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The Monsters are alive!

Have you been lurking around here, patiently awaiting word about the resurrection of our Monster Cereals for this Halloween season? Well, there’s no need to fear, Monster Cereals time is finally here!

When we cracked open the Halloween cereal vault this year, three monsters emerged livelier than ever.

And we’re not tricking, Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry have literally come to life.

For the first time, we’ve partnered with Blippar to bring the Monsters’ personalities to life through augmented reality on both the front and back of the cereal box.

“The cereal box has historically been a fun source of entertainment at the breakfast table and beyond,” says Emily Daigle, associate marketing manager. “This year, we  are excited about our partnership with Blippar as it allows us to take a deeper look at  the Monsters’ past in such a memorable way. We can’t wait for fans to experience the fun.”

3 Monsters

Our Cereal team had worked with Blippar on several brands in the past year.

To unearth the Monsters content, download the Blippar application on your smartphone and, with the app open, hold your phone in front of the specially-marked boxes of Monster Cereals.

Back Panel

The front of the box is lively with each Monster lurching off the packing with a phrase of fear. The back provides even more fun ways for fans to reconnect with the Monsters, including vintage packages and old commercials from the 70s and 80s.

Back of Blippar Box

“The interactive experience on the back of the box will enable our Monsters fans to travel back in time and get a glimpse into what Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry have been up to over the years,” says Emily.

Carve out some time to pick up your boxes, because the lively packages are limited edition, while supplies last.

In addition to the boxes that use the Blippar technology, Target is offering exclusive packaging featuring a cut-out castle.


And at Walmart, you’ll also be able to find glow in the dark, cut-out masks of the Monsters.


The 2015 editions of the Monster Cereals will be available at select retailers in the U.S. soon, with full nationwide distribution by September. In Canada, we’re bringing back Boo Berry this year, as well as Count Chocula.

Count Chocula and Franken Berry have been around since March 1971 and Boo Berry joined the more-sweet-than-scary squad in October 1972.

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  • Daniel Zamudio


  • Luigi Hann

    Every year I hope you’ll move these cereals to a peanut-free facility :(

  • http://imgur.com/a/JFVYa LibraryLass

    No Yummy Mummy or Frute Brute again this year… Oh well, still excited for the big three!

  • Cek Sunfire

    I so hope Boo Berry comes to Canada.

  • RodWhitenack

    Build a monster castle? I’m in!

  • Tim

    No oat based Monsters cereals again, I sadly am giving up. Big G doesn’t listen to the consumer & it’s beyond frustrating.

    • Charles Farlie

      Well Genera Mills obviously pays no mind to what the consumer wants. I had my nieces and nephews over and I love to share with them things from my childhood, hoping they will gain an appreciation also.

      However, they did not like these corn, non oat versions of these cereals. They described them as “cheap tasting.” I had to agree and explained to them back in the day, this company actually made quality cereals. So these kids will not be General Mills consumers as instead, we ate a competitors cereal that tastes exactly the same as it did in the 80s.

      Being that it’s not just a handful of customers that prefer the original formula but the majority and Generalmills still insists on putting out this inferior product, I have to question the intentions of this company in general.

      With so much choice out there, there is no need to give my money to a company that exploits customers sense of nostalgia to get them to purchase a product, then parsimoniously gives us a product that is inferior to the original.

      In light of this behavior, my family and I will avoid purchasing general mills products as we question the methods and tactics of this company.

      • Brian

        I grew up in the 80s (born in 1981) and I loved Count Chocula. I don’t remember it being harder like Lucky Charms but I might be misremembering. Or Alpha Bits which was a bit too tasteless for me as a kid. Though I did feel there was something off about it the past 10 years I’ve been eating it again. I figured it was just my adult tastes not liking the sweet as much, but it does definitely feel very “light” and fluffy. However, it’s not a huge deal to me.

        Maybe this change was put into place before I would have been eating it, circa 1989 or so.

        • Tim

          Monsters used to be made with oat flour and corn meal, it’s not a mystery. It’s now made with just whole grain corn which is why it taste so bland. Just go to EBay and look up Monsters cereal circa 1992 & you can see the the ingredients from a box that is for sale.

      • Erin Wornick

        I know it’s not possible for everybody, but I go to Canada for my cereals. Most of the time they taste just like I remember, whereas the same cereals bought in the states are just like you mentioned, “cheap tasting”.

