster cereals we loved, but we all know that it isn’t.

    • ErikRP

      Disappointing that GM doesn’t seem to want to comment on why they made the change, let alone that they’re willing to go back to the old recipe.

      • Kevin Hunt

        Hi Erik,

        Rest assured, our blog team is reading all the comments to this post as they come in, and we’re forwarding them to Big G. I don’t have any info to pass along regarding the recipe, but all the comments are sent to the cereal team. Thanks for visiting our blog.

        Kevin Hunt
        General Mills

        • Tim

          Kevin- just answer the question! Why did GM change Monster Cereals from oat to corn?
          The solution is to offer the “original” oat based formula in the “retro” boxes and the “newer” corn based formula in the “current” boxes. This way no one is dissatisfied with the change. However, I don’t believe anyone would miss the corn based recipe if they were given the choice of oat. Lucky Charms remains one of the best selling cereals because of the taste. If GM changed Lucky Charms to corn based, sales would plummet & loyalists would not stand for it. Kevin, please use your influence & the countless blog comments to get us loyal Monster fans our original oat based cereal! Increase the price, whatever it takes! You’ve got 10 months until Monster Season, some feedback would be appreciated.

          • Kevin Hunt

            Hi Tim,

            Thanks for your passion about the Monsters! We have been sharing comments to this post, and our others about the Monsters, with the Big G cereal team. And our blog team will certainly pass yours along too.

            I actually thought I had replied on the question of oats, but in it looks like I hadn’t. Here’s what I found out:

            The last time the Monsters had oats in them was 2004-2006, it was a combo of corn, rice, and oats to deliver whole grain. After that, the team switched the cereals to all corn as the whole grain source, removing rice and oats from the recipe.

            Again, I’ll pass your comment along, as I have with the others, to Big G. Thanks for reading our blog!

            Kevin Hunt
            General Mills

          • Tim

            Thanks Kevin! Why was the switch made? Lucky Charms recipe didn’t go from oat to corn, why did the Monsters?

          • Kevin Hunt

            I wasn’t able to track down an answer for that, unfortunately, only that they wanted another source for the whole grain and went with corn.

        • Tim

          Kevin- What are the chances GM will return to frosted oat for the Monsters in 2015? Does providing testimonies from the internet help this cause at all?

        • Tim

          Kevin- hello, are you still answering questions on this blog? When can we expect an update on The Monsters line in the wake of all these changes? Is Big G considering gluten free oat for the iconic Monsters?

          • Kevin Hunt

            Hi Tim,

            No information to pass along at this time, many things are being considered by the Cereal team, across all their brands. If we have news, we’ll announce it. Thanks again for being a Monsters fan!

            Kevin Hunt
            General Mills

          • Tim

            Thanks Kevin- when is the announcement for 2015 Monster cereals going to occur? When did it occur in 2014 if you’re unable or don’t know the answer?

          • Kevin Hunt

            Soon, Tim! We typically have that news ready to share in early August!

            Kevin Hunt
            General Mills

          • Tim

            Awesome, I’ve got my fingers crossed & am dreaming of a return to frosted oat Monsters!

  • Newshound24

    I share the woes of many posters here over GMills changing the cereal pieces from mostly oats to mostly corn. I don’t know that the ‘flavor’ of the pieces has changed, but the change in TEXTURE and the grain composition makes them taste very different.

    I ate them all the time as a kid and a teenager, right up to college towards the late 80s. (That was back when the cereal pieces were primarily oats, like Lucky Charms). The oat texture was heartier, more solid, and had a more robust crunch. It let more of the fruit flavoring come through. It was also easier on the roof of the mouth. They also sold them year-round, not just at halloween.

    Now with the corn formula, their texture is more spongy, porous, less solid, less robust. They remain crispy, but that seems to be largely because they have little substance, and it’s only a sugar flavored glaze that keeps the milk from soaking into the pieces and making them soggy. The corn pieces are lighter, but extremely coarse and rough. It’s like chewing on pieces of firebrick. It rips the roof of your mouth to shreds, and leaves the inside of your mouth raw and scraped to the point where it stings when you try to eat other foods afterwards (or even citrus drinks – which are usually PART of a ‘balanced breakfast’).

    I’m not sure why they made the change. Usually, it’s money. It may be that corn was cheaper, and they figured people wouldn’t notice the difference because grain is grain. But given that they’re still using primarily oats for Cheerios, and Lucky Charms, and a number of other cereals, it makes me wonder. If oats are still economical, and are better liked than the corn pieces (at least for the Monster Cereals), then what sense does it make to have changed the formula to the inferior corn pieces?

