bringing back french toast crunch
Dec 05, 2014 • By

We’ve got BIG news about French Toast Crunch

We’ve seen a lot of cereals come and go over the years, but one of the most frequent requests we see is to bring back French Toast Crunch – the little toast-shaped, maple-flavored bites of deliciousness packed into a cereal box.

“I don’t think people understand the lengths I would go to have a box of French Toast Crunch in my life.” – @BeeLH on Twitter

“French Toast Crunch is by far the best cereal ever.” – @Yasmingill on Twitter

“Nothing could fill the hole in my heart where French Toast Crunch used to be.” – @Darth_DURFFFY on Twitter

french toast crunch 1990s

That’s just a sampling of the French Toast Crunch love we see every day on Twitter. Even more, there has been a petition created and a Facebook group devoted to bringing back the beloved cereal.

So… we’re bringing back French Toast Crunch!


“We have been overwhelmed by the consumer conversations, requests and passion for the cereal to come back,” says Waylon Good, marketing manager for Big G. “We value our fans and are so excited to be able to bring it back for them.”

French Toast Crunch originally debuted on grocery store shelves in late 1995 and was discontinued in 2006. Today, the cereal is back in its original shape from the 1990s.

Devotees know that the cereal remained in production in Canada, but only a lucky few would score a box of the coveted Canadian French Toast Crunch and the shipping fees were often steep.

french toast crunch

But no more! You can find French Toast Crunch at select supermarkets and retailers beginning now, with nationwide distribution by the end of January 2015.

If you can’t find it on grocery store shelves, be sure to make a request to your local store to carry it. And for more information you can visit

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  • Jenna Vento

    I’ve been waiting for this!! Bless you. Happy new year to me!!


    aww yeah boyyyy

  • Matto

    I drove to Montreal for nothing.

    • AA

      That’s not true my son. You drove for us all. You paved the way for us with your determination and endurance. Many of us could not do what you have done. You are blessed among men.

  • jasmine

    Yes! Can’t wait

  • Becca Worley


  • Mellissa

    Prayers answered! Yes, Cant wait!

  • corybardwell

    No, bring back the original French Toast Crunch, the one that looked just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch but tasted even better! This one got soggy in a weird way. Just try it!! And bring back Smores Crunch too!

    • travelsonic

      The french toast shaped pieces WERE the original – IMO, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shaped version tasted very weird – not awful, but just … didn’t think I found a cereal where I would tolerate the pieces, and not drink the flavored milk left over. >_<

    • Ryan Patrick McAvoy

      The toast shaped ones were the original, then they tried out the ones that were like cinnamon toast crunch and everyone was sooo disappointed!

    • Brit

      What Travelsonic & Ryan wrote concerning the real original shapes. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch-lookalike just wasn’t the same. I loved the toast-shaped pieces. That’s part of my childhood that’s now coming back!

      • Greg C.

        It truly was a novel cereal. Even has a patent on the shape, no less.

    • Clyde Shaffer

      Are you making of joke here? Toast shaped piece was original model. French Toast Crunch in guise of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was grave insult. The people suffered disappointments.

      • joseph

        Im sorry but this is not what i thought it would be….i thought it was the one like cinnanmon toast crunch that one had lots of flavor…the one thats shaped like french toast to ME has no flavor to me at all….im very very disappointed in general mills this is a sad day for me lol……i was looking for this cereal for years and last week my wife was in the grocery store and called me because she knows i was looking for that cereal for years so told me the store was carrying it and she knows i wanted it…my first reaction i told her was get me 5 boxes but she said i think i should get 3…lucky she did that because the cereal taste horrible and im very dissapointed…so bland with no flava…this literally hurt my heart because i was extremely excited when i got that phone call from my wife…smdh

        • tessa

          Joseph, sorry for your disappointment but you are definitely a minority. Most of us really didn’t care for the French Toast flavored Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The original is awesome and most people agree with me.

    • Dallas Edwards

      the one they just brought back is the ORIGINAL french toast crunch.. maybe you’re just too young.

  • Nate

    I have been waiting for this for ever, I would have a box already, but $20 for shipping on a very small box that is already $8 is kinda… eh. I just hope that they taste EXACTLY like we remember it.

    • Brit

      Oh I hope so. I just spammed it on Facebook in hopes that someone I know sees it in a store by them, so I can acquire one as soon as I can.

    • Stanley Leiter

      I have some for sale cheaper

    • SayFate

      Bought a box today at my local grocery store, they taste exactly as I remember. I am not disappointed, I’m pumped.

  • Nate

    Most people drive to Canada for weed, we drive to Canada for french toast crunch, but NO MORE! IT IS HEAR! AND IT’S HEAR TO STAY!

