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Top food trends inspire new products

We’re launching more than 150 new products from our leading brands across the U.S. and around the world this summer.

Inspiring these new products, we tapped into five key consumer food trends: protein, bold flavors, gluten free, indulgence and whole grain (Infographic).


“Everything we do starts with the consumer in mind and in fiscal 2015 we’re applying this consumer first mindset across our portfolio,” says Ken Powell, chairman and chief executive officer of General Mills. “Through a deep understanding of our consumers – what foods they like, where they shop and how they like to cook – we are rapidly addressing their needs with products that offer relevant health news, increased convenience, superior taste and product quality.”

Check out our New Product Look Book below for a closer look at our newest products.

What are you excited to try?

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  • Elizabeth Shubsda

    As a dietitian, I am glad to see the product development response for high protein products and whole grains. Thank you.

  • Deborah Barone

    I was thrilled to see the new Cheerios Protein until I saw the super high sugar and carb content. I am looking for more protein but not added sugars/carbs. Sorry but the Special K version is much healthier.

  • Beverly Dittberner

    Does GM still make these items: Oatmeal Crisp, Basic 4 Cereal, Clusters cereal? I am also looking for cereals without GMO added and less sugar as well. While I am on this blog, please make more gluten free things available to customers.

  • Lauren Ellert

    It’s sad to see the gluten free diet becoming such a hit. While it is a good idea to cut back on access sugars and other carbohydrates, gluten isn’t the thing people should be cutting out. Gluten is simply a protein that is found in certain flours and has no negative effects unless the person cannot break down the protein like Celiac disease. In the end, no matter what you eat, you will not put on weight unless you go over the amount of calories your body needs each day. Carbohydrates are what I believe people are trying to avoid by trying a gluten free diet but like I said, gluten isn’t the problem.

  • Jen Hoberer

    So many carbs!! Will you please come out with a line of frozen microwave-in-the-bag cauliflower cut to resemble rice- known as “cauli-rice”? Plain or buttered would be great but I would also love a low carb cheesy version, Spanish style (no beans or corn) or a Chinese fried rice style (no peas). No sugars, starches or “low fat butter sauces” please! Just pure vegetables, spices and fats.