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New Cheerios commercial celebrates family

A new commercial from Cheerios is receiving attention online.

The ad, entitled “Just Checking,” debuted on Monday night in the U.S. It features a multicultural family – mom, dad and daughter – interacting over a box of heart-healthy Cheerios. (Watch “Just Checking” on the Cheerios YouTube channel).

I interviewed Meredith Tutterow, associate marketing director for Cheerios, about the commercial and the response it is receiving.

“We think the ad is really great, and we appreciate the strongly positive response it’s receiving,” she says. “It’s the latest in Cheerios’ heart healthy campaign – one we’ve been running since 1997.”

In this audio clip, Meredith says there are many kinds of families who enjoy Cheerios – and Cheerios celebrates them all.

The commercial is prompting positive comments on Twitter and on the Cheerios Facebook page.

But the Cheerios team disabled the comment feature on YouTube, because “not all the comments on YouTube were family-friendly,” Meredith says. “So we’ve turned off the comments feature for for the moment, but we’ll look to turn it back on at some point.”

Meredith told me the Cheerios team is a bit surprised that a multicultural ad is sparking this level of media interest (covered in this report in The New York Times).

“Our actors reflect so many families across America that we are actually a little surprised to see this ad become a story on its own,” says Meredith. “Multicultural families are everywhere, including on television, so the attention this has received from the media is somewhat surprising.”

What do you think of the commercial? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Terry D. Prince

    You are to be congratulated for showing diverse families in your advertising. Whether bi-racial, bi-cultural, or same-sex, it is faithful love that binds together a family. Don’t be intimidated by narrow-mindedness or expressions of on-line hate. The source from which such expressions come is missing out on the joy of genuine family life and is fortunately destined to wither in the future.

    • Rob9813

      I came here to say pretty much the same thing but you said it better than I could.

    • Robin Cooper

      Terry,you are one sick puppy,,you probably voted for obamer,dumber than a sack of hammers

  • Eddie Ziv

    Thank you for this wonderful commercial!!

    As a White man who’s married to a wonderful Black woman, I must praise you for the courage producing this commercial and for standing behind it.

    This is the future of America. As all studies show, the racial family integration is a growing trend.

    Thanks Again,

    Eddie Ziv
    Studio City, CA

    • Robin Cooper

      Terrible commercial,where are the guns and drugs? lets get real

      • Judy


  • Catherine Hartigan

    Thank you for creating this commercial and for standing up to the narrow minded individuals who object to this commercial. You are to be commended for your forward thinking advertising.

  • Rachael Raines

    Loved the commercial, hate the fact that Cheerios are loaded with GMOs :/

  • Amber Taylor

    I’m shocked that there was so much backlash over this commercial! It was an adorable ad.

  • PartyArty

    It is good to hear all of the praise and kudos but I can’t help but still feel the pain because the only part that causes the problem is the black man in the commercial. I can feel the hatred that America has for me and my kind. It can’t be over-looked. peel back the layers and honestly ask yourselves what, when, who,& why is there a problem with the that commercial. I’m just saying

    • Judy

      WOW! IF YOU ARE BLACK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR KIND? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. EVERYTHING WE DO OTHER RACES COPY, i.e. dance, Hip Hop, rap, tap dance, & much more. I pray one day you will start loving yourself, find some self esteem and STOP BELIEVING THE NEGATIVITY SOME MEDIA OUTLETS PUT ON ABOUT US. BUY THE HIDDEN COLORS 1 & 2 Dvd, and PLEASE LEARN YOUR HISTORY. Be Blessed

  • Stephen Olden

    Nice work General Mills for showing a more inclusive (and actual reflection) of families in America. Well done!

  • Betty Fortunato

    My partner and I have biracial grandchildren. We wholeheartedly endorse your courage in creating such a relevant and timely ad to address real life in this modern world. Stay strong and remain faithful to your convictions.

    • Judy

      Ditto. Thank you

  • DougRuger70

    If diversity isn’t forced, why are there affirmative action & racial employment quotas?