  • Tim

    Corn based crud! You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. That about summarizes Big G’s annual effort around Monsters cereal. They alter the boxes of my beloved Monsters every year but refuse to take any action regarding the huge demand to change the product back to an oat based frosted cereal. Never even an explanation on why this request is ignored year after year either. The only response we ever get is the standard, non informative, politically correct, “Thanks for being a loyal fan of the Monsters!” Big G is strangely turning a deaf ear to this seemingly simple, yet very popular request by the most loyal fans of the iconic Monster cereals. Makes no sense & I’m sure my latest plea for information will be ignored just like they have been now for years. So disappointed, thought this was going to be the year Big G would listen to the fans & restore the glory of this product.

    • http://blog.generalmills.com Kevin Hunt

      Thanks for the comments, Tim. They have been shared with the team that manages the yearly decisions about the cereal. I can’t speak to what we have planned for 2016, but know that the comments have been passed along.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Newshound24

        I applaud the return of the cereals, and all the effort put into the app and the box art. However…

        While not so vocal, I share Tim’s sentiment in the wish for the Monster Cereals to be restored to their original oat-based formula. Back in the 80s when I was a kid, I got Franken and Boo-Berry all the time (this was also back when they sold them year-round). The oat-based formula had a more robust crunch, a heartier texture, and didn’t tear the roof of your mouth to shreds like the corn paste formula does.

        I can only presume that $$$$ had, and has, something to do with GM’s unwillingness to go back to using oats. Maybe the corn paste is cheaper or easier to use, I’m not sure. Maybe we’re projecting and romanticizing it somewhat, but there’s no denying that the corn based formula is a spongy, mouth roof ripping shadow of what the oat based formula was.

        I’ve mentioned in previous years and I mention again my case for bringing back the Oat formula (aside from better crunch and better flavor):
        1) If oats are too expensive, why are Cheerios one of the cheapest (and successful) cereals in the grocery aisles? You’ve proved already – you have a large number of oat-based cereals, and you haven’t ditched those for the corn paste in order to ‘cut costs’. Whether plain, or ‘Honey Nut’, or other, you have shown masterful talent for making great tasting and cost-effective oat based cereals. Would it really be so hard to move the Monster cereals back to oats where they began?

        2) You do Cheerios and other oat-based cereals year-round. The Monster Cereals are only for the halloween season. It’s not like the fans are asking you to make them year round. It wouldn’t be that expensive or troublesome to make them for their limited shelf time.

        Please consider these points and bring back the oat based formula.

        • Tim

          NH24- it’s a strange deal that Big G changed the Monsters from oat to corn & ruined the cereal. Even stranger is the fact that Lucky Charms is made from oat but Chocolate Lucky Charms are corn based. The company is tight lipped as it pertains to answering my questions about these discrepancies. Don’t ever apologize or think you are just being dilusional or too nostalgic when it comes to oat based Monsters. They where so good, I’ll never forget the taste & smell of a box of frosted oat Monsters. Can you imagine if Big G changed Lucky Charms to corn? Somehow they know better than to do that to Lucky Charms but didn’t seem care how that change would compromise the taste of the Monsters & still don’t. It’s like Big G thinks fans should be so grateful they still make Monsters once a year with a new box but can’t be bothered about actually making them taste good. I say make both versions & let the consumer decide with their $ which one is better. Original frosted oat would outsell the flavorless corn version hands down. It’s only once a year, I just don’t understand the disconnect around this request. Put it to a vote, make both versions, or offer oat based Monsters online only @ a premium price! Anything other than just changing the box every year & ignoring fan requests, it’s insulting.

          • Brian

            maybe it’s because the chocolate masks the difference in texture/flavor but regular Lucky Charms would be too different and people would notice.

        • Brian

          From everything I’ve read on the history, it was never oat based. It was oat/corn based, so probably 50/50 or something like that.

          • Newshound24

            Back in the day, as with Lucky Charms, the Monster cereals were promoted and advertised as a ‘frosted oat cereal’ with marshmallow shapes.
            In any event the point is that the current formula they are using is NOT what it was when the cereals were first introduced. From the time of their creation all the way up to the 90s, they used a different composition. And you note today they no longer say ‘oats’, or even ‘corn’. They say ‘whole grain’, so who knows what the actual ratio is now compared to what it was? (It’s like when Hostess says Twinkies have ‘creme’ filling instead of ‘cream’ filling now, because it’s a dead certainty that whatever is in a Twinkie now, it isn’t ‘cream’)
            All we’re saying (and asking) is that they should return to the formula they used to use, because people who still remember, remember that it was better the old way. And there’s an easy way to prove it and compare the two.
            Try a mouthful of Lucky Charms with only the cereal pieces, take out the marshmallows. Test the texture and consistency. The best way to do it will be to get a whole bowl and filter out the marshmallow pieces before adding the milk, then eat the whole bowl so you can get a proper feel for the texture and such. Then do the same with the Monster Cereal pieces as currently formulated. You will feel the difference immediately.
            I remember distinctly that the texture/consistency of the Monster Cereals WAS like Lucky Charms, only Blueberry (or Strawberry, or Chocolate) flavored.
            In my opinion, GM loses nothing, and gains a lot, by returning to the old formula. They already use oats for Lucky Charms, Cheerios and many of their other cereals, so they’ve got the resources. All they have to do is switch the formula back and it can only get better.