    • Ryan Patrick McAvoy


  • NeighborhoodRoe

    This is by far the best news of 2014. Hell of a way to end the year lol

  • Chanteria Moorer

    Yes yes I love these cereal can’t wait to grab a couple of boxes

  • Saint

    “Ma’am i need 10 boxes please” Str8 up

  • Jenna

    i’ve been waiting 10 years for this moment.

  • Alonzal Brown

    EXCITED !!! Thanks to all of you who signed petition after petition!

  • destiny

    Omg I am about to smash!!!!! So excited for this!!! Now if they can bring back the Oreo cereal!!!!

    • Robert Bussberg

      yes i would be excised

  • Aviyannia Pinder

    OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • mary

    I need to No what grocery store is gonna have it on thwir shelves!!!

    • Kevin Hunt

      Distribution varies right now, but should be nationwide in January!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Stephanie Kayj

        Are there ANY stores in NC that have it now? Heard it was coming back and thought it would be a fun gift for Christmas for my 20y/o son who has griped and complained the last 8 years that we haven’t been able to get it. I have been keeping my eyes open in a large variety of stores in the off chance they may be one to get it before January but with no luck as of yet.

  • Bret Epic


  • Snocean

    Lol damn I hadn’t had this cereal since y2K

  • JNUBrat

    It’s about time…;) Thank you!!!

  • Lisa


  • JustChad

    Here’s hoping my local walmart carries it!

  • Skighler Sabaku

    Ima buy so many boxes I can make a castle. This cereal is one of the only ones I would ever eat!!! So happy!!!

  • Devin Wolfe

    Gods be praised.

  • quamesha Prince

    Ship them to Sumter SC, stores . I’ve been waiting forever!

    • Stanley Leiter

      I have some for sale

  • organiic mike

    gmo anybody

    • Raquel Carmelez

      General mills claim their cereals are now whole grain, containing 5 ingredients or less. If that’s true, I will take a chance with FTC.

  • organiic mike

    Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Butylated Hydroxyanisole BHA , BHT, Trisodium Phosphate

  • Yembz A.

    i got 4 boxes from canada for nothing but awesome news nonetheless

  • Monique

    Yeah!! Awesome. Great to hear.

  • petit agneau

    I’m gonna cry

  • melissa

    I just told my brother the other day how I was sad they discontinued it…. But now I’m so happy its back! :)

  • Ryan Patrick McAvoy

    YESS. Last time I went to Canada I smuggled 15 of these boxes back over the border. FINALLY THE BEST CEREAL IS BACK

  • Jennifer McElroy

    Never heard of it.

  • guest


  • Josh Campbell

    No more spending $20 for a box from canada!

  • Ashley Danielle Taylor

    Heck Yea I love it also want rice krispies treat caerel too :)

  • Steve Freeman

    Now bring back peanut butter cookie crisp!!!

  • Sam

    Are the health scares true?

  • MzMustafa

    Yuck!!! Gross!!! It isn’t even REAL FOOD!!! Some people will eat ANYTHING!!!

    • Brandon Lott

      why are you here

  • anon


  • Brooke Malone


  • Kevin Lampson

    I’m super excited but… if its going to be that “whole grain” crap, this may not be as exciting as everyone had hoped. I remember the days when cocoa puffs and cookie crisps were in fact made of a chocolate substance and not sweet cardboard. Please, for the love of all that is sweet and crunchy, make it the REAL french toast crunch.

  • shannon

    lmao i actually went to the extent once of buying these from a canadian resident on ebay. I’M SO EXCITED.

  • Heather Horner

    This is the best news EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I will be clearing the shelves when it hit stores!!! =) I literally cried when this was discontinued and went from town to town picking up every box they had (which only accumilated to about 5 boxes because it was so loved!)

  • Tiffani

    OH MY DEAR LORD! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW Thank you simply isn’t enough!!

  • Reptalien Royalty

    Now if only POST would bring back Oreo O’s..

  • Amber Lofton

    Omg I’m so happy. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Buster Himen

    I might cry…

  • just1personsopinion

    My 21 yo son is gonna flip out! Been searching for FTC forever!!

  • Chad Berkshire

    God bless America.

  • Dan Ayd

    What are the ingredients? Any wheat???

  • Jesse V

    Oh thank god, no more ordering it from Canada

  • Ethan Hunemuller

    Its about dam time.

  • Audrey Watson

    Is there a way we can search for stores in our area that currently have it in stock?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Since the distribution is very limited right now, it’s hard for us to pinpoint it. But shipping begins next week and should be nationwide by January!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Audrey Watson

        Fantastic news! Thank you Kevin!

