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Removing aspartame from Yoplait Light

Yoplait has a history of listening to consumers. So after hearing requests to take out aspartame, the brand is taking action by removing it from Yoplait Light.

You’ll notice the change highlighted in new packaging – and with a blue lid – in a few months.


“This is something we’ve been considering and looking into for a while,” says Steve Young, vice president, Yoplait. “We set out to accomplish this move to another sweetener, yet still provide a 90-calorie yogurt option. This change also does not compromise the great taste and creamy texture of Yoplait Light yogurt.”

Based on consumer preference in taste tests, Yoplait decided that sucralose is the best option to replace aspartame. Sucralose adds sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories. It’s FDA approved, and also is the only low-calorie sweetener that’s made from sugar.

Aspartame will be removed from all sizes and flavors of Yoplait Light by end of summer. This includes those sold at convenience and club stores, and in multi pack and single-serve packages.

For more information, visit Yoplait.com.

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  • jmcarp

    I have to agree with you. I thought my littles were being weird until I had some old formula ones left and compared the two. They are not even close. My littles will eat one or two of the key lime or orange creme a day. They each took about two bites of this new type and threw them away. I myself don’t like aspartame because it tastes bitter to me but these were enjoyable with it.

    • Tracy Plaisance

      Aspartame is very toxic. You should not have been giving it to your kids. It almost killed my husband. That was a terrible experience. You need to read the books….aspartame the taste that kills, sweet poison or sweet misery. Aspartame is a neurotoxin

      • amanda

        I read some studies and has shown harmful only to persons with phenylketonuria (PKU). I believe it is safe to use.

        • Clata Renee Brewer

          I disagree aspartame caused me to have headaches, fainting spells, memory issues and other problems. So glad I stopped.

      • David

        Aspartame is toxic? What are you a biochemist? I’ve been eating aspartame products for years. I’ve never had any side effects eating aspartame products, accept for a wonderful feeling in my stomach. I used to buy Yoplait and Yoplait light almost exclusively from other yogurts. Now they reduced the sugar in regular Yoplait, which changed the wonderful texture and flavor it used to have, and now the Yoplait light is bitter and tastes bad. They also got rid of a lot of the excellent flavors they used to have like Banana and Boysenberry. They’ve lost my business! Well, actually I still eat the Yopliat Whipps cause it still has a good amount of sugar in it and still tastes good!

  • Tom J

    I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy, “If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!” Yoplait Light was great. At least it used to be great. Why change it? We just returned unopened containers of the new “Apricot Mango Sorbet” to our local retailer. It was terrible. Please bring back the good stuff, the original APRICOT MANGO with Aspartame! Thank you from a long-time Type 1 diabetic who knows and appreciates good artificial sweeteners!

    • robert knight

      Aspartame is dangerous a lot of places are trying to ban it get use to it or by something else.

      • VonMagnum

        Prove that it’s dangerous. I’ve consumed it for 30 years now. I’m fine. I think too many people believe in too much unscientific SUPERSTITION. Get some real facts. And if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Don’t tell others how to live their lives.

  • carissa

    Sucralose is even more dangerous than aspartame. Bad choice. My doctor said to stay away from all of these artificial sweeteners. I will now be switching to Tillamook because they use stevia which is actually natural. Sad because I have bought Yoplait for many many years.

    • PedophileStateNittanyLiarz

      Sucralose is 100% derived from sugar itself. Therefore it is “actually natural.” Do get your facts straight before posting here.

      • Megan Anne Elizabeth Smart

        You are the one who needs to get your facts straight. They make sucralose in a lab. There is nothing natural about it. They add chlorine to the sugar molecule to make this so yes it’s “made from sugar” but that doesn’t make it healthy

        • Brian Hill

          It’s actually ‘blasted’ with chlorine gas – indeed, very unlikely to occur in nature.

        • VonMagnum

          Natural doesn’t mean safe (sugar over long periods of time is linked to Type 2 Diabetes and that’s a FACT) and artificial doesn’t automatically mean bad. There are many “natural” poisons (to humans) out there and many artificial products have been used safely for decades. The general public is not a good source of information, in my opinion.

      • Trish Swanson

        It is chemicallly altered suger and Not natural … Stevia is natural

        • mike

          Dude stevia is still a processed sugar… dont u guys get it the only sugar that is natural is glucose and that it only found in fruits…

          • Adrian

            Actually, Stevia is the extract of a plant in the Amazon.

          • Skyglider

            Stevia is a plant and fructose is natural fruit sugar. Where were you in chemistry class????

      • Red Hatty

        Sucralose is chlorinated sugar, it is as natural as hydrogenated oils – which means it isn’t natural at all.

      • Mary

        So is corn syrup and it’s bad for you. You are wrong. I have researched lots of sweeteners. Recently diagnosed with diabetes and the only healthy alternative is Stevia.

      • Tracy Plaisance

        Sucralose was originally developed to use as a pesticide. It will also kill your good bacteria in your gut. If I had to choose between aspartame and sucralose I’d choose sucralose. Its the lesser of the two evils. But I only use stevia for a no calorie sweetner. Aspartame is a very dangerous neurotoxin. It almost killed my husband. I try my best to warn others

    • Mary

      Agree 100% I don’t understand why they’d switch from one dangerous sweetener to another. I only use Stevia.

    • Tracy Plaisance

      Sucrolose was originally a pesticide. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. Aspartame is by far worse. It almost killed my husband. They should have used stevia instead

      • Slātlantican

        Stevia? I don’t think so.

        Stevia is very toxic. You should not have give it to anyone. It almost killed my daughter. That was a terrible experience. You need to read up on it. Stevia is the taste that kills, sweet poison or sweet misery. Stevia is a neurotoxin.

    • Jody Ginger Fox

      Thanks for telling us about Tillamook, I’ve never heard of it. Is is Organic, too?

      • carissa

        Stevia is a plant that i have grow and used in raw form so it does not have to overly processed. Tillamook is not certified organic but i think about as close as you can get.

        • VonMagnum

          Processed doesn’t always mean bad. In fact, some things out there are toxic in their natural forms and safe when processed (e.g. tapioca). Too many people seem to be on a “natural” band-wagon these days without knowing any more information than that.

  • dbeck

    Does General Mills really think sucralose is a better artificial sweetener than aspartame, as “the only low-calories sweetener that’s made from sugar”? Stating that sucralose is made from sugar without including information that the process of making sucralose uses chlorine is misleading marketing. From the International Food Information Council: “While the process to make sucralose begins with sucrose, or table sugar, the final product is different from sugar. Sucralose is made by replacing three select hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms, resulting in an intensely sweet, no-calorie sweetener”. General Mills needs to be more transparent in it’s communication with consumers and it should not use inappropriate scare tactics implying that aspartame is somehow harmful to consumers. Aspartame and sucralose are both safe alternatives to sugar, although both are artificial in construction.

    Additionally, telling people to look for the blue lid for Yoplait without aspartame is odd since aspartame is associated with the color blue (check the sweetener aisle). Sucralose is associated with the color yellow.

    Finally, if General Mills really wanted to move in a better direction with respect to the sweetener it uses in Yoplait, it would pursue a natural, no-calorie option like monk fruit or stevia, willing to accept that the higher cost of a natural ingredient is worth the benefit.