    I’d still buy and eat them regularly if they used oats, and sold them year-round. As it is, I still try buying them around Halloween, in the forlorn hope that they will have changed BACK to oats. But every year, I wind up disappointed, with inferior corn pieces, and an inside of the mouth that’s been torn raw from a texture that’s more like pig iron.

    Please, G. Mills – PLEASE – change the monster cereals BACK to oats!!!

  • SaturdayMorningCereal

    This is a pretty misinformed article to be written by General Mills. It sounds like the Author HATES the Monsters.

  • Slātlantican

    I ate Frankenberry on almost a daily basis from the time it debuted until the mid-1980s. Don’t remember why I stopped. Anyway, saw it a few years ago and tried it. I was so disappointed. Just tried it again today; same reaction.

    Basically what has happened is that the cereal has a terrible texture. It glistens in the light, like a 1977 leisure suit. It feels bad in the mouth. It scrapes the roof of my mouth. The milk no longer gets pink and delicious.

    In short, it sucks. I’ll be waiting for the store display that says “Throwback formula!” before I ever spend another dime on this cereal.

  • Tim

    Can we have an Oat based Monster Cereal for Halloween 2015, please? Remember how successful Coca-Cola was when they brought back the original formula & started calling the product Classic? I am very passionate about the Monster Cereals & I know I’m not alone. I’m 35, married with kids, & work in medical sales. I mention this to reinforce that fans of this cereal have real buying power & fond memories of the original oat based recipe.

  • Tim

    Look how awesome this cereal’s oat texture was, & the taste was incredible!

  • Boy Catamite Lover

    My memory is that your cereal gave me autism and light sensitivity and now I am a fat, emotionally unstable wreck. Thanks for nothing, Coco.

  • Tim

    Honey Nut Cherrios is currently running a campaign that says, “Discover The Power of Oats!” Hopefully with oat based cereal being @ an all time high in popularity & with the enormous amount of consumer demand for original reciepe “oat” based Monster cereals, GM has started the process of switching The Monsters back to oat. Only 5 more months until Monsters season. Can Kevin Hunt or CoCo give the fans an update? As if there wasn’t enough evidence for GM to listen to the fans on this site, if they need more just go to Every comment under the Monster cereals is about hoping GM would change the reciepe back to oat & how the current corn reciepe is very bland. Please post this comment.

  • Kevin Hunt

    All good questions and comments, Tim. As comments like yours have come in, I have passed them along to the brand team. We will be sure to share any news that we get, but at this time I have no new information. Again, thanks for reading our blog. Appreciate the love for the Monsters.

    • Tim

      Kevin- What does the brand team think of my suggestion to bring back the original frosted oat recipe back once a year in the retro boxes & offer the current corn based recipe in the once a year new boxes of Monsters? How can GM claim that “you asked for it, so we brought it back” like they do on the new boxes of French Toast Crunch, a discontinued cereal from the 1990’s, but they don’t seem to want to listen to the consumer when it comes to simply changing an iconic cereal back to its original formula? Very, very disappointing.

      • Kevin Hunt

        Sure, we’re always open to consideration. And your comments, and those from others, are on their radar. I just don’t have any update to pass along at this time.

        • Tim

          Thanks Kevin- it would be the most monumental Halloween surprise of my lifetime & for countless others who are in their 30’s & 40’s, to get our favorite cereals of all time, restored to their original glory. Not just by restoring the packaging to their original appearance (which was at the time the most monumental Halloween surprise of my life) but by completing the process & producing the cereal as it was intended to be. Sales records would created if this was done, I would personally pay $25-$50 to get all 3 Monster Cereals in their retro box & with original formula. If Disney can bring back the original cast of Star Wars for Episode 7, GM should be able to handle this request. Think of the tie-ins you could do around marketing the original formula Monsters & the original Star Wars cast! Everything that’s old, is new again. I work in medical sales but I really want to work with the brand team! ; )

    • Tim

      Kevin- I appreciate your position to be a positive spokesman for GM & to only comment on what is currently being offered with certain products. I also realize, if GM was going to give the lifelong Monster Cereal fans what they’ve been asking for in the form of the original reciepe, it will be unveiled during the Halloween season. However, I would like answers to some other questions regarding the reasoning for the change from oat to corn & why Chocolate Lucky Charms are made of corn instead of oat. Is there anyone else you can put me in contact with that could answer my questions more directly?

      • Kevin Hunt

        Appreciate the interest and the conversation! I’m just not able to get any more specifics than what I have passed along.I hope to provide an update at some point.

