Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms Top of Box
Oct 14, 2015 • By

Win a box of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms

A box of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms has always been the unicorn of the cereal world – fantasized about, but never seen.

The Lucky Charms team receives countless calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts from marshmallow-obsessed fans longing for a box filled with only the magically-delicious marshmallows.

Lucky Charms Fans

Well marshmallow maniacs, Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms are here!

Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms Box

Yes, you read that correctly.

But there is a catch. There are only 10 boxes available.

So, how can you become one of the Lucky 10?

Lucky Charms Lucky Selfie

It’s simple! Just share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 14 and 18 using #Lucky10Sweepstakes.

Watch the #Lucky10Sweepstakes video, here.

And yes, that’s Biz Markie! Why Biz? Well, the brand team says “he’s just a friend” with a great remix to sing about the Lucky 10.

Watch another #Lucky10Sweepstakes video, here.

The sweepstakes will live exclusively in social media because that’s where Lucky Charms fans continuously express their love for the brand, especially the marshmallows.

“We wanted to tap into where that love is and it’s across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lucky Charms is one of the most Instagrammed cereals and these platforms are the right place to ignite and connect to the passion we hear about,” says Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager, Lucky Charms.

The Marshmallow Only sweepstakes is a way for the brand to show fans some love in return.

“We wanted to have a little fun and connect with our fans. It needed to be easy and accessible for everyone to have a chance to win and celebrate what makes us, us – the marshmallows,” Amanda says.

Let the marshmallow mania commence!

*The sweepstakes ends October 18. You must be 18 to enter and a legal resident of the United States or District of Columbia. There are three ways to enter- via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Limit of three entries per person, one per entry method. Potential winners will be notified on or around Oct. 20, 2015. For full rules and regulations, visit the Lucky Charms Facebook page.

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  • Roberta Bucklin Dunton

    This is great!!

  • Darcy Novak

    I would definitely buy these all the time. My kids even said they wish there was a cereal with just marshmallows.

  • shermena wright

    I want a box

  • ziPRR

    YOU’RE ONLY MAKING 10 BOXES?!??!?!?!???!!111!!?!

  • Sean Beck

    This needs to be in stores!!!

  • Missy Buckingham

    Only 10 boxes? You people are SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe a limited release? But only 10 boxes? Why bother? That is just HORRIBLE! AWFUL! AND WRONG!!

  • Daniel Bassuk

    lol this is dumb. You guys would make so much money if you just released it in stores.

  • Betty L. Vandenheuvel

    Where do I put the pic?

    • Kevin Hunt


      Today is your last day! Post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #Lucky10Sweepstakes hashtag.

      Kevin Hunt
      General Mills

      • Hope0297

        Mr. Hunt, is GM going to ever sell these to the public? It seems obvious that’s what consumers want. Is GM afraid it will kill the cereal? We don’t understand. Is there a reason?

        • Kevin Hunt

          That’s a decision the Cereal team would make. Our goal with Lucky Charms and all our cereals is to provide a balanced breakfast and while we know everyone loves the marshmallows, the oats are an important part of the cereal too.

          Kevin Hunt
          General Mills

          • Kirk Visola

            That’s what Cheerios are for. :)

  • Harriet Lynne Cook

    This needs to be in the stores so many ppl would buy them come on general mills

  • Thomas Moe Seay

    I turn 56 next month. Ever since I was 4 years old, I have dug through the Lucky Charms box to get the marshmallow charms. It’s time to come clean. It’s time for General Mills to cast aside the hypocrisy and fraud associated with the oat bits. Nobody EVER said, “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the oat bits of Lucky Charms”. Its all about the marshmallows. It’s time to to cast off the secrecy and shame. It’s time to admit that we want the marshmallows, the whole marshmallows and nothing but the marshmallows. Come on GM, give the people what they want!

  • Kimberly A Creeley

    my kids love lucky charms and would be sooo excited if you gave us a box of all marshmallow charms

  • Tim

    This is just as dumb as changing the Monsters cereals from oat to corn. Why limit the offering to 10 boxes, who makes these unpopular decisions @ Big G?

  • Hope0297

    I would, too. Regularly!

  • Hope0297

    Please, General Mills!! Sell these as a seasonal item – maybe for Saint Patrick’s Day :). That way, we would get them regularly, but not all the time. We wouldn’t be as likely to get sick of them and it wouldn’t kill the cereal.

  • Christopher Douglas

    I’m by far not a marketing major I’m just a working father of 2 kids that love cereal! But if I ran General Mills I’d be the Willy Wonka. Yes keep Lucky Charms traditional with the important oats. Keep the packaging the same also, but randomly fill boxes full of them tasty marshmallows. Think of the sales boost by us consumers buying up all those boxes looking for our “Golden Ticket”.

  • Susan frary

    Only 10 boxes?! So wrong!

  • Karen Louise Sorensen-DeMarco

    10 boxes??? You are completely unrealistic. Your inflated sense of nutritional responsibility is invalid. These boxes would fly off of the shelves. How many millions of people entered your stupid contest? I didn’t even bother…ridiculous. My husband and I, as well most of our family and friends have tossed out all General Mills products…not just cereals. And we will not be purchasing anything ever again. How dare you!!! My whole generation grew up picking the marshmallows out of the box. I could buy 10 boxes of Lucky Charms and make my own box. However, because you got millions of people thinking one of the coolest things was actually happening, and then let us down, we will NEVER purchase any of your products. That includes subsidiaries, etc. You should be ashamed. How many of those10 boxes do you think were consumed? I’m confident that a number of them were sold at extremely high prices.

  • MEATClown

    How do we find out who the artists responsible for the boxes are?

    • Ashley Halladay

      The Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms packaging was designed by the same creative team that works on our commercials – it was a fun project for all involved!

      Ashley Halladay
      General Mills