Monster Cereals
Aug 20, 2013 • By

The return of two General Mills monsters

They’re baaaaack!

Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy are returning to store shelves this fall. They’ll join our three other signature Monster Cereals – Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula – for the first time, in our annual seasonal, limited time run of the cereals to celebrate Halloween.

Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy 2013

It’s the first time all five of our Monsters have been available, at the same time.

Frute Brute was discontinued in 1982, after an eight-year run. It is considered by many collectors to be the most sought-after vintage cereal box. (Likely because it was used by movie director Quentin Tarantino in both “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction.”)

Fruity Yummy Mummy left shelves in 1992, after just five years.

The first word of the return of the two cereals hit social media this past weekend, prompting some early buzz.

“It’s exciting to see the passion for the return of these two cereals,” says Ari Zainuddin, marketing manager in Big G. “We chose the current flavors of Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute to be as close as possible to the original flavors while taking into consideration consumers’ preferences. Consumers can get a taste for what these cereals were like when they were originally on shelves.”

“The love for the Monsters that we make available each Halloween continues to be huge and the passion for all of them across social media is incredible,” says Julie Anderla, integrated communications senior manager in Big G. “We’re bringing back Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy in an effort to give our fans what they asked for.”

Frute Brute vintage

Vintage Fruit Brute, circa 1974

Fruity Yummy Mummy

Vintage Fruity Yummy Mummy, circa 1989

The Monster Cereals will be available for at select retailers soon, with full nationwide distribution in early September. Check out our Product Locator to help you find the spooky deliciousness in your area. Bonus: You’ll also find all five Monster Cereals dressed in their retro packaging exclusively at Target.

Retro packaging of Monster Cereals 2013

Which cereal will you be first in line for: Fruity Yummy Mummy or Frute Brute?

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  • Mary Lee

    you should have brought them back in their original designs the first year, then changed them. Better yet General Mills should bring back the old look on all the Monster Cereals

    • Calum Neil Ryan

      they are bringing them all back. available at Target only.

      • WolfSilverOak

        Actually, they’re available at Krogers too, all 5 flavors..

        • mrmightymyth

          But the retro packaging will be a Target exclusive.

          • WolfSilverOak

            Ah! Might have to go check and maybe get some, though I already have a couple boxes of each… heh.

      • Kimberly Susan

        Kmart has them as well.

        • Calum Neil Ryan

          probably not the retro packaging

    • Charles Welch

      I Agree!Going Retro Is A Wonderful Idea.I Used To Love The Monster Cereals When I Was A Kid!I Was Four Years Then.Now I’m 43!And I Still Love Frankenberry,Boo Berry ,and Count Chocula.and I’m Just Itching To Try Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute!

  • Mike

    Looking forward to this.
    I have a Fruit Brute bobblehead and my kids have wondered and wanted to try it for years.

  • Dennis Prince

    This is great news! Now, if General Mills could really sweeten the situation by returning to the original recipes (not the HFCS abominations of today), there’d be plenty to howl about – in APPROVAL. Think how well the throwback sodas are doing, then throw back to us classic cereals in their classic concoctions. We’re big people now and know that these cereals are only *part* of a balanced breakfast. C’mon GM, lead the way!

    • Richard Wentworth

      Dennis, you are RIGHT ON. My exact thoughts when reading this.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You’d think they would listen.

      • Jim Kramer

        Maybe they did and focus groups preferred the new version. Understand that if you think your taste are sophisticated enough for GM to specifically cater to then most likely your average mass consumer isn’t going to like it. People like crap, but they also have the decency not to go on Whole Foods website and wine about how the pastrami isn’t as salty as Oscar Meyer’s version.

    • Mike


    • cappington

      Absolutely spot on, Dennis. The new recipes are indeed abominations. Not even close to their original taste. I so desperately wanted to enjoy these last year, but gave up after a bowl of each. They just laid there, staring at me, being bland. I won’t even bother this year, as cool as the retro packaging is. Please GM! Give us some good old fashioned original recipes to go with the packaging!

      • Coliseum PizzaRoma

        I have been eating Count Chocula for 25 years or more.. there has never been a time period where I haven’t eaten it. It has always tasted the same. The recipe has not changed in years.