        • Tim

          Where’s my reply about be willing to pay $25-$50 for an original box of 1970’s/1980’s Monsters with the original formula oats reciepe? Basically, it said if Disney can bring back the original cast of Star Wars, GM should be able to fulfill everyone’s request to bring back the original recipe Monsters! Brand Team should be taking notes for possible tie ins.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from

    Wow!!! :( How did they take the greatest cereals of all time and turn them to garbage and still label and market them as if they actually have any quality worth wasting one penny on? What once tasted like blueberry now tastes exactly the same as the strawberry which tastes exactly like the chocolate. All the monster cereals taste the same. If I close my eyes I couldn’t tell which one I was eating. All of them are flavorless and the milk doesn’t even change to match the color of the cereal like it used to. This is an insult to the past memories of this ill fated block buster cereal.. I was embarrassed having my girlfriend try these cereals after I basically praised theses cereals as gods of Saturday morning cartoons… shut down manufacturing and don’t waste the world’s time any longer! What lunatic took over and thought this would be unnoticed… totally unacceptable. .. period.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from
    While the flavor is indeed worse in the revived Monster cereals, the thing I noticed the most was the texture. Changing the cereal parts to corn from oat (mentioned also by another poster), ruined the consistency of the cereal. One bite was all it took; I didn’t even finish the bowl. This was my favorite cereal growing up (I liked them all, even Fruity Mummy, but Boo-Berry was always my first choice), and it’s a shame that they don’t make it like they used to. It’s absolutely terrible now.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from
    I have to agree with the majority of comments here. The texture of Frankenberry is horrible now. It has a sheen that looks like polyester, and my son is looking at me like, you used to ASK your mom to buy this? The old Frankenberry texture can still be found in Lucky Charms, but of course, without that delicious chocolate, blueberry, & strawberry flavor.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from
    I bought a box of Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Fruit Brute. Disgusting. I spent time telling my sons how I absolutely loved these cereals as a child. Got home and ate it. Disgusting. We will never buy again, unless they go back to the frosted oat and add more marshmallows. Very disappointed.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from
    Everybody is spot on… and it’s not just these cereals. All the cereals from when I was a kid are absolutely terrible now. I used to LOVE Frankenberry, Count Chocula, all of those cereals (I’m 35 now). I just don’t understand why in the world they would change the formula after it was so successful?? There are literally no marshmallows, the texture is horrible and the taste is even worse. Will never be buying these again. Way to destroy a brand General Mills and even worse, way to kill a nice childhood memory.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from
    Thought I was crazy until everyone’s comments confirmed my feelings. Sitting here munching a bowl of BooBerry like I did in the 70s and 80s and just couldn’t understand what was missing. Heartbroken they had to change it. It’s not half as good as it used to be. Little taste. I’m sure we would be buying a ton if it were the same :(

  • Tim


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but one thing I look forward to every Halloween, besides the candy and the costumes, are the General Mills Monster Cereals. Frankenberry and Count Chocula were my favorites. After all what kid didn’t like having chocolate for breakfast, and being able to wash it down with chocolate flavored bottom-of-the-bowl milk.

    For those who have never heard about this cereal, let’s go back a few decades. Following the success of Lucky Charms, which debuted in the 1960s, General Mills decided it was time for some new cereals to hit the market. In 1971, General Mills debuted two new cereals: one, a first of it’s kind, chocolate flavored cereal with chocolate flavored marshmallows and the other, a strawberry flavored cereal. The big question: would kids go for them?

    A pre-sweetened oats and corn cereal with marshmallows that are chocolate or strawberry flavored? Of course kids went for them. A year later, General Mills came out with Boo Berry, a blueberry flavored cereal. Commercials, carton spokespersons and various marketing promotions aided in their success. I can recall using washcloths with Frankenberry and Count Chocula on them when I was a kid.

    General Mills added a few more flavors to the lineup. Fruit Brute, a cherry flavored cereal was out around 1974 and stayed on the market until around 1984. Then General Mills debuted Fruity Yummy Mummy, an orange cream flavored cereal. That was discontinued in 1987.

    For over 30 years, the three cereals were available year round. Times changed, as did tastes, and the cereals began making an annual appearance around Halloween, the hottest selling time for them. This year, General Mills decided to release all five cereals around Halloween. And for Target shoppers, General Mills released retro boxes of the cereals that look the same as they did in the 1970s and 80s.
    I have not eaten these cereals in over 10 years and was feeling nostalgic. I remember trying Fruity Yummy Mummy when I was younger, and like several other orange flavored cereals out in the 80s, it was not a preferred cereal flavor for me. I’m not a big fan of cherries or blueberries so Fruit Brute and Boo Berry were staying behind. This trip I picked up a box of Frankenberry since the store was sold out of Count Chocula.