    • Megan Anne Elizabeth Smart


    • Janis Watson

      Well said!

    • Tracy Plaisance

      Omg! You really have no idea. Why make such a statement when you yourself can’t prove the safety of aspartame and sucralose. I have years of research on the subject. My husband was nearly killed by aspartame. My friend stopped having seizures when she quit drinking diet cokes. Read the books… aspartame the taste that kills, sweet poison, sweet misery. Neuroloigist Dr. Russell blaylock says aspartame is a neurotoxin. He wrote one of those books

  • Turtle Woman

    Thank you for taking aspartame and high fructose corn syrup out! Now I can go back to eating Yoplait and give up the crummy brands! Thank you!

  • J Arnott

    I was deeply saddened by the replacement of aspartame with another chemically altered sweetner. I know aspartame has its issues but the move should be to replace it with a product that is a natural substance. I have the misfortune of being highly allergic to Spleda (sucralose). I have had two exposures to it, one in bites from a power bar and the other from a lemon drop martini. Both bought me tickets to the ER with an IV, airway, epinephrine drip…my next exposure could end my life. I have to ask everyone before I eat anywhere-parties, restaurants, friends. I look at all the labels in the store-it is now in my cough drops and toothe paste!!! Even things I used in the past are at risk for becoming tainted with this chemical.
    I am working with legislators to launch a campaign on the dangers of this product as I have found over 4,000 individuals with the same reaction I have. There are many GI bleeds that are associated with this product as well. I encourage General Mills to not fall pray to the use of this substance. And personally, there goes my breakfast….

    • robert knight

      I have the same problem with h aspartame. The truly natural low calorie sweeteners tend to be more expensive. I’ve avoided aspartame for so long I would not be able to compare the two.

  • nick

    I’ve been on Nutri-systems “NS” for a year…thanks to the “Prior” tasting Yoplait light..it helped me lose 130lbs…”with walking n NS foods, I have 2 a day based on the NS menu , but I’ve just had my first taste of my favorite flavor strwbrry shortcake…oh my god how awful the taste…how could a company totally Ruin something that was just fine the way it was…Shame on you Yoplait..yer kissing to many butts down at Weight watchers to do whats in your Companies interest….Greek yogurt isn’t going to fix this huge mistake

  • Dimitri K

    Very very very disappointed and upset. This was my favorite and best yogurt on the market and yet another product switched for that damn thorn in my side Sucralose which I am highly sensitive too. Destroyed the taste, the flavor and my stomach. Being a diabetic this was my favorite treat for so many years now my options are running out on treats. Thank God for diet soda and Popsicles. I can never have this again please please please switch back to Aspartame. Everyone has Sucralose why oh why did you have to do this Yoplait. You were the only one without this disgusting substitute and you had to ruin the most amazing yogurt on the market because of these Aspartame haters where they have so many choices out there because the majority is sweetened with Sucralose and the one that isn’t has been taken away. I wish you could have gone another route and used maybe xylitol or agave something else anything but this Sucralose that has limited my options. It’s in everything under the sun.I know some of you are saying “Relax dude it’s just yogurt it’s no big deal” well for me it is my options have run out for good sugar free aspartame treats.
    I am so disappointed :-(

    • Megan Anne Elizabeth Smart

      Do you realize how bad aspartame is for you? It wasn’t doing you any good. If you want to do yourself a favor buy natural unsweetened yogurt and put fruit and stevia in it to sweeten it and stay away from this crap all together.

      • Angela Benitez

        Yes, look at what aspartame did to my hair. Oh wait, I don’t have much. It took being off the stuff 8 months for my hair to grow back.

      • Javaman85

        “Do you realize how bad aspartame is for you?”

        It’s not. At. All.

        There is literally ZERO evidence to suggest that aspartame is bad for you.

        People are scared of it because of internet rumors, myths, and the fact that it’s not natural which freaks health nuts out. The truth is that there have been hundreds of studies done since the 80s and none of them (I repeat, none) have shown any negative impact on humans.

        Let me repeat that – there is no evidence at all that aspartame is bad for you.

        Get over it and stop spreading false information.

        • Barrett Bright

          I can safely say that every time I ingest an aspartame product I get headaches. It’s not fun.

          • Dimitri K

            And I can safely say every time I ingest a sucralose product I get headaches and stomach aches plus I get nauseous the only difference is you have a choice of yogurts sweetened with that repulsive sucralose I don’t my last choice was taken away from Yoplait. Thank you for that

          • VonMagnum

            I can safely say I’ve never had a headache other than a sinus headache or one time when I was hit on the head. I’ve certainly never had a diet soda cause one. In fact, they tend to get rid of them (caffeine withdrawal type headaches that is).

        • Jane Eyre

          Actually a study releases this month has shown that artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, cause insulin spikes similar to those of sugar. Not great news. It’s becoming apparent these sweeteners are not as benign as people once thought. That and aspartame is dangerous to those with phenylketonuria. At any rate, it’s probably fine once in a while, but if you are drinking 4 sodas and eating other foods with the substance daily, and I know people who do, it’s probably not beneficial either.

        • Tracy Plaisance

          You are so wrong. My husband was nearly killed by aspartame. Read neurologist Dr Russell blaylocks book on aspartame. It is a neuurotoxin, it makes diabetes worse because it causes metabolic syndrome and much more. There are soooooo many victims from aspartame poisoning. Its out there. Just research

          • VonMagnum

            One example does not a case make. There are sooooo many victims of peanut poisoning too (because they’re allergic). It’s out there. Just research :-/

        • Melanie Maxwell Rivers

          From personal experience I can tell you that it definitely is harmful…when I used it regularly, I had to start taking blood pressure meds and started having migraines….sugar has never done that to me…I will continue to buy red carton Yoplait.

      • VonMagnum

        I have a pretty good idea how bad your information is. I’ve consumed it for >30 years with no ill effects and in high quantities (I drink 8-14 cans of diet soda a day on average). I’m sorry your husband had an allergic issue, but he doesn’t represent the general public as a whole. I’m pretty certain if I drank that much sugar soda I’d have diabetes bad right now, particularly since it runs in my family. Now if you prefer to drink water to either sugar or artfiical sweetened drinks, that’s great. I hate plain water. But even Crystal Light has both aspartame and sucralose in it. It’s either use an artficial sweetener, take your chances with sugar (obesity and Type 2 diabetes causing substance) or get used to drinking water or unsweetened tea or coffee and eating no desserts. You really have no other options.

    • Mary

      Aspartame and Sucralose is poison.

  • concerned mom

    I just saw your new label of, no more aspartame in your light yogurt. It’s funny how the person below says it doesn’t taste the same because if you read the back label it says suclarose which is another name for aspartame and creates the same neurological issues in individuals and even worse then aspartame. All artificial sweeteners are bad. I used to buy yoplait but now I choose all organic non-gmo products and I am big on reading all labels. Yopliat is dieciving everyone. I choose Stonyville yogurt.

    • robert knight

      Might want to read that again sucralose is the generic word for Slpenda Brand. Nutra Sweet makes aspartame. Some flavors made of had a combination of both sweeteners to achieve the desired taste before aspartame was removed entirely. Diet MTN Dew contains many artificial sweeteners. I work in a supermarket.