          • Patrick

            I for one prefer the newer formula. They would gain business from the lovers of he old one, but would lose even more from the newer demograph. Thus the statement that they wouldn’t lose, they would gain is absolute bull.

          • Tim

            Patrick, your opinion is in the minority. See my links above or take the time to read all the Monster blogs on Generalmills.com or google oat based Monsters. There are a ton of comments on the internet from consumers that overwhelmingly prefer oat over corn. It’s at least a 5-1 ratio in favor of oat based original recipe Monsters from the fans who contribute their comments. If you’re a skeptical or don’t want to take the time to research this matter as I have, Big G could simply put it to a vote, offer both current corn based & original oat in different boxes, or offer the vintage recipe on line @ a premium price. That way everyone is happy. I so wish someone within Big G could help me with my ideas & give me hope they are listening & putting an action plan together for these changes. This is depressing because I can’t ever get a positive sign that they care or even know how much better these iconic cereals used to taste. Writing to Big G makes me feel like I’m trapped in a Twilight Zone episode in which the most obvious, logical evidence is ignored & you just keep getting standard talking points. Until you somehow find a way yo extract a logical response from Big G, you remained trapped in the Twillight Zone.

      • Tim

        Kevin, Monsters Brand Team, & anyone else associated with these iconic cereals is out of touch with the demands of the consumer. I’ve produced an enormous amount of testimonials from fans who want Big G to return the main ingredient back to oat but year after year all we get is a stupid new box. Please explain why this request is ignored every year! Send me a private response if you have to but I demand some sort of logical answer to these questions:

        1. Why can’t the Monsters be made from frosted oat like they where initially?

        2. Would GM be willing to offer the original reciepe oat based Monsters for those willing to pay extra through a special online ordering process?

        3. What’s stopping this request from being fulfilled? Especially since GM likes to tout that “when the consumer asks, we listen”. For example French Toast Crunch & some obscure frosting with sprinkles in it, both of which where returned to to the market supposedly because of consumer demand. Please respond

      • Tim

        GM should sell the Monsters to Kellogg’s or Quaker, they would listen to the fans & make the change back to oat. You guys are either too lazy to get this done or don’t care about the consumer, not sure which it is. Hope you continue to read this blog as more fans become aware of the 2015 Monsters release, you’ll see more comments on the frustration of another year with a new box but no change to the tasteless cereal inside from the loyal fans who know how much better this cereal used to be when it consisted of oats.

      • Tim

        Kevin- hope you know I appreciate it.

        1- it’s not so much why the change was made (another source for whole grain doesn’t add up because Chocolate Lucky Charms is made of corn instead of oat) but rather WILL GM consider making/offering the Monsters with oat again? I’d gladly pay (no joke) $25-100 for a box of the original recipe Monsters.

        2- how does a consumer initiate change within your organization? I keep reading how GM listened to the consumer (French Toast Crunch, frosting with sprinkles) & returned the products to market. Every comment is about wanting oat based Monsters not just on your blog, but on every Monsters blog on the net! How can that be ignored every year?

        3- I’ve offered several logical ways for GM to make this minor change. Offer both corn & oat versions, take a vote, offer oat version online @ a premium price. C’mon man, this is common sense sales 101. Surely you & the brand team have grown tired of the annual bashing of this cereal’s taste & the disappointed bloggers who fill up the comment section with negative feedback. These cereals should be an annual celebration, void of negativity. But Big G has ignored us for so long that until they address & fix the taste/oat issue, the Monsters will always be the cereal that frustrates & disappoints the people who made it the iconic brand it became in the 70’s/80’s.