    Not wanting to wait till morning, I decided it was going to be a cereal dinner night. I opened the box and took a sniff. I immediately noticed something was missing. The cereal didn’t have that sweetened strawberry smell I remembered. I had a few dry pieces, and there wasn’t much flavor to them. They weren’t all that sweet, and I couldn’t taste even a hint of strawberry.

    I poured a bowlful, and it looked just like I remembered. That bowl of small, pink ghost shaped pieces with marshmallows looked so good. I added some milk, and while the cereal looked just as I remembered it, that was where it stopped. This was not the cereal I remember growing up with. It was rather bland. The marshmallows did have a hint of flavor, but it was just a hint.
    My hope is that I picked up a box from a poorly flavored run this time around. I hate to think my taste receptors have changed so much over the years that one of my favorite childhood cereal memories is going to remain just a memory.

  • Tim

    From Monsters Blog in 2013 when retro boxes where announced:

    While I was initially SUPER EXCITED about waking up to this news first thing
    this morning (I mean, ELATED… to the point of giddiness), I was
    immediately crestfallen at the realization that instead of the awesomely
    delicious original oat-based versions of the Monster Cereals that I
    grew up with in the 70’s & 80’s (think: flavored versions of ‘Lucky
    Charms’), they’re probably going to be the corn-based versions that
    they’ve only released around Halloween in the 21st century (think:
    flavored versions of ‘Cap’n Crunch’ with marshmallow bits added), which
    absolutely SUCK!!!


  • Tim

    From Monsters Blog in 2013 when retro boxes where announced:

    Absolutely spot on, Dennis. The new recipes are indeed abominations. Not even close to their original taste. I so desperately wanted to enjoy these last year, but gave up after a bowl of each. They just laid there, staring at me, being bland. I won’t even bother this year, as cool as the retro packaging is. Please GM! Give us some good old fashioned original recipes to go with the packaging!

  • Tim

    From Monsters Blog:

    Hi, I tried Frute Brute and must respectfully say that it was awful. The cereal pieces had next to no flavor, and the texture was all wrong, I remember they used to have oat in the cereal. The only thing with any flavor was the marshmallows, which there weren’t enough of. I know you guys are under pressure to make healthy cereals, but come on, this isn’t worth eating. If you can’t make the monster cereals right, please just let them die with dignity. The Count is the only one still palatable after you guys changed the formulas several years ago. The Brute is even worse than what you made Franken and Boo into… :(

  • Tim

    From Monsters Blog:

    I am an avid customer of Count Chocula and have been for many years. I am however, very disappointed in the newer “recipe” it is bland and tastes nothing like it use to, not to mention the marshmallows are smaller and don’t have that same great taste either. I actually dumped my bowl in the sink because I was disappointed…PLEASE, somehow, bring back the original recipes!! It is very obvious to returning customers that it is NOT the same. Sadly, I won’t be eating my once so-called favorite cereal Count Chocula anymore…:(

  • Tim

    I LIVED on Big G cereals growing up in the 80’s and continue to start everyday with several bowls. I’m in the best shape of my life @ 35 and weigh what I did in high school. I also eat healthy & excercise daily. I hope GM doesn’t ruin the rest of my favorite cereals (CTC, Reese’s, Lucky Charms) like they did with my beloved Monsters with this new campaign. Just because some consumers can’t balance their diet with healthy food & excercise, it shouldn’t equate to altering classic cereals taste. I’m so loyal to Big G cereals but if they change Lucky Charms like they did the Monsters, I’m taking my cereal loyalty to Kellogg’s.

    With the news of this new campaign, I think the Monster fans are finally able to connect the dots with why the cereals do not resemble anything close to their original taste and appearance as Big G is determined to take their classic sugary awesome cereals to the way of bland, colorless, tasteless, organic crud.

    We will never get to enjoy the original “frosted oat masterpieces” known as the Monster Cereals ever again with this campaign being set into motion. I am seriously depressed because I thought GM might just listen to all the fans on this matter & surprise us for Halloween 2015. Looks like we are stuck with the bland, flavorless, corn based Monsters forever. Worst of all, this campaign will likely make them even less appealing than they are now!

  • Julia Chieppo Mcconnell

    I’m sorry you can give me all the excuses you like but oatmeal does not taste the same way it did when I was growing up and loving it. What in the name of good reason did you folks do to it? And why?

  • Tim

    No oat based Monsters cereals again, I sadly am giving up. Big G doesn’t listen to the consumer & it’s beyond frustrating especially since I took the time to post comments from numerous blogs about Monster cereals. Unequivacally, the consensus was a desire for a return to the original oat based recipe but once again the feedback has fallen on deaf ears. Inexplicable!

  • Tim

    Where are my comments from yesterday?