Must Be the Honey
Aug 13, 2013 • By

Nelly is making music with BuzzBee

Today, Honey Nut Cheerios launched a new campaign that features multi-platinum and Grammy award winning artist Nelly with the brand’s iconic bee, BuzzBee.

Nelly and BuzzBee will soon ‘spread the honey’ in a new remix of his hit song “Ride Wit Me,” a fun, danceable remix titled “Must Be The Honey (M.B.T.H),” premiering in TV spots and online later this month.

Must Be the HoneyI talked about the campaign with Scott Lee, the associate director of Honey Nut Cheerios.

“We wanted a campaign that was fun and would bring a smile to people’s faces,” says Scott. “BuzzBee’s collaboration with Nelly will give him some swag as he continues to spread the news of Honey Nut Cheerios and highlight every day moments of joy.”

The Must be the Honey campaign includes five 30-second ad spots directed by acclaimed director Hype Williams, doubling as mini music videos.

Here is the first ad, with Nelly changing BuzzBee’s image – “Bee Got Swag – Buzz meets Nelly.”

The campaign also will be supported by billboard, radio and digital ads, as well as public relations and social media efforts.

As an additional component, Nelly will soon be sporting a pair of limited edition BuzzBee/Lebron James Nikes, like these.

BuzzBee Lebrons

To learn more about BuzzBee’s new remix and the Must be the Honey campaign, visit and Buzz’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Advertising Age also wrote about it, in “Watch Nelly Rap for Honey Nut Cheerios.”

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  • Big B

    Its all about THE
    big G, baby.

  • Shermayne Brown

    The fact that General Mills has partnered with a man who degrades women in his videos and threatens violence towards them in public leaves me no choice but to NEVER financially support Honey Nut Cheerios, or ANY OTHER product associated with General Mills.

  • Prophetess Essie

    Are General Mills and Honey Nut Cheerios aware that their celebrity spokesperson is advocating violence against black women? I saw this letter on the blog WhatAboutOurDaughters and thought I would post it here. “I love Honey Nut Cheerios; I often buy them for my family. Still, I am perturbed by Associate Director Scott Lee’s decision to feature Nelly (and his music) as the new spokesperson for your project. Nelly has a disturbing history of disrespecting the personhood of black women. His, now infamous, “Tip Drill” video features Nelly and his friends sliding a credit card down the crease of a black woman’s buttocks. This is the image I associate with Nelly, and now associate with your product. On November 12, 2013, Nelly threatened black women with physical violence on HuffPost Live. I now associate his threats with General Mills and recognize that your CEO, Kendall J. Powell, enthusiastically supports Nelly’s continued lack of emotional maturity.

    I will no longer purchase General Mills products for my household. I am also empowered to share your dubious choices with my friends, many of whom are popular bloggers, academics, artists, and good old-fashioned stay at home moms. I will let them know that General Mills, Kendall J. Powell, and Scott Lee disregard the humanity of black women. In fact, I am going to cut and paste this particular letter directly onto Facebook.

    Finally, my job entails giving lectures to large numbers of young people on a regular basis. I will be sure to consistently use General Mills and its blatant disregard for black women, heck, ALL WOMEN and its advertising choices as examples of what NOT to do in endearing trust between a corporation and its customers. Particularly when we women are the major decision-makers for household economics.

    Your continued support of Nelly violates your professed statements about corporate responsibility and family-friendly reputation. I am now a disappointed and former customer of your products.”

  • Salima

    Not a fan of Nelly, his work such as “Tip Drill”, or his recent comment that he would visit violence upon the college women who prostested his appearance at their institution years ago, if he could go back in time. Doesn’t seem terribly “family friendly”.
    So it follows that I am also not a fan of this collaboration and will have to cross General Mills products off my shopping list.
    I am quite surprised that this company would be affiliated with such a person.

  • Melody Williams-Daniels

    Isn’t this the same guy who made a video where he swiped a credit card in between a woman’s butt-cheeks? Frankly, they could have chosen a much better spokesperson to be associated with Buzz the Bee.

  • Kim in VA

    Abuse of women is not a laughing matter, Nelly you should be fired for your remarks about the Spellman students

  • L Clarke

    Hey Mike,

    Is Nelly really someone you want representing your company’s brand… Here is a link to his public statements about committing acts of violence against the students at Spelman College entitled Nelly Wanted to “Kick Somebody’s Ass” Over Spelman’s Protest of Tip Drill”: ”

    Nice. Clean. Wholesome. It must be the honey!

  • Lorie

    Does General Mills vet their spokespeople? Why choose a someone who degrades women and has threatened violence against female college protesters to represent the brand. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

  • Java Junkie

    The commercial shows Nelly discarding the honey wand without a care, changing BuzzBee’s style AND voice, and even states that the famous tag line needs work…what about individuality?!?! This campaign shows that everyone MUST conform to the views of others….and General Mills selected NELLY as the one who will be the judge? Speaking of judge, General Mills should look into the judgements against Nelly! Awful campaign!