        • Richard Wentworth

          Coliseum, I don’t know how to begin…

          The original Count Chocula was MARKEDLY different from the current version of the cereal. The same goes for the other Monster cereals.

          For one, the original recipe of Count Chocula had only one type of marbit — a light cocoa-flavored one. The cereal has had many different marbit permutations over the years, including the addition of “ghost marshmallows” and the like.

          The cereal was lighter as well, not the current dark cocoa flavor, and it was not shellacked with HFCC, like the current incarnation.

          I don’t remember exactly when the recipe changed — maybe in the late 80s or early 90s, so it’s possible you were too young to notice when it did.

          • Coliseum PizzaRoma

            I started eating it in ’84 or ’85, but it always had the marshmallows. They changed shapes and colors over time, and i remember the cereal bits at one point were a wheel/spoke shape, but i never recall the overall taste changing. *shrug*

    • Mysterwright

      *howls in approval*

  • Spotted Feather

    Boo berry and Frankenberry. I hate chocolate and have never had the other two. They weren’t around when I was a kid.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I remember Fruity Yummy Mummy if only for the ads but hardly knew much about Frute Brute though I was born during it’s run.

  • Chuck Downs

    Put them all back in their original packaging and include one of those cool prizes like the old days…you’d sell more that way and make all us fans very happy!

  • loreng3 .

    Great idea, VERY poor execution… the flavors and recipes seem all wrong, and the box art is just utterly atrocious compared to the classic cartoon style. Too bad.

  • Calum Neil Ryan

    I’m gonna try my best to get a vintage style box of frute brute, just like in a Tarantino movie.

  • Owen Chenault

    I plan to buy the retro boxes but I wish that they would carry them at all supermarkets not just at Target

  • Owen Chenault

    and remember Booberry is the AWESOME one!!!!!

  • Dino_Drac

    Awesome news. Here’s my taste test of the new Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy cereals. Hope it’s okay to share. Thank you, GM!

  • Andrew Gribble

    I have a Fruit Brute sticker on one of the light switches in my house. It’s been on it since the 70’s. Love my monster cereals, but I have to agree with Dennis. Bring back the original recipes. So much better! Bring on the Monsters!

  • Keith Mesch

    This is probably the most amazing news I have heard in… forever! Now if G.M. were to bring back S’mores Grahams/ Crunch I might just die of excitement! That other “s’mores” cereal that is available is a disgusting embarrassment for a s’mores flavored anything! Please bring it back too, you are 2/3rds of the way to giving us the complete meaning of life!

  • Kevin J Baird

    The original artwork / retro art on the boxes will be sold exclusively at Target.

  • Mike

    Years ago, I wrote to General Mills and begged them to re-release Fruit Brute in it’s original box. Thank you for listening. I hope it tastes the same, I didn’t see any green marshmallows in the youtube video where someone was reviewing both of these cereals.

  • cabel

    A lot of people see “Leave a comment!” and think “Hey, this is my big moment! My chance to totally gloss over anything cool I just read, and instead complain about something, say you should’ve done this other thing I want instead, or otherwise be unsatisfied and tell these guys how they should be doing their job!”

    Well, not me. No sir.

    I’m going to say: these are TOTALLY AWESOME and thank you and keep up the good work and I will buy them all.

    • Richard Wentworth

      Gold star to you!

  • Julian Saruin Blackstar

    Does anyone know if this is permanent??? Can we expect to see Fruit/Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy next year also, or is it limited only to 2013??? I hope it becomes every year!!!!!!!

  • David Gerstein

    Next year, please bring back the original recipes and flavors. We like the concept here, but the execution could be more authentic. (And why respell “Frute” in the Brute’s name?)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That’s actually kinda interesting, when did it became “Frute”?

      • Wayne Alan Blood

        It was *always* spelled that way. I used to eat that cereal religiously.

        • Tommy Retro

          they just changed Fruit Brute to Frute Brute, I guess mis-spelling words is still considered “trendy”.

          • matti07

            It’s a labelling requirement, as there is no actual fruit in the cereal.

        • Smeg

          Methinks your memory is faulty, sir. Google it :)

  • Amaranthine Ashley

    my god i have been looking for the whole cereal i shall have them all in bulk bring them back permanently !!! all of them i cant find any of them!


