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Totino’s: Bringing back a classic pizza

Some people learn to live without their favorite product once it’s gone. Others, like David Hlavac (front row with his office colleagues), never stop fighting to get it back.

David, who works as an account director for the Minnesota public relations firm Bellmont Partners, really loved Totino’s Mexican Style Party Pizza. During college and for several years afterward, the Mexican Style Party Pizza was his favorite. But it was discontinued in 2007.

Ever since, he has led the charge to bring it back. He started the Bring Back Totino’s Mexican Style Party Pizza Facebook page that has more than 1,000 “likes.” But he didn’t stop there.

David called our Consumer Services hotline to plead for the return of the pizza, and one of his like-minded Mexican Style Party Pizza fans even petitioned to bring it back.

The Totino’s team was inspired by David’s passion and decided to do exactly as he and his followers requested. For a limited time (March through May), we’ve brought back Mexican Style Party Pizza, which you can now find at select U.S. retail locations.

After carefully orchestrating a top secret re-launch plan, we surprised David at work with a mariachi band, a year’s supply of his favorite pizza, and $500 in bonus Box Tops for Education box tops for his children’s elementary school.

In addition, we partnered with a Twin Cities-based radio station, KDWB, and one of its hosts, Steve O, to announce a contest to allow other fans to enter for a chance to win a free year of Mexican Style Party Pizza.

Totino’s began as single pizza parlor in St. Paul, Minn., back in 1951. We know how important it is to listen to our customers, so we’re thrilled to be bringing Mexican Style Party Pizza back.

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  • Rob Hafermann

    Sad that this company was started in Minnesota but yet I can’t buy the mentioned pizza here.

    • Grant Moos

      Rob, thanks for your comment. You should be able to get Totino’s Mexican Style Party Pizza in Minnesota – and everywhere in the U.S. – at Walmart, HEB, HyVee and Marsh supermarkets. Please let us know – and the store manager – if you can’t find it. Thanks for your interest in this classic pizza.

      Grant Moos
      General Mills

    • Josiah Mcbride

      I was just looking at your website and i was noticing that i cant just buy directly from your factory… im a stickler when it comes to food and i only buy right from the factory’s!!!! its the only way that i know im getting the product i want and it hasnt gone threw a thousand and one hands! plus i know its fresh!!!!! just wondering if you were ever going to make this an option for the public???

  • eric jobes

    hope you guys can be persuaded to let the pizza stay on permanently wink wink nudge nudge. these pizzas bring back so many fond memories and i always looked everytime we went to the store to see if you guys still had then. i about cried when i saw them the other day 😀

  • Pat L

    I can’t find it in my part of Washington State. I emailed General Mills and got a reply 2 days ago that said “this is a new product – we are sorry if it is not yet in our product finder – try back later”. I really don’t want to miss out. I need to stock my freezer

  • Brendon Maness

    The best pizza I ever ate. After 6 months of waiting for my fav, (Mexican style) pizza I just gave up. PLEASE keep it on the shelves (not for a limited time) always. Thank you.

  • Regina King

    Absolutely the best frozen pizza I ever ate in my life… MMMMMM GOOD!!!!! Please don’t take it away. No limited edition, An ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS…. got to have my Mexican Style Pizza!!!!

  • holly martin

    Why did you take it away again? Seriously love this pizza and twice I’ve been disappointed by your company! I just ran out of the 25 I managed to find at the 2 local stores that carried it during the limited time BUT if customers LOVE something then why do you keep UPSETTING us? None of the other pizzas you make taste as good as the Mexican pizza..

    • Travis Howell

      Can’t find anything on if the pizza will return again. They need to make this a permanent pizza it was my favorite and the best pizza ever then. Why remove it?