  • Debbie

    The new light yoplait is just awful now. My father and I eat about 15 yoplait light a week and we both do not like the taste. We will not be buying it anymore. The original flavor has too many calories in it.

  • Debbie

    New taste is terrible. I will not be buying it anymore.

  • Mary Washburn

    The new Yoplait light is awful. Bitter aftertaste. My husband and I have eaten Yoplait light daily for many years but I will not buy it again unless you go back to the way is was.

  • Don Mcknight

    This new stuff without aspartame is no good. It’s absolutely sour and I won’t be buying any if the recipe doesn’t change back or use something that’s as sweet as the old recipe

  • Jo

    How about everyone stop being obsessed with no or low cal sweeteners. It is healthier (and cheaper) for you to eat a plain yogurt and add your own fruit than too eat the super fake sugary crap that yoplait and all the other “hip & fun” brands sell. Go buy a brand that doesn’t waste all their money on advertisements but puts that money back into the product. Find the yogurt with the least amount of crap listed on the ingredient list, buy that one, buy some fresh fruit, and some local honey and make your own flavor. Anyone who eats fake sugar is killing themselves.

    • Megan Anne Elizabeth Smart

      Totally agree

  • MusicGirl2006

    Today I picked up a Yoplait Light because I saw the new advertising saying the aspartame had been removed. I refuse to ingest aspartame. It’s horrible for your body and it personally makes me very sick. Too bad the aspartame has been replaced with other chemicals including acesulfame potassium, which is just as bad as aspartame. This is a big fat fail and the advertising is incredibly misleading. I’m disappointed.

  • Mary Earle

    this is horrible… you went from one bad substance to another…and the new one I cannot consume because it causes severe migrains. Why not going to monk fruit or to stevia? Or beet sugar? So very disappointed….

  • Launa Deck

    I have been a yoplait light yogurt eater for over ten years, i use to enjoy eating the yogurt but since you have adjusted the taste it is not the same, the very vanilla is plain with hardly any vanilla flavor. I hope you fix the flavors back or I have to switch to a different brand.

  • dawn

    I am not liking the change either… Sucralose is just a side step… Stevia or Truvia may be better replacement… at least those are derivatives from the original NATURAL sugar

  • Veto Chervase

    People just aren’t stupid. They realize that you have simply replaced ASPARTAME with another chemical sweetener and you can still taste the chemical in the new formula. The big question is why does Yoplait feel compelled to trick their patrons and more importantly, why the need to poison the American public? I will never eat Yoplait yogurt again. I have switched to Dannon. At least they don’t lie to their patrons.

  • patty proferes

    OMG what have you done to my Favorite Very Vanilla Yoplait. I was a faithful customer who delighted in this delicious yogurt…and one day, bam, it tastes yucky, bland, chemical aftertaste…I am so bummed and disappointed. Very bad marketing decision.
    As someone said in this thread, if its not broke don’t try to fix it…
    Be bold and go back to the original. ASAP

  • IrieJB

    I do not eat aspartame as it has been shown to greatly increase the aging process, so the news of it being removed from the light yogurt caught my attn. But I do not like sucralose either. It bothers my digestion. How about having light Yoplait be half the sugar of regular yogurt? The daily limit for women is about 25 grams, yet the reg yogurt has more than that in just one yogurt. And to me they are good but too sweet. I recently tried Yoplait Greek yogurt which had a lot less sugar in it & was so much better. Still sweet, but not sickly sweet, like the reg yogurt. So maybe try a version with real sugar but at 15 grams or so.

    • Melanie Maxwell Rivers

      thanks for the info…will be trying

  • J_Belle24

    I have found that the new Yoplait light is amazing. It has become more enjoyable and I feel better knowing that the company has taken the time to listen to its customers and make the appropriate changes. The new Yoplait is really not different from the older ones. AS for everyone who seems to want to change brands if you read the notes closely you will see they only removed it from the light Yoplait line. GO get the other lines they have. They are just as good and will still make you happy.

    • Tollthis

      Please tell us if you work for General Mills or not.

      • J_Belle24

        No. I do not presently or in the past work for General Mills. I am a full time Mother of three and an advid lover of the new yogurt.

  • Christa Walters Brown

    I used to eat Yoplait light almost daily. The new ones, without aspartame are awful. I’m not sure why sucralose is a better alternative. I will not be buying Yoplait anymore.

  • chelsea

    I used to eat Yoplait light 3 times a day, but I am now switching brands. The new kind without aspartame is terrible. Please sell the old kind again, I loved the old recipes.

  • Roger Jennings

    I wanted to express my disappointment with the change made with Light Yoplait and was astonished how many are expressing negative comments.. 14 I bought at the Marine Corp Commissary, 12 just got deposited in the garbage..

  • Roger Jennings

    I am not surprised with the number of comments about the new Light Yogurt..I purchased 14 various flavors at the Marine Corp. Commissary and just disposed of 12 that I find unsatisfactory..Flavor is not the same and one that I do not care for..Will notice if you choose to revert back with aspartame, tho don’t think it will happen..

  • Wendy

    I am also looking into switching brands. My Boston Cream Pie is nowhere near as good, makes me so sad. I have been eating a yogurt a day for a year on Weight Watchers, I’m surprised they are still promoting the product, they may back out. Food for thought. I’m afraid to try the other flavors. It also made the yogurt more watery than before? I think you should make both options……

  • Candice Herzog

    Yoplait has graciously omitted Aspartame from their light yogurt products. They are now using Sucralose, another sweetener. Sucralose is another dangerous product known to cause cancer and other diseases. Why are they substituting one cancer causing product for another. If they really care, let them use a natural sweetener such as Stevia made only from plants. There are also other wonderful plant based sweeteners available. Step up and create food that will stop poisoning us! When I see this change I will once again buy General Mills products, until then I will buy from companies who care and don’t use cancer causing drugs besides other terrible side effects. I would encourage readers to do some research on Sucralose and stand up for our health.

  • David Gehman

    I will also begin looking at other brands, as I just don’t like the new taste of the light. I was a big customer of Yoplait with our household buying 15 or more every week.

  • mcdl

    Thought I was probably the only one, but so disappointed in the new Yoplait Light. Loved it before. Started eating it a lot when on chemo and have continued to do so, but no more.

  • Guest

    Personally I think they taste great. :)

  • Jeanne S.

    I’ve been buying the Thick and Creamy Yoplait Light. It contains sugar, but is still only 100 calories and all of the flavors taste amazing! I hope you come up with more flavors in this line.

  • John P

    After many years of enjoying Yoplait, I am disappointed with the recent change in the Yoplait light to remove aspartame. The new taste makes the product comparable to any store brand yogurt (lame). I can hardly tell that I am savoring a Boston Cream Pie Yoplait Light, which “was” my favorite flavor. The “make you feel good” change is baseless, unnecessary, and ruins an otherwise excellent product. All good things come to an end. Time to find a new brand.

  • Geoff

    I am a very decades long user of Apple Turnover but couldn’t find it among the new packaging so I tried the Apple Fritter. It too tasted terrible and all unopened containers were returned to the store. I then tried a several others flavors all of which were equally terrible. Sorry Yoplait, you have lost me as a customer.

