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Girl Scout Cookie-inspired cereals coming soon

You don’t have to wait much longer for some of our most-talked about cereals in years.

Our two new limited-edition Girl Scout Cookie-inspired cereals, Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch, will arrive on store shelves in early January.


They are the first-ever Girl Scout Cookie-inspired cereals featuring flavors similar to the two best-selling Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints and Samoas/Caramel deLites.

“General Mills is excited about its relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA, an organization that promotes a lifetime of leadership, while preparing girls to empower themselves,” says Alan Cunningham, senior marketing manager for Cereal Innovation. “Consumers will be delighted when they open a box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints or Caramel Crunch cereal and smell and taste their favorite flavors.”


This is General Mills’ first licensing agreement with Girl Scouts of the USA. To learn more about the Girl Scouts organization, visit

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  • Topaz Miranda

    I can’t wait!

  • David Clark

    It is now mid January…which is past “early January” and I still do not see Girl Scout cookie cereals at my local WalMart or Brookshires. Where is the cereal?

    • Dsru Bin

      Ask your local management – they’ve been at the WalMart near me since Jan 9th.

  • Casey Iddings

    Is the Thin Mints cereal vegan? I’d be over-the-moon-happy if it is!

  • Claire Buckley

    I was a girl scout growing up and so when I saw Thin Mint cereal at Jewel I couldn’t pass it up. Well, I should of listening to that small voice that said “Thin Mint cereal!”. The first taste is like thin mint but then the flavor is gone and all that’s left is really hard cereal that completely scrapped up the top of my mouth. As much as I wanted to give up on the girl scout promise returning the box. I continued to try to think of different ways I could eat it. I let it sit in milk for a few minutes, I made the bowl of cereal and then got ready for work, no matter how long the cereal sat in the milk it didn’t get soggy (which in most cases would be great). Long story short, good idea to make money using the all time favorite girl scout cookies to sell more cereal (I hope money from sale went to girl scouts), so unless you’re looking for a bowl full of pain I’d wait to order the real thing. Maybe buy an extra box of Thin Mints to store in the freezer so you can enjoy then through out the year while you wait until its time to buy another box. Nice job playing with good memories from childhood to sell more cereal, but this did nothing but cut up the top of my mouth and I’d say DO NOT BUY.

    • Susan Falcone

      I agree with you Claire..the thin mint cereal is a miss. They never got soggy, which is my only hope, and most generally I don’t like soggy cereal. When it did sit for a long time, it actually got slimy on the outside. It was a good try but they may want to reconsider next year.

    • David Heck

      the caramel crunch box tasted the same way, nothing like the girls scout cookies. the photos on the boxes do nothing as to what is in the box.

  • Robyn Mendez

    When you buy a box, is part of the purchase going back to the girl scouts?

    • Ashley Halladay

      Hi Robyn,

      Girl Scouts of the USA earns a royalty as part of the licensing arrangement.

      Ashley Halladay
      General Mills


    i still cannot eat the gluten free cheerios or snack bars. they made me terribly sick. alot of people with celiac and food allergies still cannot eat oats.

  • Jaime Mars

    It’s February 15th. Yesterday our daughter, who is a Girl Scout, Saw the Caramel Crunch Cereal and just had to have some. Caramel De lites are her favorite Girl Scout cookie. So we brought a box home. Not bad I do love a good Caramel De lite as well. My only thought is that it was a little caramel forward and I did not get very much of the chocolate or coconut flavors. My husband and I both thought that if you left the recipe the same but added a chocolate o’s with a coconut o’s mixed in, then you would really have a Caramel De Lite! Just a thought General Mills!

  • Trostol

    could use a sample of the thin mints

  • David Heck

    I must say I was really disappointed with the caramel crunch cereal. It shows on the cover my favorite girls scout cookie, the coconut caramel cookie. I bought the box, but I have to say the cereal tasted nothing like what I was hoping…like the cookie, but tasted more like burnt caramel.