    If diversity isn’t forced, why aren’t White People allowed to vote to stop mass non-White immigration into ALL & ONLY White countries?

    If diversity isn’t forced, why is assimilation of non-Whites into ALL & ONLY White communities forced?

    If diversity isn’t forced, then you describe the diversity we are forced to accept.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • Paul

      You are a fearful person. You reap what you sow. If you have not responsible for seeds of hatred and despair, fear not. Let love guide you

    • Judy


  • Anonymous

    Loved your ad and support your efforts in celebrating families!

    You are a positive role model for all companies and hopefully we will see more ads that express how positive people see the world!



  • Adrienne Taylor Magnuson

    I love this, it is what my family looks like.

  • Blue Heron

    Kudos to General Mills and Cheerios for example of “can’t please everyone” marketing. Comments below plus traffic online hopefully bolsters company’s resolve to “stay the course” and keep running this great spot.

  • Luccia R

    Congratulations on your decision to continue broadcasting the new Cherrios commercial. Do not give in to a micro amount of negative comments from ignorant consumers. The positive comments and support overwhelmingly will confirm Americans love Cherrios and its commercials. As a matter of fact, my family would love General Mills take the idea further of American multicultural families continuing commercials showing reality in our families.

  • Andre Lanouge

    Cute commercial, not sure whit it is a big deal. If you want to be pissed about something on TV then be pissed about our kids thinking Kim Kardasian is actually a star! By the way, the cinnamon burst cheerios are great!

  • Debbie Gross

    Good for you General Mills – Wonderful to see a corporate company reflect the diversity of our population. Kudos, I will always buy General Mills products!!

    DG – Las Vegas, NV

    • Amelia Waddle

      Ditto, I too will continue to buy GM products, especially those Honey Nut Cheerios!

  • Anonymous

    I see an attractive, upscale woman handling household affairs at the table while some guy is asleep on the sofa in the middle of the day.

    Is this supposed to make me want to run out and buy their product.

    • JW :-)

      Your a very stupid person

      • Anonymous

        It’s “you’re”…not “your”…professor!

        • JW :-)

          Still stupid

        • JW :-)

          What’s the man on the sofa??? Your a coward.

    • Melanie W

      I suppose you and I interpreted this commercial quite differently. I see a biracial family with a decent income ( nice home, well dressed, nice furnishings). The fact that the man was napping could have been a number of things: works 3rd shift, just mowed the lawn. Sunday afternoon nap, he could be resting because he has health problems. We would this automatically make him a “@%$#&%” (whatever you meant by that)?

      My family and home is just like theirs, except that our 6 children are now grown and the kids running around are our grandchildren. I assure you that we both napped for whatever reason and my children were equally concerned for our heart health. Because, Tommy, black men are at a greater risk for heart problems and my children love their hard-working and well-providing dad.

  • Alexandra

    KUDOS GENERAL MILLS!! I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!!! Thank you for showing a true American Family. I love your brand already 7 boxes of Cheerios in the cabinet, 5 Peanut Butter, 2 Multi-grain. My friends, family and I love your products and have brand loyalty. That loyalty has grown stronger in support of you standing your ground showing family Love.

  • Jane Coffey

    Cheerios has been part of our family for over fifty years. I applaud you more for not caving in to the “haters” than for the commercial itself. In the real world, families come in many forms. This commercial shows a beautiful little girl being just that…a little girl…doing what all children do “for” and “to” their Dad. Nothing more. I have to say, I saw the commercial before all the controversy and thought it was sweet…and that hasn’t changed.

  • Leslie Robertson

    Love this commercial….PLEASE DO NOT let the haters win……

  • Michelle

    Way to go General Mills! My family is a transracial family and we never see commercials that portray what we look like. You’re awesome. Keep up the good work….. I’m going to go have some Cheerios!

  • David Woodward

    BRAVO General Mills!!! Thanks for you forward thinking and having the backbone to address a way of life for more and more people, not only in the US but all over the world. People are just people no matter how big or how small or how tan they are. You have all of my support.