  • Jacques Clemenceau

    Finally, a low sugar yogurt, without aspartame! Yes!

  • Jacques Clemenceau

    Oh wait, you have sucralose in there! Hmm, bummer…

  • Jester OC

    I just finished my Dannon light and it looks like of all the other yogurts that we have tried to replace the now terrible tasting yoplait. What were you people thinking? If a small portion of the population has no concept about the safety of Aspartame then educate them don’t bow to their wishes as it will just perpetuate the nonsense, these folks will soon be afraid of something else and what are you going to do then? Get a backbone. Especially when it ruins your product.

  • zemel

    I never liked Dannon, because I don’t like chunks of fruit in my yogurt. I also read an article by a scientist who had analyzed yogurts and he said that Dannon had food coloring in it made from bug juice. Not appetizing! I don’t see a big difference in the taste in the Yoplait, I’ve been eating it for 6 years. I will continue to do so.

    • Tony Jay

      Red food colouring has been made from bug juice for more than a century as every High School child should know so you eat bugs every time you eat any coloured food. If you want to feel really sick have a look at how much xanthum gum you eat then research where it comes from and remember you almost cannot avoid it.
      Then, if you eat prawns, shrimps or other shellfish like lobster and crabs, check for their land-based equivalents and consider whether you’d choose to eat a gigantic spider or louse.
      Personally I cringe at the taste of arspartame, it is far worse than eating bugs. But thanks for the laugh: a food company finally listened to the complaints and views of their customers and altered their product as requested and America rears up on its collective hind legs and howls! Incidentally, Dannon is an “easy-spell” corruption of the company name made especially for the US. I would be more offended by Danone insulting my intelligence by simplifying the word.
      Please do not be offended, we are all entitled to our opinion and I do NOT believe Americans are any more stupid than the average human anywhere else on the planet.
      Finally, the reason it tastes worse is that you were accustomised to the taste of a very strong flavour enhancer and they changed it to a different very strong flavour enhancer which, to the rest of us, tastes just as disgusting, sucralose and that lingers in the mouth longer too.

  • Essboyle

    Unfortunately there are people, like myself, who have an increase in triglyceride levels from Sucralose (Splenda). I hope there’s a company that does not use Sucralose out there or I’ll have to give up yogurt completely.

  • Tollthis

    Well Yoplait, how are you going to fix your “New Coke” version of yogurt?

  • Brian

    I have been a loyal Yoplait light customer for years, buying and eating about 2 every day as my snacks. I am SO VERY disappointed in this move. None of the favorites like Banana Crème, Strawberry Banana, Boston Crème Pie, Lemon, and Key Lime even taste good anymore. Why did you fix what was not broken? You had one of the most popular items…items that were so popular it was sometimes hard to get all the flavors you want on certain days at stores. Why not offer an option? As of now, I am going to be looking for my new daily snack. You have lost me as a customer, and based on these comments, many others too. Sad.

  • Joyce Skyeyes

    I loved yoplait light just as it was! Now it is not sweet enough. I have to add a packet of Equal to make it taste right! When I first tasted a new cup I thought this is not good maybe spoiled, then I read the label. Yuck change back ot give us some with aspertame and some withoout you will see which sells the most!

    • Clair Martin

      If you have to add sugar, why not just eat a non light one? Makes more sense to me.

  • Miranda Elizabeth Ross

    So looking up everything on this topic. Sucralose is not as easily broken down by the body!!! AGAIN I REPEAT SUCRALOSE CANNOT BE BROKEN DOWN AS WELL BY OUR BODIES! I have just started really loving yogurt and I am really upset about the change! The taste is fine, not the same but still good. BUT DONT USE SUCRALOSE!! ASPARTAME MAY SOUND DANGEROUS BUT ITS ACTUALLY SAFE! ALSO, sucralose has a longer shelf life which is good and bad, especially for yogurt… Think about that one for a few minutes. I may have to yet again search for a brand I like and its not going to be Dannon…

    • Megan Anne Elizabeth Smart

      Aspartame is not safe. Do some research.

  • Becki

    Yoplait light vanilla was my favorite yogurt for YEARS and now I can’t even get it down. The taste is now terrible. So terrible, I hunted down this websitte to wrrite a comment. I can tolerate the lemon pie and the orange creme with the new flavors but not the vanilla. Dannon Lit and Fit, whose taste was way inferior to Yoplait is now the better choice, which isn’t saying much. I am so disappointed and am actively seeking out low- or non-fat choices from every possible other brand to find the taste I used to find in Yoplait.

  • Rose Marie Maierle

    The new Yoplait is AWFUL!!! Will never buy it again. You have lost a long and faithful customer. The taste was so true before and now it tastes like garbage! Hope you change your mind and bring back aspartame!!!! Otherwise Dannon is looking better to me now.

  • Pam

    I noticed at the supermarket that the new label said no aspartame which I thought was awesome and looked at the ingredients to see what it now consists of. I laughed to find that they just switched one fake sweetener to another. Instead if poisoning yourself with these laboratory chemicals just eat the regular one with sugar and exercise. No need to consume these with fake sweetener especially once a day. Everything in moderation

  • pat

    Bring back the aspartame. The new yogurt definitely does not taste as good.

  • http://batman-news.com Carrie

    I have noticed also a HUGE taste difference with no aspartame. I always buy the yoplait light Harvest peach and have one every morning and it’s not as sweet but is very sour. I will be switching brands. I can’t stand this taste now. It was just fine and very good before.

  • PedophileStateNittanyLiarz

    The new Yoplait taste better. But the problem is that everyone I know who uses an artificial sweetener cannot have Splenda (Sucralose) because of the stomach problems its causes them. There are millions of Americans who do not use Splenda for this reason. Yoplait has just made a product that those folks CANNOT have under any circumstances. That is a huge blunder, that will eventually have to be address as people discover their favorite yogurt is no longer something they can consume.

  • Ashley

    I am speaking for th people who are allergic to sucralose, yoplait was the only brand of light yogurt I could eat. I have a Splenda allergy that causes me to get severe hives and to have to take Benadryl to keep my throat from swelling. Splenda (chemical name: sucralose, the new ingredient in yoplait light) has different chemical properties than all of the other sweeteners. Instead of being composed of another sweet tasting substance, Splenda is chemically altered sugar which contains chlorine. As a result, people who are allergic to Splenda, like myself, are only allergic to Splenda because of the chlorine additive. I was very disappointed when I saw that yoplait had also made the switch away from aspartame like so many other companies. I have known I had this allergy since I was 13, but in the past few years, I have watched many of the foods and drinks that I enjoyed make the switch to sucralose. I am frustrated that I can’t eat these foods, but I am also glad I am allergic to sucralose, because I would rather eat non-light foods with real sugar then light foods with chemical altered, chlorine added sugar.