      • Tim

        Well? We’re waiting, no one in one of the largest cereal manufacturers can even address the Monsters fans who have been ignored for years on the matter of changing the cereal back to oat. GM, please sell The Monsters to The Quaker OATS Company! They still know how to make sugary cereal taste good & listen to the consumer requests. I’m serious, selling the brand may be our only hope to have the Monsters restored to an oat based, unique tasting cereal as they where originally intended to be.

    • Linny May

      When I was nine-ish circa 1970, my sisters and I took part in a test trial. We had to eat one of the monster cereals every day for two weeks and record the color of our stools. You can rest assured they won’t discolor your poo.

      • wonderbrat

        That is funny. :-)

    • wonderbrat

      Couldn’t agree more. Can you imagine the sales they’d have if they switched the formula back? GM doesn’t seem to acknowledge, for some reason, that a huge part of the people who buy the Monster cereals are adults looking for nostalgia! Most kids today have no idea what the Monster cereals are.
      And the fact that they still make Lucky Charms from oats makes it even worse – you know it would be easy for them to change the formula.
      We’ve been screaming about it for years; maybe if we keep screaming they’ll finally listen. These cereals have been relegated to seasonal sales already (they used to be sold year-round); how could changing the formula back possibly do anything to hurt sales? Public opinion here says it would do nothing but help them. Until then, I’ll buy my one box of Chocula a year (as it’s the most palatable of the 3 to me), and try not to get it soggy from my tears of unsatisfied nostalgia…. 😉

      • Tim

        WB- you have no idea how many times I’ve asked Kevin & the brand team to clarify why the change was made & if they will change it back by popular demand. Never a direct answer & always elusive, GM has made the situation strange and almost conspiracy like in nature. Fans have been very vocal on wanting oats back as the main ingredient for the Monsters for several years now & nothing ever gets done or addressed. Meanwhile, they proudly boast that “when the consumer asks, we listen”. (French Toast Crunch, frosting with sprinkles) I don’t recall there ever being the outpouring for either of those brands return like the one we have for the oat based Monsters. I wish GM would sell the Monsters brand to Kellogg’s or Quaker, I bet you those companies would listen to us on this matter & restore the glory of the Monsters to FROSTED OAT!

        • wonderbrat

          Yeah, I am quite the kids’ cereal aficionado, and I gotta admit, French Toast Crunch was never very high on my radar. I really hadn’t even noticed it was gone.
          I don’t have quite the faith in Quaker that you do – I’ve been waiting for years for them to bring back Vanilly Crunch and Cinnamon Crunch! Especially Vanilly Crunch. Although I admit I do like some of their new Cap’n Crunch varieties – Chocolately Crunch and Sprinkle Donuts. And I just got their Caramel Corn Crunch but haven’t tried it yet. But I digress!
          I am firmly convinced that any cereal I really like will inevitably disappear or be unrecognizably changed (the Monster cereals, Oreo O’s (which I bought once for 10 bucks from Korea but now they seem to be completely gone), and the other cereals I’ve mentioned…. sigh….)

          • Tim

            Big G acts as though we are asking them to switch the Monsters from corn to poison! Just asking for a return to oats, what’s the big deal?

  • Zombo

    The problem is, the Monsters Cereals DO NOT TASTE AT ALL like they did way back when. THEY TRULY TASTE “HORRIBLE”! Go back to the original sugary recipe!

    • Brian

      what do you mean “sugary”? They’re still very sugary sweet. Actually sometimes too sweet, at 34 years old now.

  • Russell Wagus

    Last year I suggested that you hold a contest to come up with a new monster cereal. But what we get is an app? Boring.

  • Dr. J. Smythe

    Does the press release actually mean there will only be two types of cereal available in Canada with the exclusion of Frankenberry? Or is that misstatement that should read Boo Berry is being added to the Canadian release?

    Last year, only Frankenberry and Count Chocula were available in Canada. If there are only two being released, does General Mills seriously think it is too hard to release 3 cereals in Canada?

    If that is not the reason, then why?

    • http://blog.generalmills.com Ashley Halladay

      Dr. J. Smythe,

      The decision was made to only release Count Chocula and Boo Berry in Canada this year. We’ll let the Monsters team know that you’d like to see Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry in Canada next year!

      Ashley Halladay
      General Mills

  • ramapith

    Add me to the list of disappointed buyers—while I’ll allow that the corn-based Monsters are okay, the oat-based Monsters were much better. Also disappointed by lack of Fruit Brute again this year.

  • Patrick Roe

    Please bring back Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy! Without a doubt, they were the cereal event of the decade!

  • Lane Fox

    I look forward to the Monsters every year. I keep hoping for even a new addition. As it stands I like this year better than last year, but few years rank up there with the Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute return.