    Great idea, especially the retro packaging (but it should be more mass market than just in Target for gosh sakes…don’t you realize the money you’re missing out on here by not doing the retro designs across the board??? Now the OTHER thing is the retro tastes should be considered…it’s so sad that (as someone pointed out), you won’t do a series of “retro flavors” AS THEY ORIGINALLY WERE!!! C’mon, give us what we want 100%, not partially…!


    Also why change the name and orange logo color of Fruit Brute?

    • Wayne Alan Blood

      It was always spelled ‘Frute Brute.’


        No, it was always spelled “FRUIT BRUTE” as seen on the image of the vintage box at the top of this article…I collect the original boxes, trust me.
        *** (if anyone has any vintage Fruit Brute boxes for sale, please email me at as I’d love to buy more of them)


        Nope…see the vintage cereal box photo seen above…it was always spelled FRUIT BRUTE

      • Howler

        Dude, it wasn’t always spelled “Frute Brute.” Scroll up. There’s an original box from 1974 that clearly says “FRUIT Brute.”

    • rev_skarekroe

      It was changed to “Frute” because you can’t use the word “Fruit” in a product anymore unless it’s actually got fruit in it.
      Don’t know why it’s brown instead of orange, though.


    THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    I lived on Count Chocula as a kid. Breakfast and after school watching Ultraman, Speed Racer, and Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. I would also vote for the original recipes.

    • Joe Dokes

      Same here! Any chance Channel 32 ring a bell with you?

  • Kobolos

    A thousand times I say ‘Thank you’ General Mills. This news has absolutely made my week!

  • Miles Blanco

    Is there any chance that these cereals will be available across north of the border? There are fans in Canada who would love a bowl of these delicious cereal.

  • paradox1197

    While I was initially SUPER EXCITED about waking up to this news first thing
    this morning (I mean, ELATED… to the point of giddiness), I was
    immediately crestfallen at the realization that instead of the awesomely
    delicious original oat-based versions of the Monster Cereals that I
    grew up with in the 70’s & 80’s (think: flavored versions of ‘Lucky
    Charms’), they’re probably going to be the corn-based versions that
    they’ve only released around Halloween in the 21st century (think:
    flavored versions of ‘Cap’n Crunch’ with marshmallow bits added), which
    absolutely SUCK!!!




      EXCELLENT POINT!!! The originals were oat based…completely different taste! Better the OLD way!!!!

      • Coliseum PizzaRoma

        They haven’t changed any time recently. Decades ago. I vaguely remember the circular cross pieces, so maybe it tasted different that long ago and I don’t remember, but it has been the same for a very long time, at least since the beginning of the 90s.

    • Adrienne Mailloux

      Corn?? Oh you mean Gen. MOdified CORN???

  • David Smith II

    This is SO GREAT!!!

  • Mimatt

    I actually am old enough to remember Fruit Brute. PLEASE say you’ll be keeping the lime flavored marshmallows….
    Miss that stuff so much.

  • Kyle Nokes


  • DJ

    Best yet…you get all 5 monster cereals and pour a little of each into your bowl and eat it….It is called “Monster Mash”…..pass it on…see how many people are up for the challenge…..

  • Megan

    Are they coming to Target Canada??

  • Shelley

    Please bring Count Chocula back to Canada! Are they available at all targets in the US, because I am definitely contemplating a cross border trip to stock up on some Count Chocula! Please let me know!

  • Kevin Hunt

    We love all the passion around the return of the Monster cereals, including Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy! To those of you who asked about them being available in Canada, we’re told by the Big G team that they will only be in the U.S.

    Kevin Hunt
    General Mills

    • Justin Gruchy

      Absolutely disgusted we won’t be getting these in Generic Canada! I grew up with some of these cereals! These aren’t the only cool products we don’t get here! Canada is second only to the Soviet Union in lack of consumer choice.

  • Maxi11518

    will all 5 of them be available at waldbaums path mark and stop and shop?

  • Chris Schiffmann

    I’m just realizing now that if Frute Brute wasn’t discontinued 30-some years ago I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend of 3 years! I left a comment on a Twitpic @badbanana posted of “seasonal grains” which was the monster ceral.