  • Krista Hirth

    Oh MY!!!! bought and ate Yoplait LIGHT today for the first time in several years due to the aspertame issue. wowowow! So Excited and it tastes great! Thank you , thank you, thank you! This was definitely needed! NOW. . .next move. . .please usa a natural sweetener like Stevia. thanks

    • Dexter

      That’s the funny thing – The yogurt they sell in canada uses Stevia instead of sucralose. I wish it were sold with stevia here in the US instead of sucralose

  • Katie

    The new light Yoplait taste and texture it not as good as the prior before they moved to no aspartame. I think I will switch yogurt brands to see if I can find something I like better. I may move to the orginal but I love the lower calories and fat. The texture is just too slimmey and the there is a weird taste that seem sort chemical like. I will look for a brand that uses a more natural sweetener.

  • Mari

    NO artificial sweetener is GOOD for you, and most are BAD for you. I’ve eaten Yoplait regular yogurt for years and will continue to do so. A little sugar won’t kill you. Aspartame nearly put me in the hospital! Other artificial sweeteners make me break out. So I just quit “artificial” altogether.

  • Sarah

    Got excited to read no Aspartame but that ended because I do not want to eat Sucralose either. I guess companies do not know how to make “light” products without one of the two being in the product….

  • ajay

    I’m normally do not chime in on discussions, but I have to say that the new Yoplait Lights do not taste very good anymore. I just tried the strawberry flavor and I really can taste the sweetener, which is not good. It tastes like chemicals. I was definitely okay with the original taste even if it did have aspartame. I hope General Mills decides to go back to the original Yoplait LIght recipe.

  • Bri

    I have eaten Yoplait Light for well over a decade. New formula is DISGUSTING. Bummed this will no longer be a product I purchase religiously.

  • Elaine

    This change will take me away from Yoplait light. I think the taste without aspartame is awful. I bought some and had to throw it away. I hate the change.

  • sleibold

    I used to love the red velvet cake and the apple turnover but this new formula tastes terrible.

  • Lisa Hoffman

    This seems to always happen to me, seemingly a pragmatists statement but whenever I get totally hooked on a good, healthy and awesome food (there is very few healthy foods I do like) they go and fix it WHEN IT ISN’T BROKE! Why couldn’t they leave it alone?!!! It really isn’t very good anymore. Ick. I hope they take these comments into concern but in the end the dollars and the decline in demand will tell the real truth. WHAT WERE SALES DOWN? NO!!! They had like 1/5th of my food dollar! Bummed.

    • Dexter

      They changed it because of overwhelming feedback from customers, like me, who told them they won’t consume aspartame. I just enjoyed a cherry yogurt. It was pretty good. Not as good as the one with aspartame but I’d rather enjoy it a bit less and not be slowly killing myself

      • Lisa Hoffman

        I said that the day I bought some of the new ones and tried one & didn’t like it as well. However, I did look up “Aspartame” as I had never heard it I do not watch my weight – don’t need to I just liked the product, but I overdid it with that yogurt and was probably consuming appropriately 4-6 a day for 4 years and a couple of years ago my yearly blood work came back that I had only 20% kidney function so my Nephrologist thought it was do to my Ibuprofen usage… now when I see him again I will inform him of the yogurt disaster – I am surprised the doctor didn’t ask about my diet! It took 3 months to schedule an appointment with them it’s not like he is some quack but i am a little annoyed I had to be my own detective should ask the guy for my money back! Probably though since I am skinny he didn’t think to ask about fake sugars.

      • Lisa Hoffman

        And after a few of them they are fine and I am SO glad they did take it out it is in Coke Zero it shouldn’t be an approved consumable by the FDA I think someones pockets were lined to let a chemical that is on the top 92 toxins list to be in many of our foods…

  • Lindsey

    I eat the raspberry light every morning and I do not like the new taste at all. Please offer both!

    • RedinPhoenix

      That’s a great idea. Offer both!

  • Jenny

    Last week I was wondering why my stomach was extremely bloated and felt weird, then I noticed how the cardboard box of Yoplait light said that they’re now using Splenda as the sweetener. My stomach has always been extremely sensitive to Splenda. I have been eating Yoplait light yogurt faithfully for the past 5 years for breakfast. It’s so disappointing knowing that I’m going to have to switch to a non-fat plain yogurt and add fresh fruit. Morning preparation time will take longer which is my biggest complaint. I wish they didn’t make the switch since I really loved their product and flavors. I wonder if sales will go up or down with the change??? Most people I talk to can’t digest Splenda either.

    • Clair Martin

      Not sure how eating anything with aspartame did not make you feel the same way.

  • Jenny

    Every morning I grab a Yoplait light and go. Get to work this morning and take one bite of my Strawberries ‘n bananas and YUCK!!! What the heck?!? I checked the lid to make sure it wasn’t expired, and it’s only now that I see “NOW no aspartame”. Now, I cannot say that I haven’t had other flavors recently that taste ok, but this flavor most certainly is not “better than ever” or have an “incredible” taste, unless by that you mean incredibly disgusting! It tastes like chemicals! Just gross, no thanks!!

  • Kathy Barton

    I am so sad they removed the aspartame. Now it taste awful and I have to try and find another yogurt I like. I think this was a mistake.

  • Steve Mutmansky

    I agree. The new taste is terrible. I usually eat a Yoplait light every afternoon for a snack while at work, but I may have to switch now.

  • Amy T

    The new Yoplait light is disgusting! Not even close to the previous Yoplait, which I have eaten for the past two decades!! Bring back the old Yoplait!!! I couldn’t even finish half of a container!!

  • Diane Devine

    Sucrolose is still not natural .why not stevia….?

  • Hquinzelle

    I will also be switching brands of Yogurt – the light yogurt has a nasty aftertaste now, I knew it was Splenda before I even looked at the ingredients. This makes me sad because I have also been eating nothing but Yoplait for many years.

  • Deb

    I used to eat Dannon Light and had to switch because they removed the aspartame and replaced with Sucralose or the marketed name of Splenda. Splenda causes many people horrible stomach pains, bloating and other forms of gastrointestinal distress. Needless to say now Yoplait has switched to Sucralose /Splenda which will now force me to hunt down Brewers light or some no name brand. As a consumer it gets so frustrating to not be able to rely on a manufacturer to continue making a product that is enjoyed. The Truvia sweetener from the Stevia plant is wonderful but apparently since it is more expensive than the other artificial sweeteners no one is willing to use this tasteful alternative that causes no gastrointestinal problems, leaves no bitter after taste but the cost must be the over riding factor.

    • Clair Martin

      I think more people are allergic to aspartame without realizing it though,

    • Dexter

      They might consider it once their sales start dropping

  • Trish Swanson

    Aspartame is nasty and dangerous so I’m very glad they are getting rid of it … The stivia plant would have been a much better choice … It’s totally natural and unenhanced … Sucralose is chemically altered sugar and not good for you!

  • val p

    Hope General Mills will really listen to the voice of the people and see how many of us are upset about the change to the Yoplait Light Yogurt. Best tasting yogurt on the market is no more.

  • Chris

    Dear Lord this new stuff is terrible. I opened a container this morning at work (like i have for years now) and nearly vomited. I understand completely that aspartame is bad for you but, sucralose is just as bad and it leaves the worst taste imaginable in your mouth after. I’ve been eating this stuff since college but I guess it’s time to switch. Well it’s been a good run, thanks Yoplait.

