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10,000 boxes of Lucky Charms marshmallows

In 2015, 10 lucky people won a box of “Marshmallow Only” Lucky Charms through a social media sweepstakes. But according to the brand’s many marshmallow maniacs, 10 boxes just wasn’t enough.

So this year Lucky Charms has decided to go big, unleashing 10,000 boxes of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Yes, you read that correctly.


This month, specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms are hitting retail stores across the U.S. that include a code on the inside back panel. Just enter that 14-digit code at to see if you’re one of the 10,000 lucky winners.


“Fans of Lucky Charms are obsessed with our marshmallows,” says Priscilla Zee, senior marketing manager. “We were overwhelmed with calls, e-mails, and tweets last year, asking for a box of our Lucky Charms marshmallows. So this year we wanted to give them even more opportunities to win.”

While the cereal has been a family favorite for more than 50 years, there is something truly magical about the marshmallows that can only be found in a box of Lucky Charms.

“Our marshmallows are one of kind,” Priscilla says. “Fans know each shape by name and many have a favorite charm.”


Lucky Charms’ specially-marked boxes for this promotion will be available on store shelves across the U.S. soon, with limited distribution, and will be more widely available in a few weeks. The sweepstakes will run through December 2017. Official rules can be found at


If you are lucky enough to have a winning code, you’ll receive a special Lucky Charms Marshmallows box in the mail a few weeks after entering it on the website.

Once you receive your marshmallows box, share a photo or video on Lucky Charms’ Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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  • Joanne Graff

    I just have to tell you about my 99 year old mother…….she LOVED lucky charms! She’d have them as a treat all the time and any time…..and any where. We even found one or two under her bed! I’m so sorry she won’t be able to search for the special boxes…… mother passed away in March. But I’m going to look for these boxes…..and I bet I find one…..SHE WILL BE MY LUCKY CHARM! Thanks for reading.

  • Vance and Mary Kay Rheingans

    I LOVE those and it has become my daily snack – it’s not just for breakfast in this house!!!

  • GregR

    I’m going to enter and WIN!

  • PCBob

    I have loved Lucky Charms since they came out and would love to get a box or two of just the marshmallows. They probably would not last long but I would be happy. Send me some PLEASE. Whenever I eat Lucky Charms I would eat the cereal as fast as I could so that only the marshmallows were left and would be crunchy at the end they would be sooooooo gooooooood Magically Delicious

  • Cathy Namow Smith


  • Graham Finch

    Where was THIS when I was 5 years old?!?

  • Annette Wood

    i have to find one for my granddaughter she is now 14 but when she was 3 these were her favorite and she would say gram i just want the shar-menos lmao so yes im on the hunt to remind her she can always have just shar-menos :)

  • Shelley Lee-Rutledge

    US only that really sucks why not Canada too!!!!!!!

    • matlomealfan

      Because Trump is making cereal great again!

  • Sherry

    You could use the Free code option, the offical rules explain how:

  • matlomealfan

    Don’t worry, Christopher. You can always pick out all of the marshmallows out from your bag of Marshmallow Mateys.