    I left “Reboot Frute Brute!” and she liked the comment, creeped on my profile and followed me on Twitter. I looked a month later at my followers and messaged her because it seemed odd that she was following me. Over 10 months we went from casually sending messages over Twitter to sending texts to Skyping to finally meeting in person. We lived in different Canadian cities and started a long distance relationship, we would visit each other and eventually she moved in with me! But if General Mills hadn’t stopped producing that cereal who knows what would’ve happened.

  • ColdFusion

    Son of a grundle, not available in my area? that’s the entire reason I moved here.

  • Bob Suruncle

    The FIRST thing I suspect anyone (i.e., eBay seller/scalper) will do when they get to their local Target, is to grab EVERY box (retro design) off the shelf. and then speed home to list them all on eBay @ $200 a box or $500 for a set. but only AFTER the cereal date has expired so that no one will be able to eat any. plus, the boxes will be crushed (purposely before shipping).

    • Tommy Retro

      …the sad thing is you are probably right about that. :(

    • Nascarnbroncosfans

      There are people who DO get items for others overseas or outside of the USA and DO NOT charge 1000% markup. I do this three to four times a year for Kmart Disney and Hotwheels Cars stuff, SDCC, D 23, etc

  • Danny

    I can’t find them,Where are they? I want my Fruit Brute,,,,,,,,,

  • Danny

    Where are they at? I want my Frute Brute…

  • Tommy Retro

    I will immediately stock-up and buy BOTH Frute Brute AND Yummy Mummy in their retro boxes!!!

  • Todd Barrett

    I am glad that Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy are back out. I remember that I sent a email to General Mills about bringing them back and low and behold they cam out this year. I just bought all the flavors. I bought 16 total boxes. Now I have to go to Target and get the retro boxes. I will probably get 2 boxes of each.

  • Brendan McCusker

    Please bring these to Canada! We have Target here now. I would happily buy 2 or 3 of all 5 and I am not alone!

    • Nascarnbroncosfans

      Brendan there are people in the USA that will help you get them and charge you an arm and a leg

  • Kennith Gantz

    Well when will they be available in the state of MA? I have seen it on ebay and Amazon for almost $10.00

    • Kevin Hunt

      Keep checking, Kenneth! Stores should be receiving shipments soon!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Nascarnbroncosfans

        If I can help get some of these to our canadian neighbors let me know

      • Kennith Gantz

        Thanks Kevin I haven’t had those in years and I so want them

    • Nascarnbroncosfans

      What is your time worth? 10.00 would seem a fair price

  • heybert17

    Not doing them all in their original box art makes me not want to buy any. The current 3 have been so watered down and weakened that you know these aren’t going to taste like they did back then either, only the original art work would have tempted me to buy them.

  • blueefficacy

    Hi, I tried Frute Brute and must respectfully say that it was awful. The cereal pieces had next to no flavor, and the texture was all wrong, I remember they used to have oat in the cereal. The only thing with any flavor was the marshmallows, which there weren’t enough of. I know you guys are under pressure to make healthy cereals, but come on, this isn’t worth eating. If you can’t make the monster cereals right, please just let them die with dignity. The Count is the only one still palatable after you guys changed the formulas several years ago. The Brute is even worse than what you made Franken and Boo into… :(

  • WolfSilverOak

    I grew up with these cereals, back when they were available year round.

  • DeafYourTube07 .

    Where are these cereals at?? I can’t find them at Wal Mart, Giant Eagle and Martins in my area. The product finder is not working. Missing the Count Choula cereal, the only cereal that agrees with me. Wish to find a lot to last until maybe in the spring! :)

  • pat

    Fruit Brute was my favorite cereal. It was Fruit flavored (like punch) not cherry like this new Frute Brute.
    But I guess they changed the taste since Fruity Yummy Mummy was basically the exact same thing.

  • Kristin

    I am an avid customer of Count Chocula and have been for many years. I am however, very disappointed in the newer “recipe” it is bland and tastes nothing like it use to, not to mention the marshmallows are smaller and don’t have that same great taste either. I actually dumped my bowl in the sink because I was disappointed…PLEASE, somehow, bring back the original recipes!! It is very obvious to returning customers that it is NOT the same. Sadly, I won’t be eating my once so-called favorite cereal Count Chocula anymore…:(

  • Kristin

    I would love to see “Ice Cream Jones” come back in that original recipe as well.