  • Tamala Glover

    Swapping out aspartame with any other sweetener is preferable to that poison. I was appalled to read how many people have fed aspartame yogurt to their kids regularly on here. Please educate yourselves:

  • Marsha Coker

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!! Aspartame is poison!!!

  • George

    Sucralose is also known to trigger an increase in seizure activity in epileptics, such as myself. It is even thought to activate seizure activity in people who have never experienced seizures before. Derived from sugar does not make it natural, and even if it did, unsafe is unsafe. If you want natural, maybe you should look to sugar, especially naturally occurring sugar as opposed to added and overly processed forms of sugar which create insulin spikes in your system which cause your body to store calories rather than burning them.

  • kenok

    Also add Stevia if you don’t like the taste its natural and really better for you. Its sweet too.

  • kenok

    I am grateful for this, I hope and pray more companies will take away Aspartame, Or “new Name” Aceulfame….same thing on some labels of ingredients. Its amazing how this Silent killer works. A friend of mine drinking 5 diet cokes a day was healthy and a retired nurse. But that habit was bad, she put on weight, teeth started to go bad, and was diagnosed with MS, withing 3 years she died. She didn’t even know my voice. You decide what you want to eat and put into our bodies, we have the choice, healthy or not.

  • kenok

    Once more…I saw this advertised, I wish it was replaced with Stevia, I’d pay more for a healthy product, or should I say healthier. I don’t like “chemically altered”, what is natural about that? Stevia is natural. Acesufame is now the new name for Aspartame, so watch your ingredients folks for yourself and your families…Its a start, but Yoplait should be using Stevia, wow what a concept!! All companies should change this cancer causing crap.

    • Clair Martin

      If you were to some research Acesufame is not aspartame. They both may be bad for you but they are different chemicals.

  • Red Hatty

    So a switch from formic acid & Formaldehyde (Aspartame) to Chlorinated sugar (Sucralose) was a good idea??? Why didn’t you try Stevia? Stevia is all natural and produces no glycemic effect. It has a “sweeter” flavor than either sucralose or aspartame. As much as I have desired to enjoy the huge variety of flavors that Yoplait Light offers) it’s impossible to get the same variety in the original, full sugar formula), I would never eat them due to the aspartame. Here you had a chance to make a change that would have been cheered by many & increase your sales tremendously & you chose the bad option. Thanks for disappointing me yet again.

  • Harmony Mercedes

    I really hate the taste of the new yogurt without aspartame. I used to really like their yogurt and purchased it all the time. But I won’t be buying it ever again. It has a terrible “sweet” taste and a sick “after-taste” that was never there before. Just awful.

  • Damian Masters

    why did you chose another and potentially worse poison?

  • Peggy Taranto

    I’m not buying any more Yoplait lite. It tastes awful now. I couldn’t believe GM changed the sweetner….why bother if you’re just changing from one artificial to another. I only eat one a day so don’t really think I’m going to damage my DNA, but the taste sucks!

  • Jackie

    Thank you for considering alternative sweeteners in your products. However, there are plenty of reasons to avoid sucralose, as well. Sugar derivative does not equate to natural. Sugar alcohols can trigger severe allergic reactions and migraine headaches, as well as, a host of other negative responses. The products also offer an unpleasant and chemical aftertaste to anything it sweetens. Please consider alternatives such as stevia and/or monk fruit. Until then, I will continue to purchase other brands that offer alternative options and recommend that my patients avoid them, as well. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Gia

    tried it the other day could not figure out why it was so bitter then tried it again today even worse! Just looked this up and found out why. How come every time a product works and people really love it the company changes it and makes it disgusting! I will not buy again. Very sad.

  • rolltidecharm

    Sucralose has a molecular formula of C12H19Cl3O8, which is produced by chlorinating sucrose, ordinary white table sugar. It is a five-step process discovered in 1976 by a British company, which sold it to Johnson and Johnson Company who then formed McNeil Specialty Products to commercialize sucralose. In 1998, the USFDA approved sucralose for food use and today Splenda has surpassed Equal (Nutrasweet) in dollar market share. Purity is something everyone is striving for. The FDA claims that sucralose is 98 percent pure, but what about the other 2 percent? It contains heavy metals like lead, arsenic, triphenilphosphine oxide, methanol, chlorinated disaccharides, and other potentially dangerous substances.

  • Carolyn

    I am so glad you got rid of Aspartame. I am allergic to it & it caused severe migraines. Thank you for changing but I hate the containers. They look like they are upside down. Anyone else have a comment about this?

  • Heidi

    I have to agree with the majority of comments here. I loved Yoplait the way it was. This new formula tastes very different to me and now I am also looking to switch brands. It will be difficult to find something that was as good as the original. The other thing I enjoyed about Yoplait were the variety of flavors offered and now I can’t find the flavors I grew to really like (raspberry lemonade, apricot mango, sunrise) and even the regular flavors like strawberry and blueberry just do not taste the same. This change has been very disappointing.

  • Dan Melstrand

    I have been eating this product for years and it tastes horrible without aspartame. I will find another low calorie product that tastes better.

  • Peggy

    I opened my Strawberries n’ bananas light today and was shocked at how terrible it tasted. I immediately checked to see if it was expired. I then noticed that aspartame had been removed from it. Did anyone actually taste this after it had been changed?
    I’m sorry to say that after buying this product for years I am going to switch to another brand.

  • Lisa

    I have eaten Yoplait light almost every day for a number of years and loved it. I do not like the flavor of the yogurt at all now that it is sucralose. If aspartame sweetened Yoplait light does not come back, I will be trying new yogurts to find one that I like better.

  • variaironhawk22 .

    I wish they would rethink this and go with stevia. Sucralose is no better than aspartame. It is still toxic. Sucralose was “discovered” during a process to create rat poison and they have to process to remove the poison aspects. Both are damaging to the microbiotics in your gut, so it is the opposite of the probiotic effect most people are looking for. 90 calories of pure toxicity. I think I will pass. I will continue to pass.

  • Barrett Bright

    STEVIA, please. What is wrong with you guys and your ingredient decisions, too much cost???

  • awhitlow

    I agree with most comments on here. The new yoplait is disgusting.

  • sgal

    Why use an artificial sweetener at all? Why can’t I find Yoplait with a natural sweetener anymore. I’ll take my chances with sugar any day over sucralose
    and aspartame. If you want to make it fewer calories, use non-fat. I don’t understand America’s obsession with artificial sweetners. Does General Mills have part ownership in these companies? All the fruit juice and canned fruit companies must be getting some financial gain from using these artificial products also. I don’t get it. I have to stand in the grocery aisle 5 minutes scanning these products for carcinogens. Really! Makes no sense to me.

  • Michelle Benoit

    i agree there was nothing wrong before,and i looked up aspartame,it is also fda approved and helps with diabetes and obesity so why take it out in the first place,though i don’t notice much difference i did prefer with aspartame,and also sorry to disappoint but there are subtle pieces of bugs in all yogurt,not enough to be harmful or change the taste but think about it this way you’ve been eating it for years never noticed plus it’s added protein

  • loleeta

    The new yoplait tastes pretty bad in my opinion. Its what i imagine paint thinner would taste like. I just bought 10 cups of the stuff too and can’t get anyone in my family to eat it. The red velvet cupcake which used to be my FAV tastes like poison. I actually thought it had expirhed but it’s still got a month. Bring back the aspartame Yoplait.