  • Sarah VanBuskirk


  • fre

    OMFG!!! so many girls broke my heart but ever since I heard about this coming back my hearts been fixed. WE LOVE YOU FRENCH TOAST CRUNCH MUWAHMUWAH. General Mills YOU A REAL MVP FOR THIS!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Francis Mae Street

    I don’t know what made them think that a cereal that sold that well needed to be discontinued in the first place

  • Robert Bussberg

    wat bout original wafflecrisp

  • nerdycanuck

    With luck we’ll see Trix also make a comeback in Canada!

  • Robert W Briggs


  • Jessica

    This is great news! I no longer have to order my favorite cereal from Canada! Thanks for listening to our pleas General Mills.

  • clarissa

    I put it on my Christmas wish list- I’m 100% serious

  • AJ

    To quote one of my favorite movies from my childhood –

    “Don’t care how, I want it now!!!!!”

  • Mariah

    This is the best thing to happen in my life right now <3 Omg. My childhood is back! I am so excited! Thank you!!!

  • les

    i moved out of the country and now this happens. WTF. i’m upset

  • D.j. Mayne


  • Kevin

    Thank you so much!

  • Jim

    Some of my fondest memories as a child, eating a bowl of French Toast Crunch, and playing Mario 64! With Surge back, this year could not have gotten any better!

  • TurdlyPoop

    Honestly, if General Mills would release it before Christmas, so many 20-somethings would be buying this for their friends or better halves and stuffing it under the Christmas tree as a fun present. I know I would. So many missed opportunities, General Mills.

  • strategos85

    Thank you God!

  • Krissy Ford

    I am now officially the happiest wife/mother on the planet!!! I absolutely love french toast crunch, like literally in 2006 i stopped eating cereal period cause of the discontinue of french toast crunch cereal

  • Jason

    So what stores currently sell this now?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Hard to say right now, it’s very limited in its initial re-release. We’re shipping it nationwide in January!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Jason

        Awesome I can’t wait, I’ve been checking almost every store chain in Phoenix weekly waiting for it to arrive. Myself and a lot of my friends are dying to get our hands on a few boxes!

  • Devin Reed

    This makes me so happy!!!! I’m gonna have to track down a box and eat a bowl while watching old 90’s cartoons. :-)

  • Greg Hafer

    I couldn’t even get through this article. My vision was blurred with tears of joy.

  • Chicago_Gamer

    I asked my wife to slap me (she was ready to anyway) just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

    My face hurts but my soul is happy. Thanks, General Mills.

  • MN WS

    Now they just have to bring back the oreo cereal!!! Now THAT was my childhood

  • 1SouthernGirl08

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This goes against my meal plan but I’m here for it! IT’S SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay MoneyVision

    Man I remember filling out the petition for this cereal this year. I thought I was the only few people that loved this cereal. Omg I can’t believe this… I want four boxes of these for Christmas French toast crunch was and now again my favorite cereal. I still remember the maple taste of them. I remember eating two bowls of them while watching “Hey Arnold” when I was a kid. I’m going to put my son on this cereal. Lol thanks everybody who signed the petition like i did to even make this possible.

  • Bratneybabe

    Bring them to waco tx!!!

  • NickAdam33

    YES!!! Thank you! I’m so excited! I hope they are in Blackwood, NJ! Really excited about this! Bringing back my chidhood all in one bite!

  • Tyson Ward

    THANK YOU GOD!!! You have no idea how much I missed this cereal. I really never knew it was so loved by other people. Glad to know that there are so many people who have been dieing for this cereal to come back!

  • Dylan Mosley

    My hands down favorite cereal of ALL TIME. I was about to order this on Amazon and found it was coming back. This is all I want for Christmas! Thank you General Mills! ❤️❤️

  • blue star

    Me calling every year to tell GM to bring it back has paid off, THANK YOU GM, WE LOVE YOU

  • Krissy Ford

    But I’m curious about what stores are going to be getting it?

    • Kevin Hunt

      Distribution in these first few weeks is a bit limited, can’t pinpoint it unfortunately, but shipping has begun nationwide to stores across the U.S. (Best bet on where to see it first is Walmart or Target!)

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Dijah

    I can’t believe the only response about distribution of the cereal is that it’s limited until January. Are the limited quantities shipping out to Walmart stores? Giant Eagle? Kroger? Meijer?

  • Rocky

    Oh my god! I used to love that cereal as a kid! I must get my hands on it!

  • susan

    i cant wait till it hits ny i have been waiting a long tine im buying me 12 boxes

  • Ashlie Nichole Hale

    I got my gift certificate today for appreciation and today was my birthday so it made my day to have yall send me my gift! I can’t wait to use it here in Logan, West Virginia!

  • joff king pt. 2

    its da general mills tomb!

