Nature Valley Bistro Cups
Apr 16, 2014 • By

Oatmeal you can cook with a Keurig

Nature Valley is getting attention for an innovation in oatmeal.

In The Wall Street Journal, Sarah Nassuer writes about the new Nature Valley Bistro Cups Oatmeal, for the Keurig Machine:

Nature Valley Bistro Cups Oatmeal includes a packet of oatmeal, another packet of nuts and fruit and a flavor capsule that is mixed with the oats when hot water filters through the machine. The product is meant to capitalize on something Keurig owners already do: Use the machine to quickly brew water for their instant oatmeal, says John Haugen, vice president of New Business Development for General Mills.

Nature Valley Oatmeal

You can read the full article, here.

And, see it in action on the Nature Valley website and YouTube channel:

Nature Valley will sell the oatmeal on, starting this week, making it the first nonbeverage product to be sold for the Keurig. You’ll also be able to find it in Sam’s Club stores, and in grocery stores later this year.

Nature Valley Bistro Cups Oatmeal is the first oatmeal product from General Mills since the early 1990s.

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  • Dartania Begoth

    wow… For those of you not wanting to spend 14$ for some oatmeal you can follow 2-3 EASY steps to get just what they had here. You’ll need to buy a box of cheep instant of oatmeal, they usually cost 1-3$ and contain 10-12 packs. I recommend using 2 packages per bowl for full thick oatmeal, or you can use 1 pack for a more soupy version.

    The easy prep steps are as follows:
    Step 1 – pour your packages into a bowl/cup
    Step 2 – (OPTIONAL) Add stuff. You can add coffee creamer for creamy oatmeal, or milk, you can also toss in some butter, raisins, nuts, berries, or buy the pre-flavored oatmeal boxes.
    Step 3 – press the small brew button on your keurig and VIOLA! Instant oatmeal!

    You have exactly what they show here for WAY cheeper than what they sell it to you for. You can if you want even leave out step 2. I like mine a little creamy and the coffee creamer is already beside the keurig so its fast, easy, and tastes delicious! Imagine what you could do with flavored creamers? Hazelnut oatmeal anyone?

    I’m tellin ya, a little creativity goes a LONG way. Enjoy!