  • Bill

    Original recipes and original box art…PLEASE. Also, where are they available? thank you.

    • Kevin Hunt

      Thanks for reading our blog! The retro packaging is at Target only, the current packaging is available at other stores where you normally find Big G cereals.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Bill

        Thank you.

  • Chris Ibsen

    I’ve been looking for these retro boxes for the last two weeks in about 5 Targets in my area (Buffalo). No one even got them, the website gives no info, and when I emailed Target they claimed they were discontinued? Some promotion. This is announced in late August, and by the second week in September it’s discontinued without any stores even getting them? Yet on the internet the midwest seems to have them. Halloween is still a month and half away! Even the ugly new boxes aren’t even in my area.

    • Kevin Hunt

      It’s possible it is just taking some time to get to the Targets in your area. I know we still haven’t seen them at Target here in Minneapolis/St. Paul either. Thanks for reading our blog!.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Michelle

    Can’t they bring them to all stores? I can get 3 at any store but why do I have to go to Target to get the other two? Especially since Target is quite a ways away from my house and my local grocery store is a lot closer.

    • Kevin Hunt

      All 5 should be available at either Target or the stores where you normally find Big G cereals. The difference is that Target is the only store that will have them in their retro packaging. Thanks for reading our blog!.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Bianca Cheri

        nope, not true! none of the targets in the NYC area have them. I’m not finding them in the regular supermarkets either in the Bronx or Manhattan. What a tease!

        • Ben Lucas

          Trying or ask your Grocery floor manager to order some for you

        • Jodi DeVore

          You should be able to get them now. After October 1st grocery stores go into full gear with Halloween products.

  • PO’ed

    This whole “promotion” is a BS hoax. I have been to over a dozen stores and not one of them carries Mummy or Fruit Brute. (Though a few have the other three.)

    • Jodi DeVore

      Not a hoax 100 percent true. Most grocery stores go into full gear Halloween stuff after the 1st. Also their are Ghoulaid Jammers this year too. Ghoulaid (blackberry Koolaid) in Capri Sun pouches.

  • Denise Callow

    Where can I find them?

  • Pt. Deux

    I bought a box of Franken Berry yesterday, and I was disappointed to find that they did not taste like they did when I was a kid.

    Change would be okay if they were still tasty, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

    Please change the recipe back to what you were producing in the 1980s.

  • Bianca Cheri

    Does anyone know where they are carrying these in the NYC area?? I checked three Targets and a few supermarkets and no one has them! It sucks. By the time I find out who has them they will be gone. womp womp

    • Ben Lucas

      We have then down here in Texas. You can probably get them from the H.E.B. Website. Good Luck, they are awesome

  • Ben Lucas

    You guys at G.M are awesome, Now a challenge. A new monster or two. A witch purple,grey,yellow colors. A zombie-brown,red, white colors, or a jack o’ lantern with orange,black, green colors. It would be cool. Don’t worry us foodies will buy them and eat them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Mark

    The only local stores that I can find that carry the monster cereals is Walgreens and they don’t have Frankenberry or Fruit Brute and said they they were not able to order them either. I was glad to be able to get Fruity Yummy Mummy back again, it was my favorite when I was a child. Does anyone know if I can order these other monster cereals from GM? I have been searching online and I haven’t found any way to order them.

  • James Logsdon

    I love the monster cerals. Boo Berry was always my favourte as a kid. I live in Australia now and my parents ship me a few boxes when they are available. Every bowl I eat reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons and arguing with my brother over the prize inside the box. I feel like a kid again.

  • 616

    I think the current Yummy Mummy is pretty good, actually. Franken Berry and Chocula I think are fine, as well (although I can’t exactly recall what they were like in my childhood, so I have nothing to compare them to).

    But I have to agree with others that Frute Brute and Boo Berry are nearly flavorless.

    If it’s more of a novelty item at this point and only going to be around once a year anyway, I don’t see the problem with only using the retro designs and the original recipes.

  • Matt Winchell

    Where are they? I’ve seen the normal 3 so far. And I’m looking foreword to doing a review on them, but I can’t do that if they aren’t out.