  • Isaac Pena

    I don’t own a smartphone, but I will upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 10 soon, and will be able to download the Blippar app there. Is it possible for me to use my webcam as a camera that works with the app using my PC?

    • http://blog.generalmills.com Ashley Halladay

      Hi Isaac,

      According to the Blippar website, the app will work on PCs with Windows 10!

      Ashley Halladay
      General Mills

  • Tabetha Collier

    Still no Yummy Mummy cereal? Soooo disappointed. You guys really need to bring it back again.

  • Tommy Retro

    they didn’t even change the box, they went back to the style from 2013 and added the promotional text “We’re Alive!”.
    I hate this ugly art and was looking forward to getting another set of retro style boxes from Target (with the original 1970s package art), but we are not even getting those this year.

  • Rod Nebula

    But… but….. where are Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute???

  • wonderbrat

    That was priceless. I’m a married 46-year-old also not living in his parents’ basement, and yeah, I admit I’d pay that much too. 😉

  • Steven Mcguire

    oh come on! again no fruit brute or yummy mummy? yummy mummy ended up being the best tasting out of all of them…but this year we just get another gimmick.

  • Brian Bartsche

    Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy need to come back as well

  • dhp44

    Echoing the sentiment of the oat vs. corn debate. It’s 2015…when a company claims to listen to its customers, they really have to do that or else people gather and point out how the company really isn’t listening.
    I can guarantee that it’s the low cost of corn (plus the constant subsidies that the government provides) that keeps them from making the oat version.

    Profits are almost always the determining factor in situations like this…not the customers. I’m sure they sell enough of the new corn version to justify doing it yearly but it’s sad that we’re in the era where profit always tops quality.

    It’s not the same…as everyone seems to be attesting to…and it can’t be that difficult to simply use the old formula.
    I am with most people here…i get excited to see the boxes but I can’t eat the colorfully dyed air puffed sugar corn.

    And I mean no disrespect to General Mills…again, this is a sign of corporate times where money dictates quality (or lack thereof). And I don’t feel like this is just about nostalgia…it’s about quality and taste and I’d imagine that a company that specializes in food would understand the scrutiny.

  • TeflonHeretic

    GM, thanks a mil (pun if you want one) for bringing these back again, and ‘hope in the future you’ll reanimate Frute Brute and the Yummy Mummy too, because I completely missed those and want to give ’em a whirl. In the meantime I’m stocking up on these three guys to get me over the annual gap.

    It’s sad that our coddled, risk-averse, hippie-dippy Baby-Boomer-corrupted culture has gotten so obsessed with this bizarre and pointless immortality-fetish that kids cannot be allowed to indulge in “incorrect” and “unnecessary” things like “sweet” and “fun.” Instead they have to find a way to make “glutens” seem scary and the drab products that result from that paranoid weirdness seem tasty.

    I was nine when Frankie and the Count made the scene; I used to pile so much sugar on my Cheerios that there would be a sugar “mud” at the bottom of the bowl at the end, every single time, and I ate every one of the best artificially-colored and -flavored cartoonish cereals in the book by the ton, and still do whenever I can find them. I just turned 53 and all of this sugar- and additive- and preservative-related catastrophic illness and “obesity” have strangely and incorrectly failed to show up. So much for the exciting fiction of “too sugary” breakfast cereal for kids. Metabolism is what you make of it, folks.

    [A simple quiz:
    Q: The “obesity epidemic” showed up at precisely the same time as which major, epochal society-wide change?
    A: The advent of the Internet and photorealistic video game technologies.

    News flash: The primary cause of obesity is and always has been inertia (i.e., no exercise,) not diet. It’s just that the last two-decade period is the first time the society **as a whole** has had reason to sit inert for hours on end, watching some electronic screen or other, instead of hitting the gym or playing outside.
    There is no “obesity epidemic.” There is an “electronic-binky epidemic.”]

    So to sum up the textwall (sorry!) – I really hope this misguided anti-sugar fad dies a long-overdue death and people get back to the heavy lifting of (duh) making sure the other “part” of that “part of this good breakfast” is present. And instead of wandering down cereal aisles stocked with bland, “healthy” stuff nobody wants to eat, we’ll once again see a massive array of the fun and tasty stuff.
    Fun and sweet can coexist with healthy, given rationality and a little parental effort. I’m looking forward to seeing the Full Monty of classic cereals return.