  • Chellebelli

    I still can’t find them!!! When will they hit the stores? I wanted to get my son a case before he went back to college. Didn’t happen.

  • Kyle Szydlowski

    Hurry up and come to the Tampa Bay area of Florida already!!! I’m dying over here!

  • Amber Mulligan

    Anybody in Colorado know where you can buy it?

  • Cristie Stocklin

    I literally have eaten the whole box in one day…….. It is safe to assume I LOVE FRENCH TOAST CRUNCH!! I think I might need an intervention!!! LOL! :)

  • AnaLisa

    Awesome…the best news of 2015! Thanks for bringing it back!!!

  • Lisa Collins

    where in central nj can we buy it? I still cant find it anywhere? is this a hoax?

    • Kevin Hunt

      No hoax, Lisa! As we wrote in the post above, plan is to have it nationwide by the end of the month! Thanks for being a fan!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Teisha Schindler

    every store is sold out im so mad :( i just want a box for myself i have been looking like crazy

  • Callie Peterson

    Where can I find this?!

  • bclaf


  • Cereal_Quandry

    Really? Just now being re-released? I swear I bought a box in Minnesota from a Target store in a time frame of 12-36 months ago. Was it still being produced on a small scale for certain retailers?

    • Elle

      They only started selling in select stores in December. Before then it’s only been sold in Canada and imported. I guess if that target got it from Canada it’s possible.

  • Adam Damron


  • Azia Thomas

    When are y’all of coming to VA? I’m cannot wait!!!

  • Brittnay

    I was so excited to try it….but it’s actually not that good and I would be ok with them taking it off the shelves again. My childhood memories of this stuff were way better than it actually tastes.

  • Ramel Rush

    Man O Man.. I waited for almost 10 years.. I really didn’t care about the change.. Now that ya’ll are bringing them back, alone with grits, a Southern breastfest just doesn’t get any better

  • Jeromme White

    Happiness. Utter joyful happiness. This was THE cereal of my childhood. I loved Cap’n Crunch and Trix and even Cocoa Puffs but nothing ever brought me as much joy as French Toast Crunch. TO quote Theodore Roosevelt in regards to FTC being discontinued, “The light has gone out of my life” But no more! If need be I will buy out my entire grocery stores stock every month to keep this existing.

  • MilkAndWookiees

    For the decision to bring French Toast Crunch back, I would like to nominate General Mills for a promotion to the rank of Grand Moff Mills.

  • SuburbanPimp

    Hell yeah!

  • Danny J.

    Got my sample box from Chirpfy promo just exposed the next generation to the greatness of French Toast Crunch! Mission Accomplished!

  • Christina

    i love french toast crunch! it is the best cereal i have ever had. i eat it every day:)

  • iGleaux

    I want it but it sure isn’t at any of the stores near me.

  • Krysta Morse

    im eating them right now they taste of heaven.

  • Sue Cook

    can not find it anywhere

  • tessa

    I am so happy about this, but I am having an awful time finding this in stores near me. They have it at my local Wal-Mart, but only a small supply on the shelves at any one time, so it’s usually sold out. Very frustrating!

  • Meaghan

    Please bring this cereal back. I livein Pembroke ON Canada and I can never find it!

  • Tiffany Zufalls

    How long will it be here for?

    • Kevin Hunt

      It’s back, not just a limited-edition!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Doris

    Hi! My son loves this cereal and has been BEGGING me to buy it! Is it anywhere in NJ yet???

    • Kevin Hunt

      Should be! Ask your favorite store. Walmart, Kroger and Target might be the best bet!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

  • Phil McCracken

    Nice to see a company taking notice of the consumer’s whims. Looking at you, Post: gimmie back my Oreo O’s!

  • Jon Jones

    First time I ever tried it. I had my doubt. This cereal is truly the nectaur of the gods! Please tell me French Toast Crunch is here to stay!

  • Shay Palmer

    are they coming back to the houston, tx area?

  • Chad

    I finally found it in my local supermarket, and bought 2 boxes…THANK YOU!

  • Hayley Freese

    So Stoked you brough back French Toast Crunch! The Remember the 90’s on the back of the cereal box was hilarious, well done General Mills, well done. Happily yours, a 90’s child.

  • SayFate

    If this is temporary I’ll be so upset.

  • SoMaineMan

    I tried French Toast Crunch for the first time last week. From the first spoon, to the last, the crunch was there. And…it tastes like french toast with maple syrup. The very best accolade I can bestow upon this magnificent cereal is this: At 64 years old, the perfectly shaped slices of mini french toast, complete with crust…make me feel like a kid again.

  • Danny Brown

    look i walked into the store yesterday and almost passed out cause i saw a box grabbed one ran out the door went home and ate the whole box lol my favorite cereal ever

  • Anne


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!