  • T Delfino

    Love the commercial and love the company for not backing down! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet money that the people who love this commercial aren’t shareholders in General Mills.
    You know…the people that OWN the company…

  • Steve Matthews

    Great Ad!!! And a big Thumbs Up by sticking with the Ad. This is America not the middle east or Pre-World War II Germany!!! We are a very diverse nation and our TV shows (including commercials) should show how diverse we are.

  • Amber

    I am a white woman with a beautiful bi-racial son. We are a loving Christian family who love our son and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. It saddens me that so many people have had negative comments. This is the world we live in and there are many things in this world that should be focused on and this is not one of them. You have gained a life long consumer. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Julie Kurtz-Rose

    Ok. Am I the only one who thought about “heart health” and the higher risk of heart disease in African American men? This commercial HAS an interracial couple, however, I think the main story is that this little girl loves her daddy, asked about heart health and “poured” the cereal on her daddy’s heart.

  • Julie

    Thanks for showing the true changes in our American culture! Being a mother of two daughters from China gives me the opportunity to be a part of a multicultural family and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Bravo Cheerios!!

  • Karen Fernandez Vickers

    I applauded your commercial! Thank you for showing the face of America…This was better than any Super Bowl Commercials! Good Job General Mills. I am proud of you!

  • Barbara Carpenter

    I love this commercial! Thank you for acknowledging the amazing diversity of the human family. Don’t be swayed by those with a narrow view.

  • whitmanguy

    Great ad and I’m sure most Americans agree. As it is said to have sparked a controversy (= disproportionate number of bigots turning out on blog sites) I intend to vote for it, and for America, by buying Cheerios.

  • Debbie Mickens

    bravo,cheerios,i love the commercial,thank you for not stopping the commerical,i will be a loyal fan forever. cheerios will always dress my breakfast table. i love all your commerical.

  • Donna Smolik

    I loved the commerical and I got it right away. The little girl was protecting her daddy’s heart by pouring the Cheerios on him. She loves her daddy.
    It was cute, different and made me want to buy Cheerios.

    I did something similar when I was three. I turned the garden hose on my grand dad.

    After he spanked me, he asked why I did it. “Pop, you water the flowers to make them grow. I wanted to make you grow.”

    He never spanked me again. He always took the time after that to ask me why I did something, especially when he did not understand my actions.

    The commercial was about a child’s innocence – nothing more.

    Again, I loved it. And, I rarely love commercials.

  • Lindy TInnin

    I thought the ad was great, so shocked that this caused a stir…..I don’t know anyone in the US that is not a mix of cultures, countries, religions. I have celiac but I will buy Cheerios for other people!

  • Kristin Suggs

    My family cannot thank you enough for showing what is the REAL world! We are a mixed family and are PROUD!

  • Angela Val

    I LOVE the ad! Nice job. Very few of my friends are married to someone of the same race or culture. Thank you from the future.

  • JW :-)

    I have been in an interacial relationship for almost 5yrs with a beauitful black man, I am a german, greek and latin woman. This ad shows the typical family of today. Thank you for this!!!! Mixed relationships are the norm today and ppl just have to get used to it. Its 2013!! Dont forget tht our presidant was birthed by an interacial couple :-) thumbs up general mills!

  • Michelle Suleman

    We are a mixed race family and I thank you for recognizing our family. We love Cheerios even more now !!

  • Steven Lowell


    As a community and social media manager in an inter-racial marriage, I applaud you for removing the disgusting hatred that appeared on the Youtube page.

    While some cry foul, I think the general consensus is that “human decency” takes precedence over comment trolls, and obvious leaps backwards in human evolution.

    Good for you guys! :)

  • Joyce S. Crow

    I saw your Cheerios ad with the multicultural family before I heard about all of the backlash against it. I thought it was a cute, well done ad and the ethnicity of any of the actors never crossed my mind. Therefore, I was STUNNED that in 2013 there are people who object to showing a family of mixed races. Please
    keep the ad on the air and send the message that families come in all different packages and each one is beautiful. The next time I go grocery shopping I will definitely double up on the Cheerios!