  • joe

    bring back fruit brute

  • Stephen Smith

    I too wish General Mills would bring back Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute. I’d be curious to know how both cereals sold in 2013 compared to the regular 3 (Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry). I know everyone has their favorites, but I would think Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute would’ve had a big spike in sales when people saw them on the shelves at their local supermarkets.
    I’m surprised General Mills never came out with a new monster and monster cereal as well after all these years. I would think a Witch character would make sense since there aren’t any female monsters. Maybe a green witch and the flavor of the cereal is caramel green apple or a Bride of Frankenberry who has a Lemon or mango flavored marshmallow. Something along those lines. Something new and unique.
    @GeneralMills_Kevin:disqus – Has General Mills ever considered creating a new monster cereal character and cereal?

    • http://blog.generalmills.com Kevin Hunt

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for reading our blog. We had a great response to the return of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy in 2013. No details for you yet from the Monsters team on when/if they will come back again, or if a new Monster is under consideration. Stay tuned!

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Tim

        Don’t bother creating a new Monster if it’s corn based, it’ll taste exactly like the other ones. Oh wait, it would give the brand team a reason to do what they do best & create a new box!

      • Tim

        I found the missing ingredients from an old box of Monsters. They used to be made with oat flour and corn meal. Now, mystery solved can Big G please go back to those two key ingredients and make theses cereal taste good again, please?!

      • Tim

        Kevin- are you still on this board? Are you reading all the negative comments about how much consumers hate corn based Monsters? This latest comment below posted by Charles Farlie pretty much sums it up. Bring back the Oats to Monsters GM & don’t make us wait so long for updates!

        Well General Mills obviously pays no mind to what the consumer wants. I had my nieces and nephews over and I love to share with them things from my childhood, hoping they will gain an appreciation also.

        However, they did not like these corn, non oat versions of these cereals. They described them as “cheap tasting.” I had to agree and explained to them back in the day, this company actually made quality cereals. So these kids will not be General Mills consumers as instead, we ate a competitors cereal that tastes exactly the same as it did in the 80s.

        Being that it’s not just a handful of customers that prefer the original formula but the majority and Generalmills still insists on putting out this inferior product, I have to question the intentions of this company in general.

        With so much choice out there, there is no need to give my money to a company that exploits customers sense of nostalgia to get them to purchase a product, then parsimoniously gives us a product that is inferior to the original.

        In light of this behavior, my family and I will avoid purchasing general mills products as we question the methods and tactics of this company.

    • Brian

      I don’t think I saw either one in stores in 2013 – I had to order mine from Amazon.

  • 7percentsolution

    We don’t even get the retro boxes this year? Sad.

    • http://blog.generalmills.com Ashley Halladay

      No retro boxes this year. The boxes at Target feature a cut-out castle. If you Blipp the Blippar boxes you can see old boxes and commercials!

      Ashley Halladay
      General Mills

  • JamesFriesen

    Is there any word yet on this? I’ve searched and searched (Wal-Mart, Superstore, Sobey’s, Save-on, Safeway) and could not find these anywhere up here…

  • Ron Albanese

    Put me in the “where are Fruit Brute and Yummy Category” … it would be so cool with these two – “on the shelves together for the first time!” And, yeah fix that recipe.

  • Mimatt

    Again, no Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy.

    PLEASE bring them back next year. Two years ago, when you guys released Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, I couldn’t find Fruit Brute ANYWHERE.

    I had to have a friend buy some for me because none of the stores in my area had it.

  • me.vicky

    I hope that Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute will make another reappearance next year!

  • Brian

    They were always made of corn, but oat as well. Seems like they took the oats out at some point. I assume to save money. I don’t remember them well enough to know when that was.

    • Tim

      2002 was the last year they where made with oat flour & corn meal.

  • Brian

    why would they change it though, for a small subset of fans, if it would be cost detrimental to them? For instance, the past 5 years or so I’ve been making a point to buy 10 boxes or so during the holiday season and I couldn’t really tell you if it was different from the 80s. I also didn’t hear about this until today, after 5-10 years of buying them again after my childhood. I believe you guys may be the vocal minority, and I don’t see them changing their whole factory for a small amount of complainers. It would be neat to try the old version again and see if it was that way when I started eating them – and if it’s better.

    • Tim

      We are not a small subset of fans, we are the majority. If you think the majority of fans would not prefer the original oat reciepe then put it to a vote! GM knows that anyone who takes the time to complain about the Monsters knows what they’re talking about when it pertains to corn vs oat Monsters. The problem is either they’re are too lazy to change the reciepe, they don’t care about public sediment, or it’s too expensive & not in line with their new approach to making cereals healthier. I don’t think it’s the last reason because they still make Lucky Charms. So one can only deduce GM doesn’t care about the majority of Monsters fan’s opinion. They don’t even answer or consider questions about the Monsters on this blog anymore. They are like bad politicians who can’t answer a question directly or if they attempt to answer, it’s not direct & always politically correct.