  • Robert Muller

    why eat sweetened yogurt? try eating plain yogurt with fresh berries.. it’s great for diabetics and everyone else. most people i know that use artificial sweeteners and “diet” food are getting bigger and bigger! your brain cannot discern sweet. no matter if it is aspartame, splenda or sugar. the brain will still signal the pancreas of sweet!! best to stop all of the sweetness.. we crave what we shouldn’t eat!


  • Mary

    Ok to the comments that it doesn’t taste as good without aspartame would you rather brain damage and neurological issues? Sucralose is not good for you either. Why not Stevia?

  • mike

    Whats the point of taking out aspertame if your going to replace it with another sugar… freakin idiots

  • Emily C Wiggins

    The new yogurt with NO ASPARTAME does not taste the same. I probably will be switching brands too. It definitely has a different taste and I don’t like it. Right now, I am eating Harvest Peach and with each spoonful I am noting that I don’t like the taste. I had strawberry the other day and did not like the taste either. I am curious to know how many post you have received regarding the taste. Not good!

  • HR

    I agree with many of the posts below about the taste of Yoplait Light without aspartame. My wife and I probably ate 10-12 cups per week for years. Now we are looking for alternatives. I ate Very Vanilla 60+% of the time… I can’t eat it at all now.

  • Tracy Plaisance

    Aspartame is a neurotoxin!

    • Tollthis

      Yes if you eat 10 pounds of it. The chemical they replace it with is just as bad, if not worse. Go sell stupid somewhere else.

      • Melanie Maxwell Rivers

        it has a cumulative effect….get educated….

        • Chris Gordon Brown

          Sucralose is manufactured. Regular sugar is much better for you.

          • VonMagnum

            If you enjoy getting Type 2 Diabetes, by all means, keep on consuming sugar like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been drinking diet soda for 30 years now with no ill effects. People in my family have gotten Type 2 Diabetes and most of them drank sugary drinks and ate tons of desserts and all of them were “natural” products. Natural doesn’t equal safe and synthetic doesn’t automatically mean unsafe. I’ll take my chances with “manufactured” products that don’t cause Diabetes, thank you.

          • FedUp

            Diabetics can’t eat regular sugar! If we could I am sure it would our first choice rather than an artificial sweetener….duh

        • Steven Boone

          It does not.

  • Monalisa Robison

    People need to understand that some people are going to more sensative to things than others. This is what causes an allergic reaction to products or anything else in our world. This reaction can be mild as a rash, itchy eyes, runny nose or as severe as death. I am one of these people who is sensative to a lot of things, but that doesn’t make them bad for everyone. I speak openly with my doctors about the different sweeteners and they have no problem with aspartame.

  • SJ

    Forgot to add that there is SUGAR in it now. What about those on a non sugar diet? I encourage Yoplait to switch to Stevia!

  • Saran Saran

    I am a Vegetarian and i just found out what all added in the Yoplait!

    1. Kosher Gelatin – Beef bones boiled
    2. Tri calcium ph – Bone ash
    3. Modified corn starach

  • Nancy Pelt

    It’s about time!

  • Amy Draper Greer

    @ Tracy Plaisance, Are you selling books here? Why don’t you try reading a few empirical studies with reproducible statistical data and then use your critical thinking mind to draw an informed decision between your “Dr Book” and scientific studies.

    Stevia is a very concentrated form of the plant dirivitive, not enough data to know yet if it is safe in those concentrations.

    Diabetics, current nutritional wisdom on diabetic intake is more portion control and less artificial sweeteners. Count your carbs and read labels. You will fare better in the long run if you know your own body and how much CHO intake you need throughout the day.

    I don’t like the new taste either, that’s why I found this blog. Now I buy plain greek yogurt and mix it the way it tastes good to me.

    Yoplait and Dannon are quite low on beneficial bacteria, the best for the GI tract is home made then mixed with fruit.

  • EPYKmuzik

    This is really sad General Mills! We both know that aspartame, and sucralose are going to achieve the same end result, so why pretend like it’s better for anyone?? Just trying to play off of people’s ignorance again, apparently,because I know that sucralose was only pushed through the FDA for a quiet approval, once people started researching aspartame!!!

  • TheOtherRosie

    I agree with you. Aspartame has a sweeter taste, that makes Yoplait Light Yogurt tastes more like those deserty flavors we loved so much. I’m sure they’ve lost a lot of us.

  • TheOtherRosie

    If you want the aspartame back in “Yoplait Light Yogurt,” you’ll have to work harder than the people who insisted it was bad for us, even though there is no evidence to support that. Not just here, but on Twitter & on Facebook & any other social media you & your family use. As everyone you know, everyone you love, & even people you barely tolerate to help us fix our YOPLAIT LIGHT YOGURT!!!!

  • TheOtherRosie

    If everyone who reads this, & wants the “aspartame” back in Yoplait Light Yogurt, please ask everyone you know to help, here, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Blogger.com; etc. Please & thank you so much for anything you can do to help. : )

  • Chris Gordon Brown

    Both aspartame and sucralose have side effects and are not natural for the body.
    Aspartame probably is worse.

  • Lynne DeLong

    I do not buy Yoplait Light yogurt because sucralose gives me migraines. I hate all artificial sweeteners. I eat natural yogurt, sweetened with natural ingredients including sugar. Aspartame is toxic, so I am glad you got rid of that.

  • Anne Kelley

    Millions of people can’t or do not want to ingest aspartame. This is great news.

  • Tollthis

    160 comments here mostly want to change back Yoplait light to it’s original formular. I was the first to comment and now eat Dannon Greek. It appears General Mills doesn’t give a damn what you want.

  • YoMama

    This new formulation is gross! Its nowhere as sweet as it used to be. I had the Strawberry Shortcake and thought maybe it was a fluke but I just finished off a container of the Boston Creme and I am sad to say its totally different and not good at all. I will be going to the store tomorrow to return the 8 other containers I bought. Thanks a lot Yoplait for ending a healthy snack alternative for so many people out there. If you really wanted to change this product for the better how about pulling your heads out of your collective butts and using Stevia? Vitamin Water uses it and their products are zero calorie and taste just like real sugar varieties. Back to the drawing board for my healthy choices

  • Tom

    I agree. I have been a fan for years and will not longer buy this crap until they change it back. My kids won’t touch it any longer. They used to eat it every day. If we keep buying this brand i think we might stop our kids for ever eating yogurt again!!!

  • Nina Butts

    for the difference in calories eat the regular. it is delish.

  • TheDove0529

    This is so disappointing to hear. Yoplait was my yogurt of choice because it did not contain sucralose. I get violently ill and severe migraines with sucralose and now I have to try to find a new yogurt.

  • Minorc

    The new light yoplait’s flavors do not taste nearly a good as they did with aspartame. They lack the punch of the old flavors. The difference is quite noticeable. We are looking for alternatives.