  • HemiGal in Lexington

    Saw the commercial. Loved it. Felt sad when I heard about the negative comments from ignorant racist. Thanks GM for realizing that our world is changing. I have purchased two extra boxes of Cheerios. Thanks!

  • Nathandra Boudoi

    I loved the commercial ad!

    It truly brought a smile to my face and had me say “finally, a commercial that represents our modern society.” We as a people of all ethnicities have fought centuries to be represented in all areas of the American Dream and not be judged by who we love, date or marry.

    Diversity must be embraced for the betterment of our society to continue moving forward.

  • Kim Coulthurst

    Love it! It’s about time we saw more families on TV that look like mine and so many others I know. Thank you for standing by your ad when there were a number of negative reactions.

  • Patrick Hartnett

    Great job on the Cheerios Ad. Our bi-racial Caucasian/asian family loved it and we applaud your courage. We’re buying a box tomorrow to show our support. Aloha from Hawaii.

    • Pamelyn J Saari

      Our Bi-racial (Black Woman, White Man and three biracial children) are glad that GM is up with the times. I saw the commercial and thought it was great! Good for you GM.

  • Anonymous

    BRAVO! Kudos to Mark Addicks, SVP/Chief Mktg Officer, for supporting
    this multi-cultural campaign that reflects contemporary society. The
    commercial is just plain CUTE!!! Whoooo can’t see the innocent, funny
    reasoning of a little child?!?! =) The fact that people have problems
    not seeing through skin color is really their own issue. Sure glad God
    doesn’t value us more or less because of it. Think I’ll go out and buy
    some Cheerios JUST because of the haters! =) (But uhh… separate
    issue–please make efforts to remove HFCS and GMOs in your products…)
    Blessings! =)

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was cute!

  • Richard Puffer

    that was a fun ad — i did laugh as the father awoke and thought – Yeah, one of my daughters might have done that – since I may have been a little heavier as they were growing up and they might have worried

  • Gay Kennedy

    I thought it was a really cute commercial and was quite surprised to see all the backlash over it. I wanted to go back to bed and see if I could wake up again in 2013 instead in the 1950s. It’s amazing to me how one person can watch something like this and the race doesn’t even register over the fact that it is so cute and others see only the races depicted.

  • jgnash

    If, as you claim, your purpose, in featuring a mixed race family in one of your cereal ads, was only to properly represent American families, then should we now look forward to an ad where the family members are obese drug adicts living on welfare?

    Be honest with us: in your “politically correct” crusade to show us as we have become, will you next feature ads where an unmarried teenager cares for an infant, or one where two men are raising young girls?
    Of course, your less than honorable motive, in airing the recent, controversial ad, was to accomplish nothing other than selling your product to a wider customer base. Your hypocrisy in attempting to hide your carefully planned actions is shameful.

    • Neil Morris

      What a cynical outlook on life. I believe the ad was CELEBRATING what is obviously an example of a genuine American family. The unfortunate examples you offered of narrow-minded thinking are not things worthy of being celebrated. A warm loving couple and their child are always worth celebrating. THOSE are MY family values.

  • Bombay

    If this is about interracial couples. Y is it that the woman is ALWAYS white. Why not have a BLACK woman and a white dad. He’ll Y are y’all surprise. Black men love white women and having children with them! Mulattos are taking over not Mexican.

    • Neil Morris

      My old elementary school reading teacher was right: Illiteracy and ignorance do go hand in hand.

  • Bombay

    Hey was there any controversy when the commercial was a black family. Wait a min, was their every a all black family in a Cheerios commercial?

  • Larry Lawson

    I like the new commercial. It portrays a young girl trying to make sure that her father eats something healthy. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with a mixed race marriage. The commercial portrays a happy, caring family. I eat Cheerios and will continue to buy the product.