  • T-Roy

    Will Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy be coming back? Maybe in 2016?? Hope so!!

  • T-Roy

    Will we see Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy again? Maybe in 2016? Hope so!!

  • T-Roy

    I also agree with Tim that monster cereals should be made with frosted oats rather than the corn recipe. The flavor has been hugely compromised in the switch. Should the old recipe return, I would buy these cereals by the case rather than by the box!

  • Mark Carpenter

    I got excited when I saw Boo Berry in the store. I grabbed a box with hopes of turning my 18 year old daughter into a fan like I was as a kid. She ate a bowl and said it was ok, but not her favorite. I thought she was defective until I grabbed a few pieces from the box.
    WHY? WHY? Why monkey with the recipe? You buy a name and the appearance but then make your own version? Would a sane person buy KFC and change the 11 herbs and spices? Buy Corvette and install a 4 cylinder engine? What is wrong with you people.
    It’s better to let us have fond memories than to destroy a love for a great tasting childhood cereal…BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bummed about BOO Berry

  • http://blog.generalmills.com Kevin Hunt


    Thanks again for your patience as I needed time to meet with a few people on the R&D side of our Cereal team. Here’s what I was able to learn, as to why the recipe was changed and why we’re sticking with the current recipe.

    The team changed the Monster Cereals recipes from oats to corn a few years back because they wanted a new source for the whole grain and wanted to improve the overall cereal eating experience for them. They did extensive research and taste tests with consumers and the overwhelming response from those test groups was that the new recipes had in fact improved the taste, color and other aspects of the product, according to those consumers.

    The team wanted me to stress that they are taking the feedback on this blog, and elsewhere, into consideration.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to share your opinion here on this blog.

    Kevin Hunt
    General Mills

    • Tim

      Kevin- please share these links with the Monsters brand team & anyone else who can expedite a change for the Monster Cereals back to oat. This extra effort to get something done will probably be met with no response or a response that makes all of the fans seem dillusional. After all, a taste test with consumers led to the change from oat/corn to corn. Laughable! Sounds a lot like the Coca-Cola corporation experimenting with New Coke. Biggest difference is Coke actually listened to the fans & soon remedied their mistake. How many comments does General Mills need to fix the Monsters! Don’t tell us a taste test was actually conducted & a majority preferred corn based Monsters! If that’s true, then do the same thing to Lucky Charms! (Don’t you dare!) If there is a hint of truth to this taste test debacle, it’s obviously time to revisit this subject. Let the fans decide which one tastes best! Give us both versions next year or put it to a vote! Somehow I know this will be ignored & I can already invision the 2016 Monsters with a new cheesey box & containing the wildly unpopular corn based, styrofoam textured, bland cereal.

    • Newshound24

      This seems to be the corporate diplo-babble way of saying, ‘we heard you, we don’t care, we’re not changing the cereals back. Now please shut up and leave us alone.’

      That’s the long and short whenever anyone from a formal organization says they are ‘taking something into consideration’ followed by ‘thank you for your time’.

      May as well have sent someone from Washington DC.

    • wonderbrat

      It’s good to get an official response from the company. I still can’t remotely understand how anyone, of any age, could eat a bowl of the old and new formulas and actually prefer the new one. But now I know that they’re not going to be changing them back, and that no amount of complaining is going to reverse their decision, so I’ll stop waiting for it. I’ll buy my one box of Count Chocula per year, the only one that’s remotely palatable of the 3, and not waste my time complaining anymore.
      My parting words will be, the taste testers must have been very young children. Because no adult would ever prefer the current formula to the old one.
      It’s a very disappointing decision. But I at least appreciate that a reason was given.