  • Jennifer DeCuir

    I don’t eat Yoplait light because it contained aspartame. Aspartame is a migraine trigger for me and many others. Sucralose has also been proven to be a migraine trigger, and I have found this is true for me as well. So, I will continue to not purchase Yoplait light. Some people avoid things because they are chemicals that are bad for us. Replacing the bad chemical with another bad chemical it not enough.

  • mmgoard

    Sucralose is no better than aspartame unfortunately. Stevia, agave would be more appropriate

  • Angel Smith

    I’m glad for the change to Sucralose. It taste better, and aspartame is bad for you. It gave me headaches every time I eat something with it in it. Now I can go back to the Yoplait.
    Thank you so very much

  • Nullify

    Just saw the new propaganda commercial. Wow, replacing one neuro-toxin for another. What a health game changer! (tic) Is the chump public really this stupid and gastronomically addicted that they lack any common sense? But by reading some of the comments below the answer is an emphatic…… ‘yes’.

  • Minorc

    The new flavors with sucralose (Splenda) are significantly more bland than the aspertame flavorings. Recent studies on laboratory animals suggest sucralose may have some health hazards. So General Mills has taken the punch out of many of its flavors for no good reason. No studies on people suggest aspertame is dangerous.

  • Floyd Collins

    …and they think we’re stupid. Switch aspartame with sucralose – a sweetener derived from sugar by chlorinating it – soooo much healthier (not). Go with stevia products, or just plain sugar. It’s not the evil that they try to make you think it is.

  • Deb Rogers

    You listened to your consumers hey? What about those of us who liked it the way it was? I’ve eaten yoplait light for as long as I can remember. Many many years. 8 eight packs a month of blueberry strawberry mix. I barely could gag down one container. Yuk!!!!!! So, if this is what it is, I will not be spending any more of my hard earned money on Yoplait Light. Sorry to see you go.

  • Angel

    Maybe don’t add sweeteners at all just add fruit and some of its juices to naturally sweeten it.

  • Danette Salazar

    I still will not buy it because the replaced the aspartame with sucralose…I believe they are both poison! I feel GM was being a little sneaky by putting on the label No more Aspartame but they replace it with sucralose.

  • Richard Thomas Murray

    Humans are uniquely vulnerable from methanol toxicity due to its being made by ADH1 enzyme into uncontrolled formaldehyde right inside cells of 20 specific tissues, thus a co-factor in many modern chronic diseases of civilization, the WC Monte paradigm: Rich Murray 2014.12.21

    Methanol (wood alcohol) comes from aspartame, cigarette and wood smoke, dark wines and liquors, fresh tomatoes, and unfresh fruits juices vegetables sealed in cans and jars.

    Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University, retired 2004, has since fall 2007 given a free online bibliography of 782 full text medical research references at WhileScienceSleeps site

  • aga

    The worst yogurt i ever had !!!! I felt like i had a huge spoon of heavy sugar !!!!! Never gonna buy it again !!!! It tastes like mix of chemicals.

  • sewing4

    Sucralose isn’t good for you either.

  • Bill

    Yoplait dumps aspartame which has its detractors for sucralose which has its own detractor. They (Yoplait) are removing one bad ingredient for another ‘bad’ ingredient, not a smart move GM

  • nickmeister

    “Aspartame nearly killed my husband” writes one, “Stevia nearly killed my daughter” writes another, and “sucralose…bought me a trip to the Emergency Room” writes yet another. Seriously, these people are starting to sound like paid shills if I ever heard one. Yes, perhaps SOME people have sensitivities to various sweetener alternatives and if YOU are one of those then YOU should avoid these chemicals. But please don’t assume that EVERYONE has these sensitivities or make statements that we all will die by ingesting them…ridiculous.

  • Regina Pannell

    I loved the strawberry shortcake before….now it taste nasty…..

  • AZX Traveler

    I can’t stand the aftertaste of the Yoplait Light. I see it now has sucralose in it. Will be throwing the other 5 I just bought away. I guess I’ll try to find a brand without sucralose in it or settle for 1/2 servings of the regular. I’d rather have the option for just unsweetened over the sugar vs sucralose.

  • VonMagnum

    My mother LOVED Yoplait Light with aspartame and she has Type 2 Diabetes and so she cannot consume regular Yoplait with sugar added. She used to eat at least one yogurt a day. But now she hates and I mean HATES the new Yoplait Light with sucralose, so much so she has stopped eating yogurt altogether! They didn’t offer a CHOICE of sweetener, they just act like their change is “better than ever” when it’s complete bullcrap. It tastes a lot worse now.

    It’s sad companies like General Mills and Pepsi (whose new Splenda Diet Sodas have a BAD aftertaste the aspartame versions didn’t have; Diet Coke with Splenda is even worse) let a few whiners, many of whom I bet do not even consume diet products to begin with as these types tend to hate ALL artificial sweeteners and yet many LOVE sugar, which is linked to Type 2 diabetes and so in my opinion is FAR WORSE than artificial sweeteners for those that have no allergic reaction to them (I’ve drank diet soda for about 30 years now with no noticeable effects what-so-ever).

    The point is have any of these companies even considered the change in TASTE before making these changes? Taste is everything in food products. I will not buy nasty tasting beverages when I do not have to. Diet soda used to taste BAD back in the ’70s when saccharin was the only option. Aspartame made a huge difference, but even then it was bad. I drank it purely to avoid the calories. It wasn’t until they added acesulfame potassium that the flavor really improved to the point where I may actually prefer diet versions of many sodas to the sugar based ones that now taste way too sweet to me and corn syrup based ones are really bad for diabetes and thicken your saliva which to me is not very refreshing.

    The problem today is that people are convinced artificial food products are bad for you just because they are artificial. Well sugar is “natural” but it causes obesity and diabetes which is now in record numbers (since they switched over to corn syrup in the early ’80s, it really got bad). Natural safe and Synthetic Evil. Yes, some people have been allergic to aspartame and other products, but a lot of people are allergic to peanuts too! Does that mean peanuts should be banned for sale? It’s absurd. If aspartame were as bad as some say I should be dead by now since I drink 8-14 cans a day of diet soda for 30 years now. I drink very few other things and I haven’t dehydrated, my blood tests are perfect and my vision is the same as it has always been. Obviously, this “evil” sweetener isn’t evil for everyone.

  • Karen Blevins

    Suralose is just as bad. Try stevia yoplait! Don’t poison you sonsumers!

  • yeah

    I am pleased with the aspertame removal. I will now purchase more yogurt as the aspertame has caused an array of health issues for me. People need to look up excitotoxins and what they do to the human body
    . Good job making a healthier treat!

  • Carol

    How many people do you personally know that have gotten cancer from Splenda or Sweet& Low? None? And I have never read of a report where it was documented that a particular person got a serious illness from these sweeteners. You hear about what they do to people yet no one documents individual cases. Maybe that’s because there aren’t any.

  • Judi

    I personally think the new yoplait light without aspartame is much much better. Love the taste and love that you took that out of the yoplait light yogurt. Thank you

  • Kristine Carlson

    I am very disappointed in this change. The safety of aspartame was fully established, and it had no unpleasant taste. I strongly dislike the flavor of sucralose-sweetened foods and beverages. They taste of chlorine.

    I have completely stopped buying this yogurt product and switched to yogurts with either real sugar or aspartame.