  • Rick Hutchins

    This is a cute commercial and General Mills is to be congratulated for standing behind it. It grieves me that we are well into the 21st century and there are still throwbacks who are motivated by racism. Hell, it grieves me that we live in a world that still thinks in terms of races instead of simply the human race. It just goes to show how far we still have to go, even in the United States. Everyone who supports American values and opposes hate must remember that every moment of every day, everything we say and do, speaks to the present and the future. Do not be silent.

  • Victoria Love

    The people who have a problem with seeing a multi-racial family really need to check their hearts and minds. Why in 2013 do people still have so much hatred in their hearts against African-American people? Whenever I mention to causian people that we still have racial problems in American, many of them tell me that I’m paranoid or that I don’t know what I’m talking about…..

    I’m sorry to say, that I do know what I’m talking about. And this commercial proves that. Let’s wake up people. This is not the Jim Crow Era and all of the hate in the world is not going to change the fact that we need to move forward as a nation and value diversity. Bravo General Mills for reflecting the reality in America. We buy TONS of Cheerios in our family and now have an extra reason for doing so. I’m proud of the people at your company!

  • Tyna Keech

    I didn’t even notice. It makes me feel blessed that my family brought me up to be color blind. This IS 2013 and people really do need to get over the hate. We are all human beings who deserve to be treated as such.

    Let go of the hate! Let go of the past! I am not saying forget the past but we all need to let go of it. Stop teaching our children hatred.

  • Robin Cooper

    BOYCOTT General Mills…liberal non-thinkers…never again

  • JW :-)

    I cannot believe that ppl have an issue with this. As I said before I am in an interacial relationship.I have never seen color. It is 2013. Get used to ppl marrying and dating outside of their race. Omg

  • Cheri Armes

    I saw the commercial and thought it was so cute! Then, saw something about the uproar over it and was wondering what the problem was…hadn’t noticed the bi-racial couple. People are ridiculous! You Go Cheerios for leaving the commercial on!

  • wtfjacksonville

    I all of a sudden feel like a bowl of Cheerios!

  • Marika Siewert

    This commercial is incredible and so needed. Cheerios makes my heart happy in this ad in more ways than one. Thank you! Please do one for Canada as well. My family will represent!

  • HW

    This commercial is unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a black family or a white family – either or. I don’t need GM (or their liberal minded ad team) politics regarding family or anything else shoved in my face. Stick to making cereal, not the news. PS – I threw the last of the cheerios out this morning on my work. I will not be replacing anytime soon.

  • Joanne Pawlick

    The ad was precious! Who cares what color the actors were! Open your minds and hearts, people!

  • Judy

    I no longer see the biracial commercial on TV. We support and applaud Cherrios anti-racism effort. I loved Lawrence O’Donnell’s rewrite point of view. He is a great guy.

  • Anita


  • Dave Ohme

    Being a retired General Mills employee this ad made me proud to have worked for such an outstanding Company. Keep up the good work.

  • Marla

    I was thrilled to finally see a commercial that had a multicultural family in it. Thank you General Mills! Beautiful! You are to be applauded. I will buy more Cheerios than ever!

  • Antionette Belardo Moore

    Kudos to the advertising department and General Mills. We need more of the home and family type advertising. Very diverse groups of people tend to make up the familys in the United States today. I am an older person and was brought up with good family murals. General Mills has always been a standard family breakfast food. With an outstanding reputation. Thank you for all the years of good food and fun commercials. Miss old school.

  • Linda

    I logged to offer my support for the commercial after my son read in The Week that the commercial was “controversial.” We are an interracial family. I’m Hispanic, my husband of 30 years is African American and we have 4 grown children. It was a true delight for us to see our family finally represent. It definitely influenced me to buy your product!

  • r monahan

    I think promoting inter-racial marriage in a commercial is disgusting.

  • Madeleine Hill

    I love the new Cheerios commercial where the little bee is dancing. That is such a great commercial. I have been eating Cheerios for the past year and I have lost weight. I love the way General Mills advertise their product.
    Well done.
    Madeleine Hill