    • wonderbrat

      You know, I am going to make one more comment.
      It occurred to me that GM, being a business, is going to do what makes the most sense business-wise.
      It is going to take money to change the formula; the ingredients are different, the molds and machines that make the cereal would be different. Ultimately, they must have figured that they’re not going to recoup their costs.
      Many of us here would argue against that being true, but I’ll bet anything that’s what the real bottom line is – they don’t believe that the cereal will be as profitable if they change the way they make it – at least not enough to offset the costs.
      Yes, they have other machines that make oat-based cereals, but the shapes and ingredients will still be different. I’d be willing to bet it’s a significant undertaking to change the formula of a cereal.
      Don’t misunderstand – I’m not on their side in this argument. But it doesn’t matter if I think they’re wrong; I don’t make those decisions for them. I’m just saying, based on deductive reasoning, I’ll bet that’s the real reason they aren’t changing the formula. If they really felt the profits would offset the costs, they’d do it. Between their questionable consumer taste-test results and the costs/time involved in making the change, I’ll bet that’s what they determined. Impassioned pleas from adult consumers like us aren’t going to change their mind; they’re ultimately going to do what they feel is best for the bottom line. I can’t help thinking that the cost of making the change factors in there, too, if it isn’t perhaps the real reason behind their decision.

  • Eric Simmons

    I’ve already bought 7 boxes since they hit the market in September. Four regular, plus 3 Target boxes. Add me to the list that would love to see Yummy Mummy & Fruit Brute come back, plus the classic recipe. I also really loved the DC illustrations last year… It would be great if you revisited that concept in the future. Having noted comic book artists do interpretations for box designs, etc. Thanks!

  • Tim

    It appears as though my links in a previous entry may have been disabled by General Mills, here they are again. These links serve as another source, besides the Monster Blogs, as an overwhelming segment of fans who want the Monsters to consist of oat once again. Not as if anyone within the decision making division of Big G cares about popular sentiment though, that is becoming crystal clear.



    • http://blog.generalmills.com Kevin Hunt


      I’ve shared those links with the Cereal team, not sure why they are not working in your previous comments here on this blog post, but the team does have them.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Tim

        Thanks, what did the cereal group say? Are they going to make the change, offer both versions, or at least put it to a vote? Fans need some hope Kevin, please throw us a bone on the plans going forward. I just don’t think Big G realizes what they have at their disposal with these cereals. You guys could be selling out of these cereals with both a vintage reciepe in a vintage box. Instead, the reality is come December, the excess Monsters or as they’re known by original fans (corn based abominations), will be shipped off to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc, & sold for $1. At the very least, offer the original oat versions online & charge $25. What does Big G have to lose?

      • Tim

        Kevin- can you & I talk live?

        • http://blog.generalmills.com Kevin Hunt


          Sure, no problem. Reply to the email I had sent a few weeks back, with your phone number. Thanks.

          Kevin Hunt
          General Mills

      • Tim

        From mrbreakfast.com

        viciousangel (Team Breakfast Member)

        Cereal Rating (out of 5):
        The recipes for Boo Berry, Franken berry and many others have changed – FOR THE WORSE… I started a petition to bring back the original recipes for these and other cereals. Join me and fight this injustice! http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/bring-original-general-mills-cereal-recipes-back.html

  • charlesver

    Bring back Yummy Mummy. Bring back Fruit Brute.
    Come up with something new. Scary Cherry? Cinnamon Creature? Graham Ghoul?

  • limesparks


  • limesparks

    I really think GM should test market Buc-Wheats again as well – those were so delicious, lots of people i know miss them dearly…

  • Tim

    More discussion around oat versus corn Monsters.


  • Eivisse

    Where can i find monsters cereals in Mexico????

  • Rebecca Carney-Rathbun

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE!!! Still no boo berry here in Canada despite the e-mail I got saying they would be here this October! :(

  • Tim

    From mrbreakfast.com 10/17/2015

    By Major Lee Sad

    Rating (out of 5):

    Terrible! I bought a box of this and Count Chocula a few weeks ago, wanting to capture a taste of long ago. It was tasteless. Someone making 6 figures thought he would save the company money I’m sure. Well, you lost my business and everyone else I know. Bad idea. Change it back and I’ll buy General Mills products again.

  • charlesver

    2016 is fast approaching. I know several people want the old formula. I’m an old(ish) man with a young heart, I actually remember getting Count Chocula and Frankenberry in 1971 and then, when Boo Berry first came out. I was a kid, and I was obsessed with the cereals… I do buy and eat them (multiple boxes of each variety) when they come out every year.
    I don’t remember Yummy Mummy (except its 2013 incarnation) but I do remember Fruit Brute when it was original. It’s delicious though. I’d love to see Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute come back, they are actually my favorite of all of them, but I also think it would be neat to come up with some new monster creations. Scary Cherry? Cinnamon Creature? Have a contest, let others come up with new ones. Get creative. :)
    OH… and I understand you had some exclusives a while back with retro-boxes. You should make those available in supermarkets. I don’t get to the department stores much.