    • Jodi DeVore

      You should be able to find them now at your regular grocery store. Target is the only one selling the retro boxes even though someone I watch on Youtube found them at Big Lots. After October 1st grocery stores go into full gear Halloween so it’s easier to find Halloween themed products.

  • ramapith

    Great to see the two long-lost monsters back. But count me as another who preferred the oat recipe monster cereals of years past.
    Since the cereals seem to exist as a nostalgia brand today, and will never be a health food either way (so it won’t make them more or less healthy to change them), why not revert to the older recipe?

  • Guest

    Thanks so much for bringing all of the classic boxes back
    from the 70s! I was stunned to see all of the classic images and especially Fruit
    Brute back on the shelf. The updated box images always paled in comparison to
    the old classics. I hope to see all five flavors in the classic 70s garb return
    every Halloween. Cheers, |||K

  • Karl Richichi

    Thanks so much for bringing all of the classic boxes back
    from the 70s! I was stunned to see all of the classic images and especially Fruit
    Brute back on the shelf @ Target. The updated box images always paled in comparison to the old classics. I hope to see all five flavors in their classic 70s image return every Halloween. Cheers, |||K

  • Robert

    Thank you General Mills for finally bringing back one of the all time great classics in the cereal world. It was long overdue and I cant tell you how many people are ecstatic about seeing Frute Brute again after all these years. Please continue with this annual tradition of bringing the monster serials back during Halloween season. I have one more great idea for General Mills to strongly consider. Bring back the cow, i.e. the Crazy Cow. Crazy Cow may have been the most awesome cereal of all time in its unique ability to turn milk into a very chocolately delight. The strawberry flavor was awesome too. There is a cult following for these cereals and they would generate a buzz and hysteria like never before. They would sell as fast as general mills could produce them. Bring back the Cow, bring back Crazy Cow !!!!!!!!

  • Shelby’s mom

    I wrote to the company six years ago requesting the vintage cereal brands. So wonderful to share some of my childhood faves with my daughter.

  • Lisa Lynch

    I’m sitting here with my 8 year old niece eating some Count Chocula cereal in it’s snazzy retro box from Target. It’s so fun to see the all of the retro boxes and the limited edition Fruity Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute. So much fun!

  • 6RID8U6

    The boxes are legit, but the recipe for these cereals has been totally adulterated and is VASTLY inferior to the original versions. Buy it for the box and dump the contents. Very disappointing.

  • Roger Zewe

    new GMO formulated recipe! and chock full of 8 essential sugars and sweeteners, including your favorite, High Fructose Corn Syrup!

  • Mimatt

    I’m extraordinarily upset I couldn’t find Fruit Brute ANYWHERE this season.

    It was not sold out. NO ONE CARRIED IT!! Not even my local Kroger or Targets.

  • John

    How long are they available for?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Supplies are likely running out now, but hopefully you can still find a few in your area! The Monsters are seasonal and will be back next September!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • shy_93

    Post doesnt use HFCS in their cereals. Why cant you make the better choice for your consumers? And I agree with others, the packaging should have represented their retro style not the new computer art graphics you use now. If there’s one major complaint I have overall with your cereals now, is that they DONT taste the same, simply bland and boring compared to breakfast mornings when I was a kid. Restore the old quality!

  • Tim Brennan

    thats awesome. they should definitely do this again in 2014. id buy it.

  • Antony Guan

    Wait back fall 2014 or did I miss it?

  • Scarecrowz

    sad this was discontinued here in canada. Target should have brought over the same products they sold in watertown including this and Pepperidge Farm cakes.

  • Amber Lynn West

    Where are they this year, my son and myself having been waiting for them to realease in stores, only to find the same old three! We what Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy back!

  • Shylo Saragosa

    A sad ghost of there former selves. General Mills cares too much about the bottom line to put quality and excitement into these once glorious cereals. Sell your Cereal line to Post cereals, at least they still put quality and flavor into some of there brands. STOP BEING CHEAP GM! The better the quality the more you can justify such OUTRAGEOUS prices, and consumers may very well buy more!

    Too bad this sad story has played out in many once glorious American brands. Sad, simply sad.

    Sincerely a discontent and concerned Consumer

  • Tim

    Oat based Monster Cereals in 2015! Read the comments General Mills!